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  1. If you're interested in broad learning of the piano I would suggest the Royal Conservatory of Music's course. Their songs are selected so that you build up your skills so you can go after harder pieces. I liked the first level, prep A, but if you want you could skip ahead to level one if you want.
  2. Thanks @Odai I would love to collaborate, though you should know this for all intents and purposes would be my first project that isn't me messing around in Reaper. There are two songs I'd be interested in working on either of. Rest (End theme and credits- A medley of previous songs) probably my favourite song out of the album, or Elle’s Theme (NPC Theme 2) another one that I like and think could be used to make something good. Though yeah, I may need some hand holding on things that are honestly easy but I'm just being dense about.
  3. Why is Rest on disk 3? Is it because it's a bonus that it gets to ignore the feel of the disk? Either way best of luck I'll be looking forwards to this one.
  4. Hey everyone, I started using OCRemix for music circa 2002. But I only recently decided to sign up on the forums. I've been playing various instruments since I was in elementrary school, though have fallen back into it in a big way. Don't really have much more to say.
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