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  1. It's a WoW story, but I think it's hilarious.

    So during the Lunar Festival you can run into the opposing faction's capital cities and talk to their elders to complete an acheivement. My friend and I were running through Ironforge, trying to get to the wisdom place; I don't remember what it's called, where the pally and mage trainers are. We got there, died, res'ed and talked to the elder then died. Finally my cooldowns were up and I could res, go invisible, and run and hide in a little house. He met me there, and I'm in the middle of opening a portal when around 8 lvl 80 alliance run in and start killing us. (We were both like lvl 72 at the time.)

    I just finish the portal and yell for him to run through, when a lock dot's me up. I get through the portal, furiously casting decurse hoping I can get some of the dots off before I die on the other side of the portal. I exit the portal and immediately die.

    In the middle of my monologue of how much I hate locks, my sister ports to org and ends up standing on my corpse. She gives me a couple of /pokes and I'm laughing too hard to even send her a tell as to what's going on. Finally I call her, and she's all "Why are you dead in Org?" I explain and we laugh and laugh, and then I cancelled my account because WoW is for gays.

  2. Luke brought balance to the force by allowing himself to use the dark side during his battle with Darth Vader in Return of the Jedi, but not allowing himself to turn completely to the dark side. He's a Jedi that was able to harness the power of the dark side without becoming a sith.

  3. The Legion has been the big bad guy since the beginning. The Scourge is just recycling WC3.

    But we didn't even know about the Legion until WC3, up until then it was just Orcs vs. Humans; Orcs bad Humans good. The story didn't really start developing until WC3, when we found out about Mannoroth's blood, and Sargeras' involvement yadda yadda yadda. Or was that 2? I'm getting them confused now.

    The Forsaken joining the Horde makes more sense than the Night Elves joining the Alliance.

    And more sense than the Blood Elves even existing.

  4. They were only at war when the Horde was possessed by evildemonbloodrarrr. All-out war doesn't make sense when they're both reasonable groups trying to accomplish the same goals.

    War with the forsaken would make sense, neither faction has any reason to fully trust them. Plus the forsaken have little allegiance to anyone but themselves, and I've always felt they should be their own little deal, they're only horde-y because they're ugly.

    And the only reason the Alliance and Horde have the same goals is because they are still fighting the same battles from WC3, the legion and the scourge. The scourge I can see as a viable story line, but it's like they threw Outlands and the legion into the mix because they were out of ideas. Without some common foe, there'd easily be a way to incite war between the two. I mean elves are, essentially, dicks.

  5. The issue being that there really isn't much reason for the factions to exist, much less be in conflict. If they wanted real all-out-war type gameplay, they should've made the Legion or Scourge a playable faction.

    Or, you know, put the two factions AT WAR with one another.

    It's always Horde and Alliance vs. some greater evil. Yes this is a throwback from the end of WC3, which was awesome, but if that's how the game's gonna be drop the other shoe Blizzard and just let Alliance and Horde mingle.

    That and the implementation of hero classes has left much to be desired.

    I'm done complaining now.

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