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  1. Woo, more GL stuff.

    Intro is almost angelic, sounds like Enya but feels like it's rising to something bigger. The opening beat at 0:19 is interesting, as are the chimes that soon follow. I like the strings at 0:24, very cinematic and strong. Percussion shifts well at 0:34, setting the tone for a new section.

    This next section bounces around a lot, very interesting once your ears get used to it. The bassline is alright, no real complaints. The rest of the song varies a bit but it's similiar to the first parts. I like the background vocals that return. The ending is a little sudden with that final hard drum beat. I might get used to that and like it as I listen to the song more often.

    My main complaint is that tempo and volume often shift without much warning. It has a definite cinematic feel which shifts from soothing to strong and back. I like this the more I listen to it, definitely worth a download.

  2. around 1:16 the tempo changes with the introduction of a bass and later what sounds like a distorted guitar. it's almost too soft but it lends a nice background as the pianos come back. I really like the bass here, seems like you've spent some time on it. it does its own thing while following the other instruments at the same time (especially around 2:19).

    At 2:23 you add some more percussion elements which again keep the song interesting without taking over. Around 3:23 is an organ and 3:32 a sax while the drums switch to hi-hats while...lots of instruments keep entering and exiting and returning. No complaints with the ending.

    This whole song is just a school in variation, melodically and instrumentally. Top notch work, especially with the drums.

  3. Interesting! As said above, much liberty has been taken with the original melody, but it's still a really pretty song. I think you really had something going with the first half (that soft drum beat is niiiiice). Echoing what pretz posted, the changes and transitions afterwards are a little jarring in a relatively short song (at least to me), but overall the orchestration is clean and beautiful. I likes it.

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