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  1. Hey, I noticed you've done a big bunch of reviews for tracks. Props for that! I'm sure the artists appreciate it!


  2. It sounds a little confused like it's tripping over itself, but ultimately it's an interesting and worthwhile remix of chocobo tunes.
  3. Bummer, the link is broken now. This was a well done remix too!
  4. Way too dated and poor quality. It sounds like a kid playing with a soundboard for the first time. I hope this one gets buried.
  5. It sounds like the samples are all peaked and clipping. Not liking that at all. Otherwise the rest of the remix has a good feel to it.
  6. Sort of well done, buy yuck: dubstep. Worse was the instrument/sample selection. Not my cup of tea.
  7. I think this is one of the few remixes that has aged well. Kudos to the artist.
  8. Ug. I'm sorry, but the guitar string squeak really ruins this for me. It could have been a really good remix if it weren't for that.
  9. Tastefully done. It's not going to push the envelope anywhere, but this remix is nice and conservative. Elegant.
  10. Ewww. Just... ewww. From 2000, but even for that time this was a bad remix. Artist's newer stuff is good. It's a shame this is still here to stain their current reputation. I hope OC Remix will eventually bury this one to put it out of its misery.
  11. I can't stand reversed samples, which is probably why I don't like dubstep. But this is a very well done mix.
  12. I know this is a little old now, but... Interesting remix. A fun one, and I can tell you had fun making it. A little too much electro buzzing, so not really my taste. But it was interesting enough to get me to comment on it out of the hundreds of remixes I've been previewing on OC Remix. Any ways, thanks for giving us something a little different to experience.
  13. Great remix! The intro is a little too long for my taste, but still a great job.
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