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Found 469 results

  1. So, I'm not looking for feedback on this. I'm showing off an idea I had. This is mearly a proof of concept for a remix between the Boss Boogie theme and the Pursuit theme from DKC3. Boss/Pursuit POC I wanted to share, because they work quite well together. What do you think? Original tracks:
  2. I'm aware of the beat being to loud in this one, so I'll share an updated version after the video: Updated version: "The Train to Greedville" - BlueJackG Contains those tracks:
  3. Here's Remix 11. Soundcloud broke my music again, but I'll upload to Youtube, it'll sound better. Original song:
  4. Here's an HD remake of "Hazy Maze Cave". People seem to like it. It's not a "remix", but it could be used in one if you guys want it.
  5. here is a epic one by saki kaskas this runs on Mass Effect 2 Afterlife and Need For Speed !! i'm so flashed when i heard this.. now i maked a remix of it hope you like it
  6. I haven't done any remixes in about 6 months time, so here's something that's been sitting on my drive for a couple years. I finally sat down and really worked on this yesterday.
  7. Just something I've been working on for a bit. It originally started as a light orchestration before turning into a violin and trumpet duet. It leans on the conservative side, with the goal of staying close and true to the source while developing a personality of it's own. To that end, I decided to keep it relatively short and to the point.
  8. I've been gone for a while and super busy at work, but now I'm on vacation. So I got to thinking, what better place to vacation than Costa de Sol? One thing led to another, and... This is really my first time mixing recordings in with samples. I'd dabbled in it a bit(in a cover of Dimensional Breach), but I barely used anything there. I'm happy with the results so far, but there are a lot of improvements to be made, especially with the song's progression. As far as the soundscape and instrumentation goes, I think it's entering "Bossa nova" territory.
  9. The original MIDI file I wrote for this OverClocked ReMix was deleted a long time ago. I recently tried to re-write the MIDI using a Yamaha MU100R XG MIDI synthesizer module. I think it turned out okay, but it's not the same as the original OC ReMix recorded on a Yamaha SW1000XG MIDI synthesizer card. I cannot fully re-create the same feel as the original remix.
  10. Something I've been working on. It's better than the original mix I wrote for this theme.
  11. My little remix of this theme. This combines Acts 1 and 2 from both the Genesis and Saturn versions of the soundtrack.
  12. A little remix I made.
  13. Just a little thingy I remixed.
  14. Here's my little remix of this theme.
  15. This is a tweaked version of my original OverClocked ReMix, and re-recorded on a Yamaha MU100R XG MIDI synthesizer module. It's not quite the same as the original OC ReMix recording on a Yamaha SW1000XG MIDI synthesizer card.
  16. This was tweaked quite a bit and re-recorded on a Yamaha MU100R XG MIDi synthesizer. It's not quite the same as the original, which was recorded on a Yamaha SW1000XG MIDI synthesizer card.