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  1. I'll copy my VGMix review. There can never be too many remixes of any song.

    Indeed, po!, you have created a Zeal remix worthy to rank as one of the highest in quality and perfection. Perhaps evoking some of the more refined aspects of the song and Zeal itself, this song truly floats in the clouds; it has a certain air of peace about it. It isn't shiningly illustrious, nor bogged in earthiness -- it seems to hang in the balance, a sweetly divine, mellow song that has a place in the firmament above.

    A silver lining to an ideal place and song. Excellent work, po! You've managed to add yet another dimension to the concept of Zeal, and as I have said myself -- There can never be too many remixes of a single song, as infinite interpretations and styles to express a piece exist. This shall rank high in my collection.

  2. As the foremost collector and lover of Zeal remixes, I must say that you've met every expectation conceivable; this is an excellent piece and does well to represent its own interpretation of Zeal.

    Excerpt from a recent letter:

    I’m sure you know Chrono Trigger was the great

    epic I do; it is staunch proof that viable works can be communicated in

    the VG Medium. As I went through it, absorbing Mitsuda’s rich music, I

    received a gloriously lifting experience as I explored Zeal. Although my

    classification of it as what my own, personal heaven would be had not yet

    been formed, Zeal stood as a pinnacle of beauty, knowledge, dreams, and

    enlightenment to me. I had always fancied the definition of a truly

    enlightened person; one would speak many tongues, know the mathematical

    and scientific workings of his or her environment, as well as have the

    capacity to write prose and poetry and be able to weigh intellectual

    matters fairly. Zeal, although it does not directly represent this,

    exemplifies the shining residency of such wondrous people. Its emerald

    hills, sparkling cities and azure lakes define this idea, but the most

    striking attribute is its literal place in the heavens. Zeal is my

    optimum; it is my dreamy celestial kingdom (not the Chrono Trigger one,

    exactly, but Zeal in essence as an enlightened and immensely beautiful


    This adds another dimension to my vision of Zeal. I know I fail horribly in my attempt at a textual thank you, but I wish that you know I am deeply grateful for your remix, as it will shine to me personally forever. Thank for orchestrating such a worthy and enlightening work.

    Again, thank you. Beauty lies herein...

  3. Dammit Suzu, this mix helped me through much of the last few months, and will probably be at my side for the rest of my life. It's made 3 of my personal CDrs in various forms, and man...perfection. It's the last piece on my "Life Mix" disc...I can't thank you enough. This work is second only to Dale North's TimeCircuitsHighVoltage as far as my CT favorites go, and for it not being a Zeal remix, that means much.

    Keep mixing. And I'll give BlueMetro a damn good chance for joining Sir Nut's mix (also a kickass interpretation of the Metropolis Zone) on OCR.

    Enlightened Ownage.

  4. There is a second part of the song not included in the mix, which it seems everyone has missed. This cripples it. We are subjected to the same, beautiful loop of music repeatedly, and the tune never breaks through to that higher sound. Listen to the original CT track; you'll see what I'm talking about. It occurs around 0:33, and completes the amazing track.

    Thus, I wish that the mix would be finished. Really, ,listening to the mix as it is can be a sort of slavery; we hear the same tune and expect to break free and ascend -- but it never happens.

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