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  1. I knew that was the case, but the time he takes to throw down the cursed ground, even if I tried to predict where they were running, I would just miss everyone somehow. And it doesn't help that the range on the spell is so pathetic. You have to be in the thick of battle and throwing it down and I either a) miss them entirely or get the crap beat out of me for getting so close.
  2. I have to say, I give voodoo jester a much bigger thumbs up than I have in the past at this point. Played a game where we were beaten pretty decently (we just could never push the towers, and had a rampage and magmus that were a bit below the cautious and skilled level), but still had great luck with the jester. We also had Nymphora throwing down the heals and keeping our team alive in team fights and I would just throw in a cocktail, put in a mojo on nymph or someone else close to the fight, and then drop the ward from behind the trees. Worked really well. I know I'll get owned the next time I play him probably, but he is a lot better than I expected.
  3. OK, hit me with some help here. I played Hellbringer the other night, and I was horrible with him. I died a couple times real early and was pretty sure I would take my whole team down (not to mention someone quit when they were level 4). So, during the course of the match, I don't do a bunch of killing, but I always seem to be around when hero kills happen, and the next thing I know, I'm above everyone by 2 levels (around 22). But I still just don't know how to use my arsenal! What do you do with a high level Hellbringer? My ult is pretty sweet to screw everyone up in a team fight and help my team get the extra couple seconds they need, but the DoT is kinda worthless at that level, especially with its CD. Also, the slow is decent, but again, the CD makes it pretty useless in team fights. And then the 3rd skill where I can get healed for everyone else's misery .. well, that's awesome, but again, it doesn't do a bunch of damage. Am I just gimpy late game, or do I need to get different items or ....? What?
  4. I remember the first time I saw "-1 INT!" I was like, "Whoa, that's a bug they need to fix."
  5. I hate to say this, but I actually enjoy playing the tree. I can't do much killing (and that's what everyone likes to do), but I enjoy running my ass all over the map laying down eyes and then camo'ing other players. Also, working up to a resto stone and doing the double root in a team fight is fantastic. Especially seeing as how I'm not much threat most of the game, so no one targets me early (and I don't blame them). Abyssal skull is also nice on this guy (again, because I'm usually the last to go, even when I run in the middle of the fight and throw down root).
  6. I'm usually ok with the "Agree to disagree" standpoint on things, but I don't understand the push against a change like this. If none of you had ever played DotA or ever played beta in HoN, and then the game came out the way Zircon is proposing it, it would probably be JUST FINE. I remember when the original DotA classic came out. I played it from v1.6 on. Things NEVER stayed the same from week to week or month to month. They were constantly tweaking the game to make it a little fuller, a little better. Now you're going to tell me, "But you don't need to tweak something that is already working fine." But I say, is it really perfect, or is it just what you are used to playing and like the way it plays and don't want to adapt and adjust? This is Heroes of Newerth, not DotA All-Stars 2 Turbo Tournament Edition. Again, the skill is not just something that is useless, it is something that is being used not for its own strength, but because it activates another skill. ... THAT'S RETARDED
  7. Weaknesses are one thing. But having skills that don't matter is another. It's not about making these heroes that much better than the other ones, but it's about making all the skills useful and balancing out a character so it's not one-dimensional.
  8. Yay! I keep my fingers for another day!
  9. I think it's pretty cool that they're taking what is well known in the community and using it to their advantage. I'm speaking here specifically about the banner ad that said "Want to Pre-purchase? TOO BAD IT'S ME BLACKSMITH!" Or something to that effect.
  10. I thought at first he meant level 4 ultimate, but then I realized it only goes to level 3.
  11. Bah Zirc, you beat me back to your thread! Now I look like a lame-o buttkisser. Oh well, better your butt than some others.
  12. Here's what I would like to see (I don't ask for much): I want to see more games where people pick a hero based on the side they are on. This AP stuff is really lame. I want to see some teams start having to put their heads together based on the abilities of just one side or the other instead of just having a huge pool of "nukers" or "we need melee" etc.
