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  1. man, it's been forever since I've posted here, but OCR was where I learned to write music, and I haven't forgotten. I wanted to let everyone know that I've recorded a free EP of more-or-less well known Christmas tunes, and you can listen to and download it right HERE. consider it my Christmas gift to all of you! because I don't have the money to actually buy you anything. if you're thinking to yourself "who even are you?", I'm that guy who wrote the Artifact of Power series and did that collab with Zircon like five years ago. Since my last ReMix got posted here, I studied some traditional composition, decided I didn't like it, and started working on a career in contemporary/popular music. so to sum up, 1) FREE MUSIC and 2) Merry Christmas, OCR!
  2. I'm going to enter this, I think. should be fun times!
  3. hahahahahah yeah, I little foresight on my part when choosing a handle might have saved us all a few headaches.
  4. in working with FL, my personal experience (which is probably wrong and/or juvenile when compared to "real" recording and producing) has shown that a chorus module turned down to about 20-30% in the mixer can do wonders for making the track less "I recorded this in my room at my parents' house :x"
  5. not to drag this thread out or off topic, but compy: isn't this forum named "Remixing 101" entirely because it is a helpdesk for new users? I was under the impression that the whole purpose of this section of the forums was to answer any questions that cropped up. and, on the off-chance that you don't want to answer the same question over and over again to people who just arrived and maybe don't know how many times you've answered that same question, well -- couldn't you just, you know, keep your misguided rage to yourself and not answer his question? I mean, someone else is bound to step up and either (kindly) direct him to the right section/thread/search engine, or (kindly) answer it for him. unless I'm under the wrong impression and that's not how you think it should work? D:
  6. addendum: as far as I can tell, CDXtract CAN in fact read and convert QL Brass -- rather than trying to load the disc by the conventional Disc menu, go through the Files menu instead. (hopefully everyone who reads this understands where those two are and what the difference is? D: ) also, for you demo users, while you're limited to converting the first program, you can also convert the entire directory -- it will come out as one huge soundfont bank, but you can then extract those soundfonts individually. happy creative-problem-solving! EDIT: disregard most of the above. ALL YOU NEED TO DO is click save after you've selected the entire folder of .akp files. CDXtract will do the rest for you.
  7. According to Unknown (Ty), the CDxtract demo let's you convert one folder at a time. However, it considers the entire CD as one folder, so you SHOULD be able to use that to convert to soundfont. In regards to the Guitar + bass programming.. you're going to want some sort of sampler like Kontakt, Halion, or VSampler to reprogram it. It is very poorly programmed to begin with. There are different patches for high/low regions on the keyboards and soft and loud velocities. the demo of CDXtract won't recognize QL Brass, unfortunately (although I think zirc pointed out that neither does the full version, right?). however, as far as the Ultimate Piano Collection goes, for example, the library is split up into quite a few partitions, each with several volumes, and each volume containing several programs. the first of these programs in every volume contains the entire chromatic note range for that piano. the CDXtract demo only lets the user save the first program of any volume (although you can save as many samples as you like, so IF you can program well, then you're set -- provided you've got some serious excess time and energy). therefore, those of you who bought the piano collection but don't have a conversion program nor the money to buy one right now, just grab the demo and make do until you can buy it. seriously though, it's already been recommended to me more than once (and I'm beginning to whole-heartedly agree) -- GET A CONVERSION PROGRAM, especially if you're looking at an extended interest in computer music. but yeah, just thought I'd clarify. also, mods, if promoting using a demo isn't cool with you and/or it borders on inappropriate discussion (along the lines of piracy, I guess?), feel free to delete this and let me know for future reference.
  8. because this problem doesn't seem to solely address FL Studio -- you'll notice zirc's comment on this not being a problem only found in FL exports. anyway, I had noticed this, too. FL 6 fixes it, you say? looks like I know what to do now, even though I like the way FL 5 runs a little more than I do FL 6 (I think it might have something to do with familiarity).
  9. as long as we're talking about keyswitches, I'd like to throw in my opinion (which closely resembles some of the previously stated) -- while pretty cool features, they're not what I like to use personally. I'd much rather have several channels, each with its own articulation on it. Somehow that seems less complicated and more liberating.
  10. for quick reference, is there a fairly easy and inexpensive way to get AKAI samples into FL Studio? I only ask because those brass look really attractive and I want to know if it's worth buying them.
  11. for me personally, the hardest part of a song to write is the chorus -- but that's because I value the chorus above the rest of the song. it needs to be the catchy part, the memorable part. it sums up the song, usually. also, I can only write a good song if I'm really feeling it -- it's all based on emotions and intuition, not working it out (for me, possibly/probably not others). but when I do write a song, it usually all comes out in the space of 5 minutes, or it sucks.
  12. personally, I favor the audio-file-bounce method. then again, I've really only ever finished the one (very successful) collab with zirc, so perhaps my knowledge is based too much on too little? anyway, I agree with what zirc said a few posts ago: the result, not the process, is what matters.
  13. coincidentally, I was just talking about this subject today and had resolved myself to find out more. the tips are awesome, zirc. I'm not sure if this thread is as good as any to ask this, but does FL have a multiband compressor somewhere that I don't know about? and, if not (of course this would follow) is there a decent free one that you'd like to recommend?
  14. you said something about not digressing into other genres because you're not very good at it, right? why not just take a while off from electronic-style stuff and learn a new genre? I mean, it couldn't hurt to expand your skill set, and it could just be the right kind of break you need to get back into your groove.
  15. you do realize that (unless I am sorely mistaken and someone will correct me if that is the case) that within absynth, there is a simple waveform. absynth is basically doing all of the things that people are suggesting INSIDE IT. so the sound doesn't sound that way from the beginning - when you control everything with LFO's you're just shaping and controlling what happens to the waveform. again, unless someone else who actually knows what they're talking about (read: not Arg) corrects me.
  16. hi! my name's the remixing forum! you can use me to ask and answer all sorts of questions related to making music, music equipment, and songwriting techniques. however, I'm not a good place for anything else, like cd key requests! ok good - now that you two are familiar with each other, we can continue.
  17. please GOD don't let there be another Arg I mean uh welcome to OCR
  18. well, I'll stay if there's popcorn. actually I've never been a big fan of WASP (though perhaps I just suck with it?)
  19. holy crap, zoola I think arg just tried to reason with you only instead he ended up insulting you also, arg, why would you try to talk someone out of something you want as well? that's just bad business. however, I have tarried too long in this thread without contributing any more than arg, so I'll take my leave now.
  20. to argitoth: it could be that he's researched this more thoroughly than you give him credit for. edit: to argitoth again: it could also be that you don't know what you're talking about. correct me if I'm wrong, though. however, from what zirc has said (and from the concurring opinions I've read), komplete is an excellent choice.
  21. hahah arglebargle, not you (which I assume you understood). the other, more obnoxious, arg.
  22. seriously arg, stop hijacking the thread. you're annoying enough when you're not intending to be, so when you really try it really shows.
  23. hahahahah guys I'm not nearly as good at this as you seem to think. I've just been using those samples for about as long as I've been writing orchestral music - you learn what sounds good. hence, I write in like, one style. (this one)
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