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  1. If what you bought on Amazon was from a 3rd party seller that might explain the long ship time.
  2. Added a silly "resolution" which is to cosplay Tibbers with someone as Annie to go with me.
  3. Continue from last year and adding a few more. 1. Learn guitar so I can play songs I like 1b. Sing and play a song I like, record it, and post it on the internet 2. Learn coding to a point I can code things on my own without following directions/hints 3. Learn FL Studio so I can...eventually remix? 4. Learn music theory so I can write all these musical ideas in my head onto paper 5. Continue exercising 6. Eat healthier 7. Work on/continue being more open and moderate with my emotions, e.g. not getting frustrated at video games, being supportive of friends and even strangers 8. Continue writing in my journal every day 9. Cosplay Tibbers with someone else being Annie
  4. It's kind of a mix of all three. First priority is to lose my stomach fat (a lot of my body fat is located there). At the same time I wanted to start building my endurance and putting on a bit more muscle, especially for the upper body. Thanks for the advice! It's been really helpful
  5. Made some strides in programming, guitar, and production; I doubt they count as significant though.
  6. Alright I've been doing sets of push-ups, sit-ups, and then body-weight squats. I'm getting bored of the sit-ups and body-weight squats. The sit-ups because of the concerns/preferences you guys have posted previously and the fact that I'm probably still doing them wrong and will end up hurting my back somehow. The body-weight squats because they're, well, boring. To review my situation, I don't have cash for a gym membership and I'm much more easily motivated to work out at home since it's "more time efficient" in my mind. Stupid, I know, but that's how I am for now. What do you guys recommend that I add to my work out? I can probably afford a pair or two of free weights, some cables, and/or a pull-up bar. Though I'm not sure I want to install a pull-up bar in my house (not gonna lie, I'm at the parents' place to save on rent and I don't think they would want me to install one).
  7. Yeah I've picked through his site for a bit. The drum kit soundfonts don't seem to have enough "oomph" that I'm looking for. I've been looking at http://soundfonts.homemusician.net/ for some alternatives. (edit: found one!)
  8. Happy birthday, Lukas! Keep on jammin'!
  9. It's live now! (don't have a link since I'm on my phone and not watching) edit: you can search OCR talkback in YouTube and it should give you the live link.
  10. I know but my fam is going out to eat soon and I am obligated to go I'll catch the recording later tonight. Have fun guys! EDIT: Oh I guess I'll think of a question and tweet it before I go. =)
  11. Man every Friday I keep missing the show. =(
  12. Haha great picture! I like how Link's arms are in the perfect position.
  13. I wonder if she realized she was playing against OCR peeps.
  14. No offense taken! I'd be jelly too
  15. Oh yeah it was Steve at bot! Well you got some good grabs in the game you really did play Blitz! And you saved my butt with Riven stun more than once for sure.
  16. I'm trying to scrounge up all the free tools I can to take a shot at this but it's almost like good and free don't go together.
  17. RIP One for All. Hope you have a GA we don't know about (yes I just said that). In other news, I played a game with zircon, BardicKnowledge, and DragonAvenger. Apparently an opponent was streaming the game. My friend messaged me and told me his friend said "wtf Jeff just ran out of the bush at this team on a stream I'm watching" We were getting our teeth kicked in except for zircon at bot. Eventually we came back and won after a grueling 58 minutes! Felt pretty good that we can show the viewers of some random streamer who's boss. EDIT: I should add that everyone on the team played really well (except maybe probably me) and stuck with it and I'm proud of them. zircon positioned himself well as ADC and Deia got some key grabs (edit #2 stuns, not grabs). Bardic was able to come back as Kat and dish out truckloads of damage, which is hard for a Kat who got behind early game to do!
  18. No problem, man! I've been trying to review more remixes to let artists know I like their stuff and it looks like it's working! :) 3rd Strike is still my favorite Street Fighter and your song rocks!

  19. I think both you and Palpable are right in your own ways. Not everyone is going to give out their business card just for exchanging contact info. The same goes for making a sale. Hell, sometimes people will hand them out trying to both at the same time!
  20. Oh well in that case you can count me in! Wait I won't even be there.
  21. kitty


    Looks fun, though I'm having a hard time figuring out what its emphasis (like how Terraria has more combat/loot than Minecraft) is at a glance. It looks like you can do a lot of things.
  22. I basically don't know anything about nutrition. I've kept up some vegetarian/vegan habits I picked up last year from my ex but I can't say that those habits are for sure the things that have been helping me, if at all. On the flip side of that though my health is probably better now than it has been in the past. I think I eat less greasy foods and I cut way back on processed stuff. Coupled with the small amount of exercise I think I'm on the right track, but again don't know for sure. I'm basically under the impression that a lot of studies in nutrition often seemingly contradict each other because their focus is different or their controls and variables are different as well so confounding factors are an issue. But that's just an impression, since I've never read any nutrition studies.
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