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  1. Like others have said, the lyrics of this song have really hit me deep and, had the song come out a couple of months earlier, may have just emotionally crippled me for a few days. Today, they refreshingly give me peace of mind. It may be a little weird, but, uh...thanks. As for the song, it's an instant-favorite, with an excellent arrangement of the three main parts of the source material. Your voice works perfectly with the synths, and the auto-tune is easily forgivable with how well it all turned out. I also love the key-change in the end--kudos on working it in so well. Now I'm going to go listen to it on repeat some more... ---
  2. And I REALLY hate to be another person requesting, especially since I already did, but it seems I haven't used this account in far too long and didn't update my email. macdaddy.mike@gmail.com I would make love to whoever could provide the sheet music. All night long.
  3. I would kill fifteen men with my bare hands to get a copy of this sheet music. This is honestly my favorite song of...ever. Can anyone please upload a copy of the sheet music? I wouldn't ask, but all the other links in this topic are already down, so, yeah. Do it, or fifteen innocent men will die. Do you want that on your conscience? I didn't think so.
  4. djpretzel was right...I'm looping this. Flawless. In my opinion, anyway. Even liked the little "Decepticons" soundbit in the rap section.
  5. Aurora sounds cute. Oh yeah, and the show was good.
  6. I am really surprised that there's so much controversy over this piece. To be honest, The Grief Of Aktemto is one of my favorite remixes. One of the main reasons I take such a liking to it is the same reason why I love Time's New Scar by gutzalpus--it's a very human piece. The emotion is so thick you could mold it into some kind of play fort. Even the theme being covered seems really raw and powerful, and I really feel that. As for the orchestral section, I feel that it just brings the transition half-way through the song into more recognition, if you can get what I'm trying to say about that. Ryan, I loved your work since your Crystalis remix, and I'll continue to enjoy your future works, no matter where I end up needing to receive them from. Keep up the great work, and don't let this feedback get you down.
  7. If your intent was to make me laugh till I puke with Funky Monkey Love...you've succeeded.
  8. If I edit out the ending, I think it'll be one of my favourite remixes on the site. No offense intended.
  9. I really liked this remix. The sounds used fit the style perfectly, and the intro at the beginning gave me a chuckle. The different parts of the medley blended in fairly well, with one exception, if I remember correctly. The part with the muffled percussion always puts a smile on my face. This is pretty amazing for a first submission. "I like the sound of that!" Back to the Future, right?
  10. A fleet hangs silently in space. On the bridge of one of the ships you see the captain and all the lieutenants scrambling around to get ready for battle. Suddenly the captain notices something on the vid screen and everyone goes silent, staring in awe. Very very slowly, a starship of incredible size uncloaks in the middle of the fleet and begins to open fire. Ships are launched and a large space battle begins. We follow all the main characters in the vision until the control ship explodes. Suddenly the mood gets dark, and in slow motion you see many of the pilots crash, or watch a fire start in their cockpit and overcome them. One by one, they are all eliminated. At least that's what I see. This song started off really strong, with a beautiful, subtle eerie feeling a la Voodoo Dance. The percussion before the brass kicks in sounded very out of place, but I was blown away by the brass and didn't pay as much attention when I first heard it. The chords following were perfect, and the strings provided a great fast effect that made you envision all sorts of action. I thought the brass could have been a bit louder when they re-entered, and once again I thought the percussion seemed wrong when they finished off. The break was long; not that long, but a little over how long I felt it should be, but the re-entry was amazing. The strings sounded beautiful, and displays a lot of emotion for the piece. Although it was a bit short, and could have been elaborated on, I love this piece. I'd love to see more orchestral work from Psychrophyte.
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