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  1. Thanks for 5 wonderful years of music. I'm a very VERY nostalgic man, and OCR has really kept me young at heart.

    I haven't always agreed with the way you run things, David, but it doesn't change the fact that you know what you're doing.

    So, Pretz, here's to another 5 years of excellent music, noob-bashing, judge-bashing, thread-breaking, bagel-wanging, Vortex-pic-whoring, catgirls, sporks and "favorites" thread-making. Cheers!

    Excellent remix, by the way.

    Stephane Dylan Prince

    AKA Vortex

  2. I open up the OCR webpage, what do I see? A castlevania 2 remix. Happy is me. ReMixer? DJCrono? I go off the hook.

    While I liked this remix, I believe this remix is like wine. I like, but didn't love. This song has played 5-6 times today, and I love it more with each hearing. This song is definitely a great remix that is gonna get a lot of air time at my gym. No shame in playing VG music when songs are this great. Keep it up, DJCrono!

    BTW, Are you the one rapping?

    Big fan,


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