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  1. Did I lose the ability to change the prefix, or am I just missing something? Also, bump for the previous reply.
  2. I'm back! So, he was busy, and then I was busy...the past few months have been too much! Anyway, here are a couple of links for what I got now with my friend playing some drums. 2 different end limiters. It's tough balancing smoothness with bite. Which one sounds better to you? Anything else need to be done on this thing? One level of mastering. Here's another level Thanks for being so open and welcoming! Even if it's not what you all are looking for, it was still fun to cobble together. Hopefully, I can work with some other people here. I have new packets of strings ready to
  3. Woah, awesome! I listened to your Soundcloud, and dude your stuff is great! I know my other friend wants to do it, so I'll be doing that, BUT I'd love to collaborate on anything new you want to do. I have several extended range guitars and a few different amps, not to mention a new bass that needs to be put through the paces. Let me know if you need any fretted instrument stuff, even if it is just a solo here and there. The drums are Sonar's Session Drummer, haha! They never used to sound so bad, but I've gotten so used to mixing actual live drums over the past few years that I feel I've
  4. Wow, awesome! Thank you so much for listening and confirming what I was thinking after I posted it, haha! Guitars seem a bit murky to me now, too. Needs a little bit of clean up for sure. Strangely enough, I've been working with a drummer on other stuff recently and this has given me the confidence to see if he's up for it. Mixing live drums is WAY more fun anyway, right? Anyway, thanks so much for your time, and off I go to see if anyone wants to "collab, bruh?"
  5. Hey there, everyone. (Very) Long time lurker, first time submitter. First, though I wanted to make sure the mix/master is there. It's metal, so it has to be aggressive, but I don't want to smash everything to bits and pieces, you know? Anyway, smashed together a combo of the title screen and "Long Distance" from Revenge of Shinobi. Also made sure to arrange them in such a way that it's not a medley. Here's the original title screen music. Here's the original "Long Distance." Here's the Soundcloud link. Hope everyone's having a great day!
  6. I recently ran into this exact phenomenon. Amazon was pushing the trailer for the ABC Murders and it straight up lifts a section from the Death Adder theme from Golden Axe! Chords, voicing, and everything!
  7. It my turn to jump into the pile! My name's Trevor. Been wanting to make more game music friends. I've known about, OCR for years and have been wanting to do some covers/remixes, but never allowed myself the time. Ending that now! Also, I've done lots of music composition tutorials to help break creative ruts. They're all up on my YouTube if you need something that might help. Now, let's get remixing!
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