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  1. I'm putting this here because I don't think it really belongs in Poast Your Original Music. Not long ago, I purchased RYM2612 (developed by Inphonik), and I had a lot of fun with it. This is one of the things I did with it. For the PSG (square waves), I used Plogue's chipsounds plugin. It is the best you're ever going to find if you want sick pitch bending capability. The toms, kick and snare drums are from TMKD, crushed with RYM2612. The crash cymbal is from Trisamples 808 Trapstep Sample Pack Vol. 2. Any other "percussion" you hear is the PSG noise channel. And yes, it has the ladder effect going on, if you couldn't tell.
  2. Hi Everybody! This is an arrangement for String Quartet of the Wii Shop Theme from the Nintendo Wii. I had the idea of arranging this piece for this medium after hearing the amazing Triforce Quartet perform their own version. After feeling that the melody and sound palate would be very suitable for that type of musical medium. The intimate nature of the Shopping music was much more suitable, I felt, for a smaller group than a larger one, and I was not disappointed one bit with the resulting piece! Disclaimer: Original music is by Kazumi Totaka, Images are original artwork and in-game screenshots.
  3. Hey all! On 2018 I published an album called The March of the Machines. It's a robot themed concept album consisting of 10 NES & SNES title songs. On 2020 I will be releasing new Sinfinian stuff and I would appreciate any constructive feedback / criticism on the previous release. Thank you and happy holidays! -M / Sinfinian Here's the links for the album: Track listings: 01. The Trail Of Tears (Castlevania II: Simon's Quest - Bloody Tears) 02. The Essence Of Alloy (Mega Man II - Metal Man) 03. Awake In The Dark (Zelda: A Link To The Past - Dark World) 04. Technological Knock-Out!! (Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! - Fight) 05. Lunar Path (Ducktales - The Moon) 06. Alchemy In A Tin Can (Final Fantasy VI - Devil's Lab) 07. Dragon Morph (Double Dragon - Mission 1) 08. The Remains Of The Last Droid (Super Metroid - Theme) 09. Unite The Robothood (Secret Of Mana - Leave Time For Love) 10. The March Of The Machines (Mega Man II - Dr. Wily Stage 1/2)
  4. Hi! Done from scratch in Famitracker (2A03). 4 channels.
  5. Hey guys! So this is my first time posting on OCRemix, a friend of mine suggested I check out your robust and diverse community and share my track here as well. I just uploaded the final track on Soundcloud to be released next week, so I'll be sharing the private link here for all you lovely people to check out You can check it out here!
  6. Source: ^from this to THIS(Tchaikovsky level of majestic is what I was going for):
  7. I used a volume envelope on the PSG. It's not a Game Boy >:(
  8. I used Inphonik RYM2612 and Plogue Chipsounds (for SN76489) plugins. The ladder effect can create some interesting timbres...
  9. Heya everyone! Here's an arrangement for full Orchestra of the Main Theme from Starfox, the original SNES game. The music throughout the gameplay, I felt, was very powerful in its harmonies and the staying power of the melody in this piece in particular. This version plays out in the End Credits, and I felt the piece was deserving of being raised from 16-bit format to a full Orchestral palate as it had so much to offer. Disclaimer - Original music is by Hajime Hirasawa. Images are in-game footage and artwork.
  10. It's not even a remix, but I thought it would be appropriate to poast in this forum instead of "Post Your Original Music!" I used RYM2612 to make this, which I recently purchased due to the fact that it really sounds like the original hardware. It even has a DAC output feature to crush down the drums!
  11. Soundcloud: A simple remake of one of my favorite Zelda tunes. Nothing crazy done in the remix; hope it brings back some good memories! -Juke
  12. The idea was to create a trilogy of albums based on this game (ocarina of time), being the 1st one the child era album that I already released. It was simple, if the album succeded on sales, I was going to continue making the second one and so on. Despite all of this, its likely that even if the 1st album didnt suceed I will continue creating this trilogy. I would like if someone that has the time or patience to listen to my album (it is long) to tell me their honest opinion (I wont be mad I just wanna learn from this). Here is the album: And here is a brief comparison between the atmosphere I wanted to implement in the 2nd album in contrast to the 1st one:
  13. Make of it what you will, but keep in mind that loops are currently broken on the above linked site. Looped perfectly in Audacity, as I perfected it to the sample.
  14. Hey guys, Here is the newest uploaded video to YouTube, this is the Orchestration of "Song of Healing" from Majora's Mask by Koji Kondo. As the original music only used piano and strings, I attempted in this arrangement to start off with the original scoring, then add more instruments for effect. There then follows a developmental part where the music builds up to full orchestra, portraying the blissful sense of relief upon being released from torment or unhappiness, followed by the original thematic material in contrasting groups of instruments to round the piece off, with a fragment of Zelda's Lullaby at the very end. (visuals are original artwork and in-game footage)
  15. I play Xenogears for the 1st time in this last summer. I love Mitsuda's Work
  16. This one was more difficult to do than Top Gear - Track 1 but I'm far more proud of it.
  17. I will make lots of Eurobeat remixes of VGM in the near future. So of course I will use this place to shamelessly promote them and to get feedback as well. Here is the famous Track 1 from the SNES game Top Gear.
  18. Hi everyone! Here's the newest arrangement - one for full Orchestra, entitled "Ready for Battle". It is an arrangement of the Main Theme from Fallout 4 by Inon Zur. I first heard this music by the London Videogame Orchestra, then later on, performed by the BBC Studio Orchestra, conducted by Eimear Noone. The piece had such an impression on me, that I was inspired to write a version of my own, expanding upon the material in the original piece, to try and capture the Martial/War-like atmosphere of the Videogame, juxtaposed with the desolation of the world ravaged by War. Original music is by Inon Zur. Image Artwork is in-game footage from Fallout 4.
  19. Time for a 2nd remix of the dos game Skyroads (1993). yeah Road 8 Music was my fav and i love the melodies . the first version was then drum n bass and created in 2013 via mellow sonic. Now a little more faithful to the original. Enjoy
  20. First time posting! Lena Raine's soundtrack is incredible and Exhale is probably one of my favourite tracks on the album. Transferring the melody to the flute part meant that I could play around a bit more with the piano accompaniment, in addition to playing around with the countermelody towards the end. Would love to hear your thoughts on it!