  13. I don't remember the last time I got to autoattack for 2 minutes before I started getting harassed by the opposing hero. And I guess it's not so much the last-hit as it is the fact that I see these heroes that just run back and forth all day behind the creeps .. just click click click click click click click click click click *slice* money click click click click click click click click click click click click *slice* deny. They don't ever attack something otherwise because if they do then they might not be ready to swing on the very last hit for something. Sure, it's a strategy, but it just ... well, look at it this way. You're a big bulky STR hero, you come in, beat the crap out of creeps and try to pave the way to victory, while the other guy is just poking stuff at the last second for money and not doing anything else. And then, just because he was standing around for 6 levels of *poke poke poke* and *run run run run run*, now he has a bunch of money and is nuking the crap out of you. Again, I understand that's the mechanics of the game, but in a game involving beat down and conflict, it just seems gay.
  14. I like what you're trying to get at, but as a long long time DotA player, I have to be reverant to what the original creators made. I mean, I understand that S2 has a full paid staff of people working on this game, but DotA went through WAY more revisions than I expect this game to ever see before it peters out (yes, I used peters). But I have to admit that I really don't like last-hit and denying very much either. That was a limitation of the game engine though, and not the idea of the map creators. Also, I have quite a few things to talk about in this one now that I've been able to play some more. I agree with the sentiment that Ophelia is crap. I don't know what this person was doing that totally owned whoever while using Ophelia, but I know that by the end game that I was using her, I just stood around and hit "R" for a group heal and then stood around and/or died for 120 seconds. Even if you go and round up two of the biggest baddest critters as your pets, by the end game, they just take part in the huge onslaught known as "AOE Ulti" and die in a few moments. As far as the gain for ganking, this is also something I agree with zirc on. (zirc on, lol). I know that most times if a fight breaks out and I'm just standing in the vicinity later in the game (level 10+) I'm always expecting a level when someone on the other team dies. The amount of XP shouldn't level up that much just because you are killing "monsters" that are that high level. I don't care as much about the gold, but the amount of XP for hero kills, ESPECIALLY late game is ridiculous. OK, I guess I'm done here. I was going to complain about how easy ganking is because of the river going all the way from corner to corner and how many places there are that you can weave through the forest areas and how none of this was in the CLASSIC DOTA, but I guess since I've just typed all this anyway, I'm done.
  15. I am going to continue to whine about this. Non-noobs in noob games. By the time we conceded this last game, the Magebane was double our team's level, and would regularly be able to kill 3-4 of us in every team fight. Yeeeeah, nice work getting your rocks off on new players.
  16. OK, so doing in-house with the OCR crew definitely kicks the crap out of playing pubs. It was way more enjoyable. Maybe also because I finally got my home PC running and it's not laggy as crap like my laptop. Altogether, A+++++ would play again.
  17. I tried and tried to come up with a pun involving sexual innuendo and HoN heroes and/or game mechanics, and I came up zilch. I am officially old and married.
  18. Man. You go on your honeymoon for a week and there are 20 new HoN pages in the forum.
  19. I gotta admit, I've never played the puppet master and he kinda looks boring, but I have seen him own some folks as a disabler. He's craptastic for having to level up, but if you can keep from getting owned early on, you can just ride the pushes and really give the enemy heroes some grief.
  20. Hey, thanks for the guild invite the other day Tensei, and I wanted to play with you guys, but I was supposed to be working on wedding stuff anyway and just waiting for my fiancee to get back with some of the odds and ends. Otherwise I would have spent all afternoon on it.
  21. I'm still quite gay at this game.
  22. Is Bahamut the same as Behemoth? And I agree about how the levels get out of hand really quickly. I feel like a level cap of 15 would be useful to keep games from getting ridiculously lopsided. That way the losing team has a chance to catch up because the cap isn't so ridiculously far above them, but the team that is winning at the time still gets the benefits of the gold and items that they are able to procure from all the player kills. And if you brought the cap down, then you could just cut out all of the +attribute level ups and leave the skills alone. I do like the ability to buy back in. (Which might have been in DOTA All-stars, but wasn't in the original DOTA). I don't usually do it, but it's nice to have something like that to fall back on in a real nasty push. Oh, and who else has already turned off the announcer's voice? I don't really need to die a lot and then have it rubbed in my face. HERO OF NEWERTH!!!! SAVAGE SICK!!! UUUUUUUUUUUUUULTIMATE HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERO!
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