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  1. I thought it was done rather well. They managed to pack a lot into the movie and paced it very well. The dry spells (non action scenes) weren't too long and most of them had a significant purpose.

    Also... watching Peter Parker punk just about everyone he knew was quite hilarious.

  2. EVE has sweet graphics, decent (albeit repetitive after a while) soundtrack, and great pvp.

    There are loads of "professions" to choose from, but you're not confined to any one. It all depends on the skills you choose to train and what you want to do with yourself.

    Some of the careers include: Miner, Industrialist, Market Trader, Corporation Manager, Covert Operative (cloaking ships), Pirate, Bounty Hunter, and others.

    Overall it's a really fun game. I'm a pirate in the Great Wildlands region. Non consentual pvp ftw!

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