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  1. Hello,

    I have decided on "Magypsy Party" from Mother 3. Fast or slow, we have a saxophone solo, and those characters are probably the biggest reason we don't have Mother 3 outside of JP. Aside from the O2 Tanks. It's a pretty song with a lot of possible variations. 
    It works at many tempos with or with out the lead. 
    This could be a good base for the dual source challenge. Please use portamento if possible. 


  2. i dunno i guess the holidays coming up and all? would have been nice if the win was not by default but what can ya do. hope you liked what i did
  3. Someone submit something! I wanna hear another take on this track
  4. Congrats! I enjoyed all of the entries :3 Looking forward to the next competition
  5. Yar that would be great. it's dudley ghost and dudleyghost@gmail.com
  6. Sounds like you had fun! I like the melody glitches. The bass has a nice roundness to it
  7. Hello Here is my remix. TheSauce wont work for me. https://soundcloud.com/dudleyghost/cars-sun-and-klonopin
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