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  1. I have long loved the puzzle game Columns and subsequent releases in the series. A Columns game with some of the best music in the series is certainly Columns 3 on the Genesis/Mega Drive. The song Columns Dive is a fan favorite and it is a favorite of mine as well. The following is the source: Here is my remix of the source: I have complete this remix. The reason for asking for feedback is so that future remixes can continue to improve. I also want to know if you think that this is of a quality high enough to submit to OCRemix. Thanks.
  2. Un poco de lo que se pudo hacer con este temazo!. Que les parece? Ruler Of The Dark (004's Remix) MP3 : https://soundcloud.com/kof_neostation/ruler-of-the-dark-004s-remix Para mas material, suscribete y sigueme! Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/KOFNeostation Youtube : https:/youtube.com/c/KOFNeoStation Twitter : https://twitter.com/KOF_NeoStation
  3. I've released two tracks recently and I thought I'd share them. This one is sort of a "what if" as in what if Legacy of the Wizard was released on the Turbografx CD. It has a few Ryo Yonemitsu sounding elements. This is a really old WIP mix from 2010 that I recently revisited and gave a new synth coat. It's a bit more synth-ambient than what I usually do.
  4. My goal in creating this arrangement was to produce something soft in texture, and moderately more upbeat than the source material. I incorporated wah wah guitar, a simpler drum pattern, finger style bass, a koto, and a tremolo synth. The end result is something faithful to the motifs of the original composition, but divergent from its more aggressive aspects (e.g. the sub bass, and layered drum pattern). For those of you that are curious, the song title, "hayai kaze," means "swift wind" in Japanese. When I think of a ninja running through the night, I think of the movement of a swift wind, so
  5. Sonic the Hedgehog was the last movie I saw in theaters before the pandemic, so I've been on a whole SEGA nostalgia kick with my remixes. Flying Battery Zone is one of those compositions that ably demonstrates what the Sega Genesis sound chip can accomplish in the hands of a master composer, so I welcomed the opportunity to put my own spin (no pun intended) on the piece. The bass line is bananas! I don't feel that I got the violins right, but after five hours of arranging this track, I had to draw a line and upload it, otherwise I'd never be done, and no one would get to hear the music lol. I
  6. In celebration of the forthcoming release of Final Fantasy VII Remake, I have created a remix of the FFVII Victory Fanfare. My remix is defined by the use of distorted guitar to change the texture of the soundscape. I wanted my version of the fanfare to have a gritty tone, symbolic of the gritty nature of actual combat. Victory never comes easily, so even if you emerge as the winner of a battle, there is a lingering tenseness. It is my hope that my take on the victory fanfare will musically reflect that sensation. I may submit this work to the judges, even though it does not meet the two minut
  7. Metal version of Bombing mission. All kinds of feedback is allways welcome
  8. Hey all, So in light of the recent Sonic Movie, and also considering it’s been a while since I’ve created a Sonic track, I’ve just released a brand new track based again on Sonic 3 and Knuckles, but this time, heavily based on Angel Island Zone Act 2, modeled from the perspective of an Angel Island Resident. It’s slightly dark, but still a very fun listen. YouTube aside, the song is also available now on Spotify YouTube Music Amazon Music and more, along with instrumental and alternate mix available through BandCamp. ENJOY!
  9. Hey all, I recently completed this rather different take on the popular K.K Cruisin' track from the Animal Crossing series. I decided to model my rendition after the lesser known instrumental "aircheck" version, which has more of a instrumental hip-hope vibe to it. I thought it would be interesting to combine elements of both versions and I think it turned out pretty interesting. The aircheck version has a moodier opening that I thought would be a nice change of pace to include, rather than the more well-known opening of the original. I also incorporated elements that are not present in the "a
  10. Here's a piece I've been looking to do an orchestral remix of for a while. Please enjoy! Feel free to give any feedback.
  11. Hello lovely people! This is my first remix/cover/tribute/mashup/thing that I'm posting on the forums. It's a classic rock remix of "Terra's Theme" from Final Fantasy 6, done in the style of "Time" by Pink Floyd. If you like it, you can download the track for free from my Soundcloud. Cheers!
