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  1. Figured I'd try to address the "busy" question, so I set it on loop and went to play a game. I didn't find it distracting at all, though when I actually sit down and listen to it, the synth that comes in at ~1.10 might be a bit too prominent. Otherwise, I think it's great. Only thing I didn't like that much was the cymbal pattern changing pitch on the third last hit, sounds a little unnatural to my ear. Did you just change the pitch of the same sample or use a different one? (Now that I think about it, the drums may be a bit unnatural in general, though it's not a huge problem.) I actually quite liked trumpet sound, if only because it reminds me of the DK64 soundtrack. I'm not sure if just being low quality for the sake of nostalgia is a plus, but it gives it a nice sort of pseudo retro "videogamey" sound, which I personally liked. So my advice would be this: play down the synth a little, use a different sample for the higher pitched cymbal, maybe tweak the drums in general a bit, and don't worry about the trumpet.
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