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  1. dudley ghost

    PRC384 - Let's Bulldoze This (Streets of Rage 3)

    zubmitted. i got sauce to work oh heavens above
  2. Congrats! I enjoyed all of the entries :3 Looking forward to the next competition
  3. Hullo, Were you able to get my account activated?
  4. Yar that would be great. it's dudley ghost and dudleyghost@gmail.com
  5. Still cant get sauce to work BONUS MIX:
  6. Sounds like you had fun! I like the melody glitches. The bass has a nice roundness to it
  7. dudley ghost

    PRC381 - A Different Force In Grass Land (Burning Force)

    Hello Here is my remix. TheSauce wont work for me. https://soundcloud.com/dudleyghost/cars-sun-and-klonopin
  8. Hi, I submitted this for a review a few days ago. Feedback is appreciated! I love the soundtrack to this game so much Soundcloud link