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  1. this mix is so complete it makes me wanna puke (in a good way).

    8O I don't think I've ever wanted to puke in a good way!

    Love it. Its funny how the long version has the exact same feel as the short version, you just feel it longer (thats a good thing). Unfortunately I missed the high-quality version. Could someone gimme a link?

    As for the whole genre debate, I can understand someone hating techno or trance cause, frankly, 90% of it sucks. But the same is true for every genre. To judge a genre, you must experience the cream of the crop. This song is prime example of great trance.

  2. Bangai-O for the dreamcast, Final Boss.

    First of all, the last level is long and difficult. It probably took me 5 tries just to get to the last boss.

    Then when you fight him, you probably last 10 seconds at the longest.

    If you use a bomb at the wrong time, he counter-bombs you, and you die instanty.

    Then when you get him down to about 10% health, he goes invulnerable. You can't hurt him for 15 seconds, and if he gets near you, you instantly die.

    If you live long enough, his invulnerability wears off, and you can try to take off his last 10% health. Again, bomb at the wrong time, and you are still instantly dead.

    Another tough one: Super Metroid. In the intro, the first time you fight Ridley, keep shooting him until he runs away, without getting hurt down to 30 life or less.

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