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  1. Maybe we casual listeners with no real musical background don't matter to the real musicians here, but I bought a keyboard to voice my mind and that's exactly what I'm gonna do.

    I've been listening to this track on loop for the past hour and still can't get enough of it. I personally cannot find anything wrong with the pitch (in all honestly) but I have been called tone deaf in my life. The track flows well, I love the duet and the playful lyrics.

    If you guys had a great time doing this it doesn't matter what the "professional music critics" have to say about it. Nobody can take the experience away from you. And I, like many people (from what I can tell from the thread), greatly appreciate the submission to the site.

  2. OK first things first... I AM SO FLOORED!

    My first reaction seeing a new mix today was "Sweet, Mega Man! Oh, another flash man mix... *sigh*". But open this tune up in yo playerz, ladies and gents, this track lights it up.

    Anyone reminded of the opera from 5th Element? Well that was kick ass and so is this! Love the sound, excellent variety, Salzman 4 Prez, I'm gonna go listen to it again peace!

  3. I gotta disagree with DJP on the comment of repetitive. I ravenously listen to the MM remixes, and I will admit some of those do get redundant, but this one is not one of them. It has great flow, overlays enough different stuff around that it doesn't seem to repeat but more to just continue bringing new things as it progresses.

    Hot stuff, gimme s'more ;)

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