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  1. whatup folks...

    Rayza's been fillin me in on what's been goin on! YAY meetup!

    well seeing as I work all day Saturday (4am - 4:30pm) I won't be in attendance..


    Rayza tells me you guys are lunchin' at Jack Astor's. I'm gonna try to pop out of work for a brief moment and just stop by and say hi before I must run back...

    weekend should be good for roaming around the city

  2. I don't find this acceptable at all. I understand the ownership you feel over the podcast now, the efforts and hard work you've put into the show, but the point of VGDJ was to evolve, just as the community does, and the hard work would lay to waste if it were to die now. It was not meant to create stars, it was not meant to be owned. It was meant as a community service, and as a promotion of the video game music appreciation movement.

    Though it was my own and Rayza's idea to start something of this nature, it was always in our plan for the show to be passed on, and not have ownership. It was definitely hard to let the show go, but that was not the point... it was never about me, or Rayza. It was about the community. Hence us delegating tasks to people within the community, and hence the current hosts that VGDJ now has.

    If Pixie doesn't feel that anyone else is good enough to host the show with her other than Zircon, then those who are willing and able to pick up where Zircon and Pixie left off, should, just as Rayza and I passed on the show when we could no longer take it on. I honestly believe that it is not in Zircon's or Pixie's place to decide what the future (or lack thereof) of VGDJ will be. I understand that you (pixie and zircon) are upset about not being able to carry on with it, but that shouldn't stop anyone else from doing so.

    Please do not take this as an attack. We (all vgdj enthusiasts) are grateful for your service and how you've brought VGDJ to a whole new level since you've taken over. You've created a show people look forward to downloading, you've helped bring a community together. There is no reason why this ideal should die now. Take your accomplishments and let others be of service to OCR and to the VGDJ listeners.

    I hope you seriously consider this recommendation.

    Hey everyone.

    I have some bad news to report to everyone. Some of you may have seen this coming, and others, perhaps not, but here it is: I'm leaving VGDJ. And because pixietricks does not want to find another cohost, this means that our run with this podcast is now over. There is not a complex set of reasons behind this, unlike why we both took a break. Simply put, while I had a lot of fun in the ~6 months I spent as a cohost, the show has never been my highest priority compared to my relationship with Jill, school, or my endeavors as a musician trying to make a career out of his work. In particular, since I plan on being self-employed by the end of college, I feel like I must really focus myself on earning a sizable salary from music. And, unfortunately, I can't maintain enthusiasm for doing the show while these other things are on my plate.

    I want to emphasize that this was not Jill's decision but mine. She was ready and willing to continue, and had already gotten stuff together for Magfest - a mixer and mics to record our panel, a logo for a business card to hand out at the festival to give to ReMixers, a new plan for integrating the podcast with the site, and other things like that. And I wish I was able to come to a decision about this before she spent her own time working on developing the show further, but I suppose it was not until today that I realized there was no point in me continuing if I could not really put my full effort into doing it. It wouldn't be fair to you, the listeners, nor would it be fair to Jill, who has really been the driving force behind VGDJ ever since she first got involved.

    So... I am sorry to everyone that this came suddenly, and I'm sorry that because of my decision the show has to stop. I wish it could have come at a different time, or that my career didn't require exorbitant amounts of time and energy to truly develop. I will still be on OCR judging mixes and posting. I'll still be writing tutorials. I'll still listen to and comment on WIPs, go to meetups, and idle on IRC. I had a blast hosting the show with Jill, and we put out some really great material... from interviews, to VGL, Otakon, the meetups, Flow Basket, crazy stingers, and everything in between.

    Peace, and I hope you guys can still be cool with me.

    ps. Jill won't be looking for a new cohost, nor will anybody be replacing us.

  3. Hey, just so you all know, both pixietricks and myself have a lot of real life stuff to attend to over the next few days and so it doesn't look like we're going have a show for you this week. However, we'll be back on track next week - thanks for your support! :D



    The curse continues!



    Is it still outsourcing if the US sends it BACK to Canada?

    No... but it is BETTERsourcing.


    Patriotism +1

    bahaha that was awesome!

  4. Hi everyone

    I think the idea of starting a new 'vgdj' isn't the way to go. As I say that, I realise that I haven't been around all that much due to my new job. As for Rayza, I have no idea where he is.

    What is great to see is that people are willing to keep it alive and see the potential and I and Rayza saw all those months ago. I think the show is a great way to promote the wonderful music and community here, and it makes sense that the show be hosted by different people, not creating a whole new entity. That to me says there's a lack of community here.

  5. Hey Rayza, what is the stingers and the intro from? That man is really pissed off, counting the sad fact that I understood all that he said... :?

    This time, I was actually a source for stinger material, other than Rayza's frustration with me (those don't count)

    This was sent to me by a colleague from Quebec... this is a man really pissed about his Videotron service... it was just recorded by Videotron and it was leaked.

    And we're assuming that Videotron is the Quebec version of Shaw or Rogers cable. :D

    we thought it was funnee.

    And Mountain... thanks for the show notes compliment I TRY SO HARD :D


    Also a couple of other things:

    :arrow: I'll stop seeding "single EP" torrents with the next show. Releasing will be in 5EP-packs and 10EP-packs from now on. (I don't have the time to do single shows atm, and one of the callers ment it's more efficient to offer "bigger" packs)

    :arrow: Seeders needed!!! Me alone as master seeder is just not enough.

    :arrow: And nope... I don't offer the packs as "HTML" download. Sorry to those who can't use torrent due to reasons unknown.



  7. Aurora and Rayza: you might know this already, but some info about how to get the album has changed. Get the skinny why here: http://www.ocremix.org/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=57969

    But if you mention where to get my album any more, mention that it's now $11.95 with free shipping (which ends up cheaper than before) and just mention my www.supergreenx.com url for more info. Cdbaby isn't my preferred way for people to get the album anymore. Thanks a bunch.

    We'll change it for the next shooooooooooooooooooow :D


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