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  1. England v USA is where its at: We are gonna beat you fuckin Yanks But as for the World Cup winner? Apart from England, I'm gonna probably root for Spain or Argentina to win. Brazil's World Cup squad looks very interesting too though. Oh and who saw the Homer Simpson cameo after meeting Cristiano Ronal'Doh? I weren't expecting that for sure. The Kobe Bryant cameo was another one too. Whoops links here:
  2. Preordered my copy. Will be released in Europe on Friday. Can't wait! Quick q: What with all of North America looking down on us European gamers right about now, I just wanted to know what Capcom meant by the 'bonus' that Street Fighter IV players will get after upgrading to the current version. Unless I missed something, any idea what that was?
  3. What with the age of social networking that is upon us, I thought I'd ask the community what interesting contacts in the gaming industry are worth following on Twitter? I am currently following the likes of David Jaffe and David Perry but wondered if there were any others I may have overlooked.
  4. If you are looking for notable hip hop producers for inspiration, I would recommend doing a Google search for DJ Premier and Madlib. I would also acknowledge DJ Shadow and UNKLE (hip-hop influenced) as notable producers too.
  5. Unless I have missed something, what time is said tournament going to take place? It better be open to non North Americans too. If timing is suitable for me, then I will register my interest.
  6. I have! At my local Gamestation store in London, I heard Jared Hudson's Metal Gear May Cry Remix on what looked sounded liek a CD-R with the usual R&B / Hip Hop Pop. Had goosebumps while listening to it, so powerful! Then those goosebumps turned into cringebumps when the next track was by Soulja Boi Tellem.
  7. Ah thank you Nonsensicalaxis! In fact you do not seem to be nonsensical at all Any more potential interest? Come on OCR peeps. Spread the love to the lurkers for once I am calling on mountains as high as Zircon lol.
  8. Hi everyone. Not sure if this is the right place to post so do forgive me if I have done so: I have been a long time lurker of OCR ever since I was given a CD-R of some remixes by a friend and instantly fell in love with Rayza's Guile Theme remix. I'm probably not very well known (I'd be surprised if someone did know me though!) but I felt this would be something of interest to some (if not many). I am currently promoting my new flash gaming portal specialising in free online car games - www.MyCarGames.co.uk At the moment there is a 'little bit of work' to do on the site, but content wise, there are hundreds of car games ranging from driving, parking and even the odd drive by shooting games! We are adding a game a day so do feel free to check back often as our gaming library is increasing every day. To give it as much exposure as possible, every week we offer a gaming related freebie, and this week I am giving one lucky visitor a chance to win a free copy of Wii Sports Resort (PAL version). Simply register to our weekly newsletter via www.MyCarGames.co.uk by Thursday 13th August and we will email the winner on that day! Entries are open to all territories! Good luck and please help a long time lurker by playing at least 1 game on the website. Please note that in future, we will offer PS3 / Xbox 360 related goodies too so that my North American bretheren will not be left out
  9. Yeah I was impressed with the overall picture too. Combat system may be repetitive though, reminds me of Assassins Creed. Lets just wait for independent play testing of the final game and maybe you guys can list its strengths and faults.
  10. Yes http://dl.qj.net/Super-Nintendo-SNES-Emulators-PSP-/catid/135
  11. Yes there is! Just finished playing it right now. Loving the championship mode. I do think that the new replay mode should be applicable to any match and then users can vote on a wide range of bloopers, n00bness and epic battles. There are some battles where I wished I could have saved a replay of it. Ah well.
  12. Don't know nothin about Creed but I liked Bizkit's Chocolate Starfish album. That was an album that made me diversify away from my usual bouts of Hip-Hop, Electronica and Drum n Bass lol. Slightly off-topic but what other 'diversifications' can anyone recommend me? Starting to get into that mellow trip-hop shit too. DJ Shadow, Cut Chemist, UNKLE w00t w00t... Oh and Portishead too..
  13. Ah well observed, you got me there pal. I should have written 'elements' instead of 'minimal'. It was a late night at the time I was writing this lol. Whatever the case, good album. Period.
  14. Yes yes just listened to it the other day and it really is an amazing album. Like one poster said earlier, it's no Fat of the Land, but it really does revive the Prodigy back to their roots with up to date, slick production with minimal old skool 90s techno thrown in for good measure. My standout track was Colours but that's just me. Currently number 1 album in the UK charts too. Represent...
  15. I would have to say Sephfire/SGX's collab of 'No Such Thing as the Promised Land'. I would call that a fitting fight music between two combatants though the previous poster's suggestion is appropriate as well if you are after a mellow instrumental rather than something more upbeat like this. http://ocremix.dreamhosters.com/songs/ff7/MP3/1-03%20sephfire,%20sgx%20-%20No%20Such%20Thing%20As%20the%20Promised%20Land%20(Mako%20Reactor).mp3
  16. Wow really? Hmm... interesting indeed.
  17. Actually I think they already did when it came out in US territories. Just not in the EU PS Store. @ Jayc4life, yeah it is quite frankly a shambles. Whoever is to blame, has taken the biscuit. Oh well, I guess the earlier release of Killzone 2 as well as its availablity of the demo makes up for it. I cannot wait for this...
  18. Hope you find the culprit Malcos. By the way, pardon my absent mind but what did Prots 'do'?
  19. Uh you fucking fucks, it does not even say the word Islam. Just some other garbled crap...
  20. Its actually already available on the Interwebs for download... use common sense to find it though...
  21. How old does that make you Shariq? Btw happy belated birthday from one Muslim brother to another...
  22. Assassins Creed... Actually fuck that, that was an amazing game...
  23. Hey Gravei, I too enjoy a spot of dubstep which is pleasing to the ear. As far as remixes are concerned here, I haven't come across anything too concrete in terms of dubstep. But there is one track on the Voices of the Lifestream album which has a hint of dubstep, though some would argue that it is not. Track 3- No Such Thing As The Promised Land by Sephfire and SGX sounds very dark, gritty and has a dubstep feel to it. Check it out if you haven't already. http://ff7.ocremix.org/tracks/
  24. lol at my n00bness.. why didn't I think of embedding. *disappears in shame*
  25. http://www.maxconsole.net/?mode=news&newsid=35075 This guy is off the scale when it comes to live soundtracks lol.
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