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  1. Hey Brandon! Thanks for checking out the pack. There are a mix of these categories in tempos varying from 110bpm, 128bpm & 140bpm... 117 PHRASES Groove Bass Growl Bass Pads & Leads Screamers Vocals 82 DRUMS Full Loops Kicks Perc Loops Snares 154 BUILD UPS STEMS 110bpm 128bpm 140bpm Had a little play with the library today and it's real easy to make something real decent, have a look for yourself: I hope this helps! Regards, Generdyn
  2. Hey Everyone! Recently a new dubstep library called "Share The Wubs" just got released and 100% of the profit goes to a non-profit charity organisation called the ACMF! I'm happy to say that some of us FL Studio users, including Auvic and myself got to work on this awesome project with Mick Gordon! Here is one that I've already written using the Share The Wubs Pack: Here is a quick description from Mick's Website... So guys, definitely check this pack out and don't forget to visit Mick Gordon's website, where you can find all the details and how to buy: Regards, Generdyn
  3. You should save up and wait for Project Sam Lumina, I'm pretty excited about that one coming out. Regards, Generdyn
  4. No One? You can buy the pack here is you're interested in some professional sounds for your songs: Regards, Generdyn
  5. Thanks a bunch! You can check out some of my latest tracks on my soundcloud:

  6. Hey thanks guys for your replies! @The Damned Sorry, I meant no disrespect, I'm fairly new here and am still trying to get my head around how everything works. Regards, Generdyn
  7. COD caters to a wider audience than most Nintendo games in this day of age. But, the music is the kind that you'd hear in an epic action movie. I like that style and that's the kind of genre I'd like to remix, I was actually just wondering if anyone else had done it before or if it was even allowed.
  8. "Kids games" was probably the wrong word, by kids games I mean more juvenile games. I don't mean to offend anyone by the way, I just wish I could sink my teeth into something a little more Heavy and that has a bit of meat to it, you know what I mean?
  9. Hey guys, Here is a little project i had for a couple of hours a couple of days ago, I was trying to come up with a 30 second track that conveyed hope and epic-ness to it, like in the start of a movie. What do you guys think? What do you feel? Regards, Generdyn
  10. This sounds really cool! So the idea is to use only FL Studio plugins and samples, right? I'm definitely up for that, how will we be sharing flps? Regards, Generdyn
  11. Hello OCRemixes! We're excited to announce our first official sample library called Cinematic Trailer Essentials Vol 1, packed with the latest and highest quality sounds that will make you sound like a cinematic pro! The sample pack contains 128 high quality sounds that have been broken up into 5 main categories: Inceptions Hits Rises Instrument Loops Atmospheres The Cinematic Trailer Essentials sound pack is absolutely perfect for game, film and television composers who are looking for some fresh idea's and sound beds for their projects. Please let me know what you guys think! Below is a sample of what you can do using only the sounds from the Cinematic Trailer Essentials Vol. 1 Demo here: Regards, Generdyn
  12. Hey Guys, I see a lot of kid games up for remixing and that's cool, but I reckon it would be awesome if we could remix a song from the Black Ops 2 game! Jimmy Hinson did some of the tracks featured in the game including Adrenaline and Spider Bot. Check it out! So what do you guys reckon? I personally would love to remix Spider Bot. Regards, Generdyn
  13. @ectogemia In my own opinion I feel that I can write a happier song in a minor key than in a major one.
  14. Wow, Thanks so much for all the helpful feedback! @Kenogu Labz So your saying to instead of worrying too much about the key I write a song in, I should focus more on the "scale mode" I write the melody and chord progression in, correct? @DaMonz Hey thanks DaMonz, I'll keep as open minded as I can, I'll definitely be coming from the mindset that you guys know more about music than me. Also thank you for the link, I'll have a read through it and get as much as I can from it (still trying to get used to the forum!) Thank you also for your comment regarding my soundcloud, some of the stuff on there is fairly old, but thank you nonetheless! @ectogemia First of all, your soundcloud chiptunes are awesome! Never really experimented with that style before, but it seems really interesting. Well, according to Christian Schubart's list (provided by Andrew, above) F minor represents: Deep depression, funereal lament, groans of misery and longing for the grave. And listening to your songs they don't give me that impression haha xD But I suppose as Rexy said minor keys can be happy keys too. I find minor key's the extreme keys, they're either extremely happy or extremely depressing. What do you think? @BardicKnowledge Ahhh I see what you mean. Thank you for the detailed reply Bardic! @RexyThanks for the advise, I try to write songs that I like to listen to. I'll see if I can enter some of these comps soon Regards, Generdyn
  15. Hey thanks a bunch Andrew! That helps a lot actually, I can see it becoming very useful! According to some other people I've spoken too and in my own research C#/Db is supposed to be the best one for epic/moving pieces. Regards, Generdyn
  16. Hey OCRemix, Community, My name is Joshua and I'm a 17 year old producer from Australia. I use FL Studio and write Electronic most of the time, but I've recently started to get interested in Film Score and am just starting to experiment with it! I got onto OCR from watching some of the videos on Zircon's Youtube channel, were he mentioned that here would be an awesome place to meet new people and find some awesome opportunities. Basically I'm just saying hello and I hope I can gain some awesome knowledge from this forum and vise versa! So starting it off I have a quick question... Is there a "magic key" to write music in that resonates with people, causing them to be more susceptible to the musical techniques used in a soundtrack melody? As far as I'm concerned, I think there must be more to music then writing good melodies or do I have it all wrong? Anyway, bit of a heavy question haha You can check my soundcloud out for some of my tunes, most are fairly amateurish though haha Regards, Generdyn
  17. Hey Jeremiah, You've got some pretty cool guitar skills and the sound isn't too bad actually. Some things I would work on is recording your into your DAW and getting the most solid take you can, then after that you can chop and edit the guitar stems up appropriately so they feel more in sync and solid in your track. Other than that mixing and mastering needs a little work and I think a face melting guitar solo would be an awesome addition! Well done! Regards, Joshua