  12. Hi Everybody! This is an arrangement for full Orchestra of the Ending music from Super Mario Bros and Super Mario Bros 2 (original; Lost Levels in the west), entitled "The Mushroom Kingdom National Anthem". I always felt this music had a solemn and regal air to it, and would be a fantastic candidate for the National Anthem if the Mushroom Kingdom ever had one! Hope you agree Disclaimer: Original music is by Koji Kondo, video content is in-game footage and all artwork property of their original creators.
  13. https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/917723 I used RYM2612, RYMCast and Plogue's chipsounds in Mixcraft 8 Pro Studio.
  14. Remake Heaven Hello people of ocremix, In this particular Topic I'm going to be posting music that's what this forum is all about: remake/remixes/variations from old nostalgic game music! I started some while ago and to my surprise, people enjoyed the content, so I kept doing it more regularly and now at my Youtube channel I publish a whole new remake Every Monday! This is the updated playlist Take a look and listen! If you happen to like the remake, share, like, comment or even subscribe to my channel to hear more! I'll be posting all new videos here
  15. Dee Jay is my favorite character from the street fighter series, and i have always loved his theme song. I was going for a more latin, Carlos Santana kind of version of his song. Would like some input on my version of it.
  16. This is not something I plan on submitting or anything, but it does qualify for this forum section, being a game remix. Newgrounds Listen Page I have no issue with someone taking this concept and running it through with real guitar work. But please let me know if you do!
  17. hey, after my kraid's lair remix I thought about another metroid remix with themes: secret area & ridley's lair enjoy
  18. A simple renaissance style remake of the Castle Town/Hyrule Market theme from The Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time. Based on the lutes and recorders, but I added a little liberty with some background strings and modern woodwinds. When I hear this melody, I picture the town and it's fountain; adventure and exploration. If my remake makes you want to run up next to the market musicians and start dancing I've done my job. Koji Kondo made a seriously catchy tune with this one. Hope my version captured some of that magic.
  19. The first remix I ever did was an Ice Cap Zone Remix from a few years ago. It wasn’t very good, haha. Hopefully I’ve improved, so here is a new one I recently did. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GL6EeJ1QhYA Feedback welcome as always.
  20. A simple remake of one of the most beautiful themes in gaming. Pretty true to the original with a few gentle touches. I used 'Enter Zelda' as the intro and 'Ocarina of Time' as the outro, since I plan on making the credits theme soon. Hope you enjoy it!
  21. This piece is a orchestrated montage of some of my favorite Dragon Quest music. I did not have any midi file for this nor did I have sheet music. It falls somewhere between inspiration and remix. Closer to inspiration. Was done on Cubase with Virtual Instruments.
  22. Hey all! On 2018 I published an album called The March of the Machines. It's a robot themed concept album consisting of 10 NES & SNES title songs. On 2020 I will be releasing new Sinfinian stuff and I would appreciate any constructive feedback / criticism on the previous release. Thank you and happy holidays! -M / Sinfinian Here's the links for the album: Track listings: 01. The Trail Of Tears (Castlevania II: Simon's Quest - Bloody Tears) 02. The Essence Of Alloy (Mega Man II - Metal Man) 03. Awake In The Dark (Zelda: A Link To The Past - Dark World)
  23. Hey guys! So this is my first time posting on OCRemix, a friend of mine suggested I check out your robust and diverse community and share my track here as well. I just uploaded the final track on Soundcloud to be released next week, so I'll be sharing the private link here for all you lovely people to check out You can check it out here!
  24. https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/897845 I used a volume envelope on the PSG. It's not a Game Boy >:(
  25. I'm putting this here because I don't think it really belongs in Poast Your Original Music. Not long ago, I purchased RYM2612 (developed by Inphonik), and I had a lot of fun with it. This is one of the things I did with it. https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/900571 For the PSG (square waves), I used Plogue's chipsounds plugin. It is the best you're ever going to find if you want sick pitch bending capability. The toms, kick and snare drums are from TMKD, crushed with RYM2612. The crash cymbal is from Trisamples 808 Trapstep Sample Pack Vol. 2. Any other "percussion" you hea
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