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  1. If at all possible, try to fall in with some folks, and do some group activities. Strangely enough, Eve takes more practice to be successful at solo play than group play.

    And, as I tell every new Pilot... Do The Tutorial. Fly safe!

  2. Nothing else to do? That's not really a statement you can apply to EVE. IF you're not doing something, its because you are being prevented from doing it by someone else (PVP), OR you don't have the time to get the resources to try it (external factors).

    There is never a lack of things to do in EVE.

  3. Never sell your account man... EVE is one of those games that one day you will come back to. And when you do, you don't want to have to start over.

    I've been playing off and on for a long time now. Right now is an "off" period for me, but my account is still active and I log in everyone once in a while to run a mission or scan down some sites in low sec.

    I'm really interested to see how they pull off DUST and the interaction between the two.

    IGN: Falcione

  4. Easily the biggest problem with snowballing in HoN is that people give up instead of playing smarter.

    So much truth. This has been my exp too. a lot of times people want to concede at 15, even when there's a clear chance of victory a little farther down the road.

    I assume a lot of ppl just don't want their stats to get messed up. But if were up to me, I'd take a negative K/D and win the game versus quit a game early and never find out if we could have turned it around.

  5. The main thing that I thought was wrong with it was the pacing. It just seemed like they had a TON of build up scenes, but very little pay off.

    I think it was a decent film. I would rate it at about Fantastic 4 level. Then again I know next to nothing about GL, so I didn't have any real expectations going in.

  6. Personally, I think the Sony hack was just blood in the water. Now gaming companies are being seen (maybe rightfully so) as easy targets for personal info.

    If Sony got hacked, what's to say the smaller companies are going to have better security. I think this is going to affect me signing up for games in the long run though. You do have to give up a lot of personal information, and with the recent spate of hackings, I'm not sure I want it out there anymore.

  7. My brother recently received an email from Codemasters saying that they got H4xxorD and some information (email, credit card, passwords, etc) was compromised.

    If you've played any of the games they've published, and given them information for it, you should be aware. I have played the same games as my brother typically, but I didn't get the notification email in this case.

    Just FYI.

  8. well if it were a single player I'd be interested

    I'm rather fond of their single player games, but you'd have hell getting me to play an mmo

    I got the impression from what I've heard that its going to be more "single player" than any other mmo out there...

  9. How involved is George Lucas in this project?

    No. But seriously, I want this game to be good. But I just have this huge nagging doubt about it that won't go away. So I'll wait until after its out and confirmed to be awesome to build a new rig for it.

  10. What does everyone think about the ability to essentially "watch" the game by stringing all the cutscenes together? Has any other game done this?

    I think that's a really cool concept. There are some inherent problems such as game length vs. reasonable movie time, but I think that its a cool idea. For instance, you could have someone who would never sit down and play the game still enjoy it by having them watch it after you are done.

  11. But then how did she manage to get a GFED freeze gun to get Maurice?

    Or possibly, how did she wear a GF suit and pilot a large robot to try to kill Samus (and herself) while being protected by Samus at the same time?

    Time Travel.

    Me, personally? I knew he'd be in this game since the second trailer was released.

    Yes, but did you know HOW he was going to be in the game?

    I think that was a pretty clever way to do it, and since it was a surprise (however mild) for the audience, we can see how Samus was totally blindsided by it. Hence the Shock and Awe

  12. the deleter and who he/she was. At first I thought it was James(since you can never actually trust the Steve Buscemi character), but then I got to thinking that it was a projection of MB. Did they ever reveal who it was or was I supposed to figure that on my own? END SPOILER.

    I might give the game another go later this week. Much fun indeed.

    Well, I thought it was James at first as well, but once you finish the game and look at the character info again, it shows up that K.G. is MIA and was never found, hinting that it might have been him. I may be getting ahead of myself, but personally, I think that there were 2 deleters. James being the initial one, and K.G. being assigned to "finish the job" and remove James once his part was complete.

    I think we'll have to wait for another installment to find out the whole truth. Either that, or its totally buried somewhere like that one Super Secret room in Fusion.

  13. That's what I thought. But it would follow that the word above Eruza would be Hero or something... I don't know. For now, let's just refer to them as Kanan and Eruza.

    Except "Elza" is written in English on the side of the picture...

    Just sayin'...

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