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  1. Damn right! A very refreshing, soul-searching type of remix. Almost as good as sex. Seriously. DJP, you HAVE to keep going in this genre of music, it's like a Megalixir for the soul. Vortex
  2. I agree with Joe Redifer. At first, I was like: "Oh great, ANOTHER Final Fantasy remix... joy to the world, let's see what song it is, and let's hope it's not remix # 255 of [insert track that has been overdone]" Let's say I was very very surprised. If you are tired of Final Fantasy, and feel that the RIDICULOUS amount of remix is wearing you down, then DOWNLOAD THIS. It's great! Vortex
  3. I wonder when their new set of remixes are coming out. Little Mac is one of my favorite remixes. More metal please!
  4. Excuse me? Disaster? When will people stop dissing FF8? I mean for God's sake, Aeris's theme is a complete ripoff from Celes' theme!
  5. Dragon Warrior 2 Last Boss. Man it took hours to get levels at that point in that game. And when you did, all you had was HP+2 Strenght+1 MP+2 Speed+1. And the last boss (Malroth I think was his name) always friggin' healed himself. But, We Defeated Him! DEATH TO YOU MALROTH! Vortex
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