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  1. I played it, enjoyed it, but also:

    On 2/5/2019 at 9:44 PM, Chernabogue said:

    Finished the main story yesterday. It's fun but disappointing on many aspects. Not gonna write a full story here, the whole Internet already did.

    yeah that

    at this point, I don't know who the series target audience is. I think it's just people that enjoy the hack and slash gameplay even if it's more mindless (which I can enjoy mindless) but in terms of attracting new people in, I can't tell if they're going to do that with the future of the series or they're going to latch onto the other 10 games, and in terms of old fans, the saga we were interested in seeing concluded is kinda over so we're just sticking around for the ride.

    Also Disney World's had urgency in KH1... They just lack that in every other game since.

  2. On 9/10/2018 at 8:24 PM, AngelCityOutlaw said:

    But they aren't though.

    Like, not to sound patronizing here, but I'm surprised people have even been debating this. To be honest, it's a bit worrying.

    If you try to sell (or even if you don't) a remix without getting the necessary licensing, royalties etc. the original composer (or other rights holder) can take legal action against you. Like how Vanilla Ice failed to convince the court that him using Queen's bassline was totally fine because it was a transformative work; still got sued. Why? Because it's not his/yours.

    You can never have complete creative ownership on something that deliberately contains a melody someone before you created, and you will legally never have claim to it unless the rights are signed over to you.


    Well... I'm actually gonna come in and say my 2c on this in specific: Yes, you don't own it, but you own a lot of the information gained from it. You can put original melodies or sections in a ReMix/Cover/Arrangement/Potato/etc and still use them; I recently did a Barbershop arrangement for Materia (Yet to come out... soon) and while I can't, say, use that, I can still use the knowledge I've learned which would have definitely been more difficult to acquire if I just decided "I'm going to make a barbershop original" 

    I speak from the perspective of "I am going for owning my own indie game company one day"

  3. I like where this idea is going; in particular because I think this would help composers learn how to engrave better for projects, musicians be able to do quick sessions to knock a ton out once they have enough parts in the "Ready" category, and transcription would definitely be good too.

    Down to help. Forum administrator of 10+ years.

  4. On 5/21/2018 at 3:08 PM, Hylian Lemon said:

    Wow, it's been almost 8 years. I don't know what's currently going on for Reckenefin, but I know I burned out on project management a long time ago. We briefly tried to get remotivated a couple years ago, and then...nothing. I don't have the energy to continue in any kind of involved capacity, but since it's really Reckenefin's brainchild, it's not my project to hand over. If he doesn't respond sometime in the near future, I could shoot him an email to see what's on his mind.

    Sounds good! And man, I can totally understand. PM is no easy task.

  5. 19 (though, I'd say different games personally, 20, 15, 13, 9, and 10.

    Good stuff.

    edit: lemme add one. Buying an expensive instrument is more about ease of playing than it is about making something sound better, in most instances I've noticed and dealt with (playing Sax, Vocals, and Guitar). That's okay. Recognize whether, a t first and foremost, it's actually being a pain on you before upgrading your instrument.

  6. 13 minutes ago, Meteo Xavier said:

    He's in good health and spirits as we've gathered from social media, but I might actually suggest staying away from his social media stuff if you're a big fan like I am/was. When I was friends with him on Facebook, I kept seeing him pick apart Roland for their Cloud service pretty much every time they made a post for while (I counted like 6 times he did this), bordering on irate trolling, and he has a habit of making paranoid posts about technology spying on him that's kinda jarring to see. He once made a post questioning Facebook's algorithm for posts and ads targetting certain things about him, I tried to assure him it's not quite what he thinks it is (and gently, I swear), and he subsequently accused me on being on Facebook's payroll to dissuade his thoughts on it in a pretty rant-y way. Months after that, he posted some paranoia about Amazon's Alexa spying on him for marketing purposes and, again, I tried to assure him that that technology really isn't supposed to do that - and boy did he get angry.

    Needless to say, I'm not friends with him on Facebook anymore and lost quite a bit of respect for him to the point where I don't feel bad telling this story.

    Sorry to derail the thread from appreciation to this, but while I report he's in good physical health, I do suggest staying away from his social media if you want to retain appreciation for him. He seems to not be able to appreciate some of his own fans when they try to help make sure he's not having an episode of something. :S


    that was a ride from beginning to end. holy shit.

  7. 12 hours ago, MindWanderer said:

    Sure!  I hadn't been familiar with your work, but "Down the Rabite Hole" is definitely up to par and compatible with what we'd be looking for.  Did you want to claim a track? I think it's a good time to also say Jorito helped me with a good chunk of the production on that song. Granted, I've gotten significantly better at production/VST's since then. I'm on this wild ride to keep improving and making friends.

    I'll have a WIP soon. March 31st, right?

    Castlevania Rondo of Blood - Bloodlines (Stage 1). No idea on a wrestler yet.

  8. 13 hours ago, FUSION42 said:

    I hadn't really considering trying to make this OCR official.  Maybe I should?  For now I'm aiming for about 40-60min of music in a mix format (which is common with this kind of music) but I'm not opposed to the idea of a more focused OCR album. 

    Listening to your zelda mix right now, and I'd say we should pursue this idea. I'd start by browsing past OCR Album projects - It might be more on the length of an EP side, but I think there's some real potential for some fun here to make some really high quality tracks and up all of our production game.

  9. lowering/cutting is not gonna hurt your track as much as you'd think. I have this piccolo right now that plays some very VERY high notes on one of my tracks - the original bleeds your ear. I EQ'd some of the nastier sounds in there but still made sure it sounded like a piccolo.

     here's a series about EQ. nobody is telling you to cut something entirely or make an instrument not sound the way it's supposed to; that's for sound design. It's all about making it the best possible for the listener (without completely sacrificing your vision)

  10. 7 hours ago, FUSION42 said:

    Hey guys I know I haven't posted in a while, but this is still something I'd like to do.  Got a nasty flu but getting over it now.  

    I've been thinking about how many tracks we want / which games we want to have in this.  
    I'm thinking something like 20 tracks-ish (if they are all at least 2 min then that's at least 40min worth of music)

    No more than 2-4 tracks based on any specific series so we keep things balanced.  No more than 1 remix of any specific song. 


    Those of you that have posted, any thoughts?  Do you guys already have completed tracks that you're thinking of submitting to this?  I have at least 1 that I think will be good for this mix, which is a Xenoblade 2 remix, but other than that I think anything I personally produce will be brand new for this mix specifically.  Happy to hear any other ideas, and if people want to start claiming tracks to remix, go for it!



    If you're going for this being an OCR official album, I think shooting for less than 20 would be a better idea, personally

    All up to you!

  11. Just letting everyone know that I'm working on my Area 6 arrangement heavily before giving it off to performers. Contacting a few people to see if they're interested in helping critique; I think it's really going to come to life after all the advice I've got and a ton of listening to a few Jazz albums.

    Also just so everyone knows, I'm going to be opening... a lot more performer slots. Like, double what I had before.