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  1. i've been working on this x)... i'd appreciate some comments before i continue please ... soon i'll upload an extended but not finished version
  2. sorry xD... i just edited the link, here it is. https://soundcloud.com/benjaipod/wip-megaman-2-wily-castle-acoustic
  3. EDIT!!!: Well, i've been really busy with a lot of work so i still dont have the time to finish this remix. I've been progressing slow, but progressing anyways. This is what i have so far. Hope you like it! I have not had much time to work I have not had much time to work https://soundcloud.com/benjaipod/work-in-progress-megaman-2-wily-castle-acoustic-noviembre-2015
  4. where can i check if the judges heard this remix?.. it's been some time now and i have no news haha xD
  5. Thanks for your comments. Some people told me that thin guitars thing too. I'll wait for the judges veredict and work in the mix again if needed... Thanks again!
  6. Thanks!! I'm glad you liked it Thanks for your comments !!... i'm kinda new in here, i really didn't know about that mod review thing xD. Next time i'll do it haha. Thanks again!
  7. Thanks, i'd like to hear your mix when when finished (weeena wn xD)
  8. Thank you both so much . I really appreciate your comments and advices, if this remix doesn't convince the judges i'll do everything you said to fix it. Thanks again !
  9. Well, i submitted the remix the same day i created this post xD... wish me luck!
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