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  1. Thanks for the reply! I started to work a little on dynamics and duplicated violin and cello and made some humanization by hand. Here's updated version that I'll be checking tomorrow again if there's something I did not notice. I hope there is even slight improvement. Even though you did not point out anything about percussion's, I slightly made some changes on velocities and the patterns on some places. Added horns to intro and end to make it more powerful. GoldSilver - Lance_2.mp3?dl=0
  2. Hi! Here's song that I was making just for fun while testing some new virtual instruments I got. It turned out pretty good in my opinion, so I thought I should post it here and maybe submit it to OC. I've had tons of fun making this song and I hope you enjoy as well, and maybe have something to criticize. I have like zero experience in orchestral music so I wanted to challenge my self. Original song is from Pokemon Gold/Silver - Lance's Theme Remix: Red - Lance_2.mp3?dl=0
  3. Sorry, I've been busy with my school lately. I'll improve this project as much as possible this christmas! I'm using KRK Rokit 6 monitors. To me it sounds balanced enough. On the other hand, I'm not in the position to say is it done correctly or not, because I'm not so familiar with optimal mastering. I never got any good ideas for this part. I tried many different variations, with poor results. I'll leave this problem last. Yes, it is the same effect on both. But as it seems to bother people, I'll try it without bending pitch. Thanks for the feedback! It helps really a lot!
  4. I'll look what I can do about it. I'll replace them on some parts of the song, or come up with something else. My MIDI-Keyboard is broken atm so I have to see, how I could humanize it. Making piano and cellos sound natural without MIDI-Keyboard will be painful, but I believe I can solve it somehow. Made theme based on Vaati Transfigured, result:
  5. Thanks for the suggestion, I'll check it next morning and see if I can come up with some kind of solution.
  6. Here is the latest version now. The structure of the song is done. Any opinions of this? Something to improve?
  7. Sorry! I didn't know that mod review was for nearly done mixes. I would appreciate, if you give it a listen! I have been working on it for full days, so I may not notice some minor flaws. Will upload newer version asap! (mixing it atm)
  8. Started to work on this today. This song is not fully done yet, only the main parts are done so far. I would like to know if there is any improvements to do for the mix. Remix: 10 October Version 12 October Version +added songs, Peace Returns (Minish Cap) and Zelda's lullaby (Ocarina of Time) 16 October Version +Intro changed, made it sound slightly different than the main theme +Changed charge/rise up part -Zelda's lullaby/Peace returns part is not done yet +New theme based on the Vaati Transfigured, after lullaby +Same theme plays on second rise up +Ending is almost same as Intro, except played +1 octave higher Original:
  9. Okay, thanks for feedback. In this case I'll be returning this to WIP, and see in time ways to improve this work.
  10. Hi everyone! I came here with my song updated, and I'm looking for some feedback. Here is Soundcloud link: Here is the original soundtrack: