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  1. New here, but as timaeus222 was saying, a real pianist varies alot in velocity. With a midi keyboard, this would come naturally, though I have noticed that the first note in a set usually has a higher velocity.
  2. Is it preferred that I repost, delete and repost, or wait for a mod to move the thread?
  3. I've tinkered with LMMS a bit prior, but today I said "Fuck it, Im doin it" and actually "finished" a song. (Though, I may have actually fucked up the finish....) Only took a little while, tell me what I did right, and more importantly, what I did wrong. Ty! MP3 MMPZ EDIT: Just realized now that the guitar and voices in general in zynAddSubFX are inconsistent when overlapping, which happens alot. Ill use a dedicated string synth in the future...
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