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  1. Yeah, it is pretty amazing how old this sounds now. When I did it, it sounded pretty fresh to me. Maybe I will get around to it one day. By the way, I now do music under the name Rush Coil.
  2. Thank you! I was MrNemo here on OC Remix before I was Rush Coil. Please tell others if you like it.
  3. Deadhex, did you do a remix? Did anyone else? I'd love to hear them and it is safe now that the submission deadline is up.
  4. I'm entering the competition. I basically did a video game remix. Jeez... I wonder how many people are entering. I wonder if the band will even listen to 5% of them... I know the email address for submissions is a marketing company, so I assume someone is weeding out the crap and the joke entries.
  5. Thanks guys - yeah, it was removed from the last level slot for the same reasons you mentioned. And yeah, it is for a casual style "click the mouse!" kind of game, not very pressing or dramatic, more puzzle ish.
  6. Hello, I haven't been on OCREMIX in FOREVER. I OC remixed Nightmare King's Dream, from Little Nemo the Dream Master. I have a link here to a song I am working on for the last level of a new game. Any criticism would be welcome, as my ears are toast. The last bit is pretty much crap until I can replace it, but I have some ideas for the next transition that should sound cool. I just need some help with ideas for this one from you guys, like the mix, sounds, anything. Thank you so much! http://www.shanebarber.com/lastlevel.mp3 Mr. Nemo
  7. This is an excellent song. There are some really subtle treats in here, like the bass lines he created. Wonderful job.
  8. Very original take on the Zelda theme. I LOVE the beginning of the song, very ethereal. The electric guitar and the war drums sound kind of like something from a Jerry Bruckheimer film, which I thought was cheesy sounding for a minute, but after listening, it seemed to work well enough. Cool tune, indeed.
  9. I like this tune, the drum work is nice, and the bass sample really drives the tune. The arabic part with the samples was cool, as was the very convincing flute solo. The breakdown is sweet too. Good job.
  10. Some of the dissonant tone placement choices in the first part of the track sound a bit ear-bending, but the second part of the track has a lot of soul. I also think the description of the track is a bit misleading because I thought I would hear some real slap bass, but the bass is well sequenced, as is the whole song. The flute solo near the end is pretty cool, and well programmed. Pretty cool, love the wah guitar too.
  11. Very great remix. Really great ideas, but the distorted sound of the mix sounds more like a digital track peaking out than a song with purposely distorted drums. Otherwise, I think it is awesome, and I seem to be the only one who thinks the track sounds like digital distortion rather than overdrive distortion, but who am I to judge what form of purposely "distorting" a piece of music sounds better, right?
  12. I originally found this listed as created by "Mr. Bungle." I am happy that the original remixers have credit. In my opinion, this is a million times better than the "groin" song. I would much rather listen to this. If there has to be a Zelda parody song, this is definitely the one to chose. I love it!
  13. There is something about the sound choice, as well as the repetition, that just seems to work well. The pad-like bass and the bottom end in general makes the song sound menacing. Pretty cool stuff. I can't say it is repetitive. There is some dissonance that helps the buildup at the end that I really enjoyed.
  14. At this point, enough has been said about this song, good and bad. The song may have a place in OC Remix history, but I can't see why so many find it so amusing. I did find one part funny- right after he says Zelda the first time, and this scream of horror is heard in the background. I would usually say the rest is pretty forgettable, but unfortunately, due to the fact that I listened to it about 40 times trying to "get it," I will never forget the sound of my groin... I mean his groin. Err... the song. Dammit, you people are right, it is unforgettable.
  15. This guy is my favorite OC Remixer. I've decided, nothing can touch this guy's skills. I just don't know what else to say, I can't even touch this stuff, and I've been doing it my whole life. Just QUALITY. My new role model.
  16. This, I think, is the best song I've heard on OC Remix so far. The professionalism displayed, the talent, the attention to every detail, every effect, every unsuspected sweep, jingle bell, everything... I am just amazed by this effort. I applaud anyone who spends this much time perfecting a song; I hope to one day approach this caliber of arrangement and sequencing. Serious ear candy.
  17. Super cool, ultra-chill mix. The howling, man, that just put me over the top! Super cool whistle lead around 2:00. You can listen to this one over and over. I can't believe it- I am totally fooled, I can't tell if those drums are real or not! Strings, everything, so tastefully done, major kudos to the remixer.
  18. Pretty cool tune. DJ Pretzel wrapped most thoughts up in the description. The out of tune guitar is only annoying because it is so pronounced, and while the tune is giant and dramatic (sounds perfectly in tune in the later sections), the thin guitar almost makes it sound like a parody of a Bruckheimer film. Regardless, you can tell both artists are incredibly talented and that a lot of work went into this tune. I think it deserves high marks for effort.
  19. Terrific work. I can't believe there was even a question between the judges. How could anyone have done it better? The haunting theme just keeps at you, man it is very Thomas Newmanish. Just a great remix. Great mix, you can tell there is a lot of automated mixing involved here, as the strings and plucks (bells?) vary in dynamics quite a bit. A+ job all the way.
  20. You can tell this remixer is very talented. There is something that takes away from the mix, I'm not sure what it is, almost like the heavy strings are just mixed too high and take away from the melody. Way too short, but a good little tune anyway. Again, the remixer is obviously talented, and I'm sure he could have taken this much further.
  21. I can't believe there are so few reviews here. This is a SoM fan's dream come true. What an excellent, competent, charming remix. The drums are just awesome; I love it when they trail off to the left speaker in the middle during the breakdown. GREAT bassline there near the end (even though parts of it for some reason sound about a half step off). Just a great tune.
  22. Man, I just can't believe the quality of this tune. The remixer has done an excellent job using the full range of the spectrum- I love the haunting pads, and the low drops that sneak up here and there. Just an overall great tune.
  23. I love the ominus ambient intro. So warm. The drum programming is cool, he put some work into it. I just love the whole song, so airy and fresh. I keep listening to it loop over and over. This work stands on its own. I love it because there is no "cheese" in the song. It is serious, and the artist is mature.
  24. This is one hell of a remix. One of the best symphonic mixes I've heard on OC Remix to be honest. The arrangement is just stellar. I am partial to movie scores and this definitely delivers. The mix and arrangement is so well done that my brain basically accepts the strings as the real thing. The timpani sounds really sweet. Quality, man, this is quality work.
  25. Pretty cool stuff. Nice, laid back, just a good mix. I loved the sound effects near the beginning and end. So short though =\
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