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  1. Hey there, my favorite Twitch streamer (www.twitch.tv/bakihanma20) was streaming gameplay of Secret of Mana 2 the other day, when he suddenly broke into a spontaneous freestyle rap, over the in-game music, while playing the game. It was a really cool, unique moment! Warning: Lots of N-Bombs, F-Bombs, and other offensive language in this video. It's mostly harmless, but some people may get offended. Anyways, enjoy!
  2. hey guys whats up ? here a another remix track from the game need for speed III.. sirius 909 by rom di prisco enjoy my synsthesics remix..
  3. I've been working on video game covers and arrangements for the past couple years. I mainly focus on orchestrations, but I like to experiment with all sorts of styles. After about a year of working on and off, I've finally finished my first major project: an album of arrangements for the game Kirby & the Amazing Mirror! While it is by no means perfect, I'm proud of it. That said, I would love some constructive criticism and feedback to help me for future projects. Things worth noting: -I use FL Studio and Kontakt 5, and the main audio library I use is the Kontakt Factory Librar
  4. Hi, It's been years since my last login to the site and I just recently reset my password. I miss hanging out in this place and thought, maybe I could share a remix me and my girlfriend have created. We don't have the best gear, but we've had fun making this one and Persona 5 has one of the best, if not the best game soundtrack for the past few years. Enjoy!
  5. Mega Man VI Dr Wilys theme cover https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tE4w-4jyS8w
  6. I've often thought about what Sky Sanctuary would sound like if it were made for a fighting game. So I went ahead and made a remix of it. Feedback is always welcome. Original + Generations:
  7. I had a lot of fun making this. I love this theme to death. Feedback is always welcome. Original:
  8. I exclusively uploaded this remix to YouTube. A lot of my friends really like it, so I figured why not share it here? Feedback is always welcome. Original (because I forgot to include it):
  9. Hey guys, I know this remix doesn't really deviate far enough from the original material to be a substantial remix, but it's my first stab at remixing so I just wanted some feedback on which components I should be mindful of in the future. Thanks a lot.
  10. Under Dreamstruction (Under Construction Remix) I've taken the Happy Mood theme for Under Construction from the game NiGHTS into Dreams, and remixed it in my own way. Any feedback is appreciated as always. Original:
  11. One of my favourite games of all time with an awesome soundtrack. My brother recorded some funny footage to go with it. 6 Sonics on a killing spree... I may do more of this soundtrack in the future in different styles. Let me know what you think of it, thanks!
  12. So when I heard the Super Mario Odyssey theme "Jump In, Super Star!" I was like whaaat! Its Big Band Jazz! So knowing me I had to add some vocals to it. I decided to add my own adlibs but do it in the style of a quartet. The female voice is in the original song but all the male voice are mine. Enjoy!
  13. hey guys i started my new sideproject last year and here is a epic one by saki kaskas this runs on Mass Effect 2 Afterlife and Need For Speed !! i'm so flashed when i heard this.. here my remix of it hope you like it
  14. Hey guys, i am kinda new to this site, but my name is KaiserBeats, an arranger and remixer from youtube and soundcloud, and I am hoping to get my word out into the popular arranger site, OcRemix!, Anyways, I wanted to share some of my arrangements here as way to see what you guys think about them and if they are OCRemix Potential, or perhaps you can give me some advice on these arrangements and finally a youtube link because this remix of mine has gotten to be quite the trend what do you guys think? Pretty neat eh?
  15. Hello Guys, posting my first real piece of work that I feel like I can truly be happy with game-music wise, it's a remaster of the 4th level theme from Metal Slug 3, as in it stays more or less with the original source material, however all of the original instruments were redone with either higher-quality samplers or recorded with real guitars and bass. The track itself is looped once but it does have a definite ending piece worked in, as this song was basically a testing ground for me to really get my mix and mastering workflow just right, I have much more detailed remixes planned for the fu
  16. I've had this around for quite awhile, but considering the amount of kirby remixes around, I was abit heistant to post it here since it's an older work that I recently re-did the mix and master for, but I decided "screw it", and whelp here goes nothing.
  17. ...Streets of Joy. In the Streets of Joy, there are no crimes to solve. No punks to beat. Nothing! Just... plain boring... peace... Move along. https://soundcloud.com/txai/streets-of-joy
  18. Hello! This is my first post here, I've just recently registered. I'm here to get some general feedback on my remix, I'll not submit it to OC ReMix. I'm an amateur musician (basically a hobbyist), but I really enjoy making these remixes, it's tons of fun! My remix (compressed YouTube video): Original produced audio file of my remix: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bsq5tydm4ssc75o/Ruthless Child - Wicked Child [NES Castlevania] Remix by Rodrigo M. Cucick.wav?dl=0 Original song: I hope you like it! Rodrigo M. Cucick.
  19. Just found this site, it's nice to see somewhere dedicated to this kind of thing. Here is my remix of Ryu's SFII Theme, I'm looking for feedback. Thanks People
  20. Hello and greetings! As you see, i'm new here. I like Classic Doom series very much and decided to do own music. I'm not a musican, create tracks from time to time in FL Studio, because it's my hobby. But wanna now, what kind of fault i do. What i can do better? "Endgame" Isn't my first remix, but i think, is better than others. Thanks for all feedback Soundcloud version: https://soundcloud.com/mega-anukis/doom2-endgame-derailed-train-remix YouTube version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMu_diQM128 Oryginal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jf3UlZCBhOE
  21. So SEGA released the song for Park Avenue, one of the stages in the upcoming game Sonic Forces, so you know I had to add my lyrics to it!! Let me know what you think. I really like it.
  22. Original N64 Mix by Corey N64-CR - PR Remix Essentially a remix of a remix, Both of the Trophy theme that plays in Melee. Great times I tells ya.
  23. First-time post here, but I've been ghosting about for years ever since sequencing midis & entering composition contests over at VGMusic (as 'Spudge' if you've got a long memory!) I've just finished (I hope!) an orchestral arrangement of Phoenix Wright's Objection! theme from Spirit of Justice. I've tried to loosely ape Joe Hisaishi's style from his Studio Ghibli scores, closest to the theme from Howl's Moving Castle, but sadly nowhere near as jazzy! I'd love your thoughts on the arrangement and instrumentation; I was hugely limited by the native sounds in Logic Pro X, so strings
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