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  1. Heh, how odd. I like it though. Seems like you've got the right style to take on the unloved Mr. Saturn theme.
  2. Amazing. There are few songs that'll have me saying this, but.. Thank you. Thank you for this gift.
  3. Maybe this one wasn't supposed to be as epic as you expected? If you consider this in gaming terms, this would be one of a few different versions used at different points in the game. It sets a different mood than the one we're used to. I dunno, I love this. Frog's theme is too short to not mix up a bit. Yeah, sure the theme has been done, but that's the point of the creative liberty. This is a new interpretation. This is the first CT mix in a while that I have really been awed by. And no I'm not from Fark. Thanks Graylightning.
  4. I liked the voice sample very much. I've never heard anything like it. And I liked the key change. Didn't bother me at all. Everyone has already put in a better analysis than I could, and I don't really feel like repeating them, so I'll leave it at the most important thing: It's a damn fine piece of music.
  5. You're right. Talk about having little to no source material... Very well done.
  6. Neat interpretation of a cool song. Kudos for taking things in an interesting direction.
  7. It's bLiNd, that's all that really needs to be said about this one.
  8. The Terra bit at the end was suprisingly fresh. It's too bad it only lasts a few seconds. I would have liked to hear 3 minutes of it.
  9. Fantastic. The guitar is perfect. It blends well with the rest of the song. This remix also feels much more emotional than Safety in Numbers, which is great, because that's something the original was trying to do but couldn't.
  10. If a song has stirred an emotion, then it has done its job. Well done.
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