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  1. i'm agreeing with you here. i like metroid. i like shred-rock. there just seems to be something missing from this mix. your review i think is fine though, as it gives good reasons where this remix could be improved, and it's not rude like some certain other posters i've seen...
  2. i hate to drag up an older thread, but i just started playing MP3 in earnest after getting my Wii back from repairs. i was wondering if anyone is still trading friend vouchers...
  3. it's sad to lose such real talent. i've definitely enjoyed Reuben's amazing work; his remixes are a part of my daily mix and always brighten my week. condolences to Reuben's family. he will be genuinely missed.
  4. i definitely liked this remix. good high-energy stuffs. as is your review in fact, all of your reviews that i've seen consist pretty much of threadcrapping instead of any actual concrete crits.