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  1. Don't forget the PSN games people! There's a ton of really fun games that are half or less the price of bluray copies with double the replay value (especially with friends). - Fat Princess: I can best describe this as Team Fortress 2 meets Castle Crashers. - Pain: Say what you want about redundancy, I can launch David Hasselhoff into oncoming roller coasters all day. I'm pretty sure I have actually. - Siren Blood Curse: I wasn't personally a big fan of the trial and error type gameplay of the first game, but this one's a lot better and you can defend yourself with some pretty silly random objects. - WipEout HD: This game is everything you always wanted in a first date. Fast, pretty and has serious replay value. - Bionic Commando Rearmed: A fantastic nostalgia trip with local co-op and really easy to pick up gameplay. - Gunstar Heroes: One of the best games to ever grace the Sega Genesis and my god there are bullets EVERYWHERE. - Burnout Paradise: If you have ever played and liked a Burnout game, you will purchase this and never want to play any of the other ones again. Drop in multiplayer on a persistent island and local party mode? Hell yes. - Comet Crash: A co-op AND competitive RTS with a surprisingly smooth learning curve. - Savage Moon: Probably the most unforgiving tower defense game on the market. If you're not in it for the challenge or get angry at video games easy I'd recommend something more fun like Pixeljunk Monsters. - Noby Noby Boy: So I ate the mailman, crapped him off the edge of the world then reached up to the sun and recorded my progress... - Crystal Defenders: I love Final Fantasy Tactics and tower defense games. Shut up. - Mega Man 9: Capcom is pretty infamous for making some of the most challenging games out there, but I'm positive they released this game as a durability test for the DualShock 3.
  2. Two actually, and has it really been that long? Also screw you guys because this may be the one year that I cannot get the time off work to attend and MAN do I really wanna attend.
  3. Oh I've made many a survivor ragequit as the smoker by dragging them INTO the tank or through their carefully placed molotov. Even the tank's BASHAN N SMASHAN doesn't compare to the joy of being the asshole that pulls someone off the roof and screws up the formation. Sometimes if you listen hard enough, you can almost hear their frustration as they fire at you. It's like a high pitched "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee". Think Mini-Me.
  4. So, the best moment I've had in Left 4 Dead so far has actually been after the end of a campaign. I randomly joined an online game with 3 amazingly competent strangers and one of them had the greatest Steam ID: Dat ass. We finish No Mercy and everyone except him makes it to the helicopter, and right as the credits are rolling is when we saw it. That simple moment made the entire campaign worth playing. GOD I wish I had captured that.
  5. Have you tried deleting the pre-load and downloading the game again? A friend of mine had the same issue with the pre-loaded game and that seemed to work fine for him. Oh. Hi guys.
  6. Wasn't it their coach that had told their team to hold on every play because the refs won't hold up the game calling each and every penalty on each play?
  7. Exactly. That's all this is about, what sensationalized piece of news can garner the most attention. The more they can frighten and/or piss people off, the larger the response they will get and the more people will pay attention to their "fair and balanced" news. It should be painfully obvious that this is just about bringing in the numbers to make paychecks. I don't want my news on a fine-tuned scale. I just want to know what the hell is going on.
  8. DING DING DING DING DING. This is a free upgrade for me.
  9. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130076 Playing Everquest 2 above 20 FPS will be my gift this year.
  10. The concept of a psychotic cross-dressing Zelda throwing knives at people makes me happy. Down there.
  11. lol serious Mario I see him as more of a scruffy street doctor who has a pill for whatever ails you, and his scrawny, strung out assistant Luigi as the guy who fills prescriptions by any means necessary.
  12. Get to Moon level. Save state. Repeat x10. Hum the theme for the next week.
  13. The game was actually based on that movie. I had read the old, fucked up comics so that was a very happy version of what I was expecting.
  14. I had once played this weird game as a child called Monster Party that felt like a really bad dream only I was beating the shit out of it with a baseball bat and turning into a flying nightmare dragon thing. Then there was Little Nemo: The Dream Master which was the total opposite because I was throwing candy at things and turning into bees and frogs and shit while riding giant toy trains. Man, I played some trippy games as a kid.
  15. I was impressed with the movie the more I watched it. Aside from a few otherwise useless characters (lol football jock) and scenes (lol masturbation), it was fun to see Bumblebee help Sam with his game and really fun to watch the Autobots act like complete retards while hiding from Sam's parents in his back yard. The bots caught on more and more as the human storyline progressed into the full scale brawl we all wanted to see, but Megatron's first spoken line to Starscream is what sold me. It really was the simple things that made me enjoy this movie. That and I won $10 because I fucking KNEW the "black" autobot wouldn't live to the end of the movie. It's not right but whatever pays the bills.
  16. Exactly. Most "victims" in videos like this don't show the slightest bit of willingness to cooperate or even talk logically (rather than stand there arguing all day and sit on the "I'm just having fun" soapbox), hang around to stick it to the man since they "aren't doing anything wrong", then break north when the officer is finally sick of their shit. I've seen it happen so many times down here, and I don't feel the least bit of pity for any them. If one of those bastards ran by me I'd stick a leg out and watch the fun. If you're "not doing anything wrong" then why are you tearing ass down the street? People like that are the reason there's such a huge bias against skater kids in general and half of the reason why people don't want skateboards in front of their place of business. If I didn't hate the police in my area so much I'd almost be on their side. Almost.
  17. Cop runs kid down and wrestles girl to floor. Amazing! Seriously, this happens all the time in just about every state. I can't bring myself to feel sympathy for kids who aggravate the situation and continue to push buttons until the officer/rent-a-cop in question finally snaps. If you had a job where random groups of teenagers went out of their way to piss you off because to them you're The Man and therefore oppressive, you'd want to kick their asses too.
  18. I still have my end boss month sig, and I will use it no matter what you people decide on because I am badass like that. The Man tried to make me pick a theme but I don't do what The Man tells me.
  19. But...I didn't go anywhere. What the fuck.
  20. I had picked up a few issues of Punisher MAX from a friend some days ago. It's simply the darkest Punisher comic to have ever been print, and you develop such a hatred for the people he goes after that you don't mind him burning people alive or interrogating them with their guts hanging out. Each story arc is six issues long and they do a good job of both introducing and concluding themselves. At least half of the comic will leave you wondering whether The Punisher or the people he's hunting are more fucked up, but by the end you probably won't care. Everything else I read is either episodic or on issue 600something so you're on your own.
  21. The infamous return of corpse dragging! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.
  22. Maybe they'll let you jump over 1 foot logs this time around instead of having to follow terrible terrain paths.
  23. He was being nonchalant about an issue that affected minimal amounts of systems that didn't even prevent them from working. There's usually more pressing issues Sony has to face than sticky buttons in 1 of every 100 units sold. Besides, didn't they fix it anyway? I'm gonna miss that man's crazy analogies.
  24. You do realize that that sticky button thing affected maybe 2% of all PSP units sold, right?
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