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  1. Dang. I tried YouTube but then after a minute, I realized...before 2004. You're best bet is to keep crawling. Internet Archive is a pretty hefty place full of stuff so if you have a feeling you may have found it there or not, it's the best place to start. Good luck.
  2. Wanted to get into video game music composition and production for awhile now. On the note of also working in the direction of creating my own indie game projects, I wanted to practice melody and putting moods together in songs. Although currently working on more serious stuff with FL Studio, these are some of my first attempts screwing around in BeepBox. Any critiques or feedback would be cool! https://soundcloud.com/chronovgm_4u/whimsical-something https://soundcloud.com/chronovgm_4u/mild-apprehension https://soundcloud.com/chronovgm_4u/some-alien-place-1 https://soundclo
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