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  1. Sup guys, Made this originally for a friend, who requested it for he's school project film. The first version was a little bit shorter and no flute + + Anyway tell me what you think about the track =) http://soundcloud.com/skizor/urban-sky-shifting Thanks for checking out my thread y'all
  2. First of all i like this, in my opinion DK music is one of the best in VGmusic. Question time =) Which DAW did you use to make this? And did you program the synths yourself? Noticed a slight melody change at 1:40, kinda got disoriented here, but it's cool. I like when people gets creative with the melody. Now, since this is an orchestral arrangement, i was hoping for a big climax at 2:14. That part in the Original mix, I find very uplifting and tense. But in this mix it was more like a break for me and it lost my attention. Maybe, build up to that point more. Have a break up to it, and launch it of with the whole ensemble. And maybe keep the original melody here? Keep up the good work =) Now im going to listen to your arrangement of Aquatic Ambience =D peace
  3. This is what i mean: http://snd.sc/HXRVSy When the second "verse" kicks in, i added a synth called "Bigger legato strings". This synth is playing whole notes, the same notes as the original bass line, but only the first note at the start of the bar. (with some exeptions) Note that i also added a sine wave synth for more bass. Now the point with this is to add a more dramatic effect. When the climax is building up I changed the legato synth to a tremolo string synth.
  4. Wow here we go, First of all, I like this, I like everything about the Zelda games, and maybe most; the music. I watched the youtube video for full nostalgic effect Now I don't know anything about you, but I can assume that you work with (or in) a smaller orchestra, correct me if i'm wrong. Anyhow you made this, have you thought about the mixing part? I don't know what it's called when you work with orchestras. Im talking about how you "arrange" the instruments. What i missed in the arrangement. At 1:55, when the Dungeon theme kicks in, I was waiting for sub bass, whole note playing instrument. Maybe a contrabass. I can imagine that it is kinda hard to "fit" a contrabass in a school orchestra, but have you thought about arranging a Zelda medley for a bigger "band"? Really liked it, as music and as a Zelda fan. Peace -Ski
  5. Sup y'all, New remix i've been working on. I know i miss some parts from the original theme, but i like to focus on one specific part that i like about an original track. Now i used Reason 4 for this work, some new and some old ideas. I apreciate if y'all give me some feedback on the mixing part and the sound as one, but feel free to comment on whatever you like/dont like about this remix. Cave Story take one: http://soundcloud.com/skizor/cave-story-title-theme-remix Thanks for checking out my thread y'all -Ski
  6. Thanks for the feedback y'all. I'll sure take it to me and see what i can do with it
  7. Sup y'all This is not my first remix, but i think this one got the most potential for a great dubstep track. For the original track i really like the "refrain" so i choose to build the track on that part. I appreciate all constructive critisism and specific on the downmix part. I remixed this in Reason 4 and im still learning how to use this DAW. If you think it's too messy plz tell me Tripping in the marble zone take one: http://soundcloud.com/skizor/tripping-in-the-marble-zone Thanks y'all -Skizor
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