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  1. Looks like I hit the post limit in my other topic - but I'll continue here. This time we've got a Zelda's Lullaby remix.
  2. Hey all! I recently completed this simple romantic-era styled arrangement of Kakariko Village from The Legend of Zelda series and I thought I would share it here. For this rendition, I wanted to focus on bringing out the piece's warm and comforting quality. I found that changing the key signature from Bb Major to F Major helped darken the sound and create a richer texture. F Major is one of my favorites and is just such a great key for these kinds of pieces. I generally shy away from changing keys too much, but this change made such a huge impact on the arrangement's tone. I also worked
  3. Hello! I'm sort of being reborn on OCRemix today - I am also known as LjB0 with a profile here & a YouTube channel that has ended up being semi-successful for medieval game covers. But probably because of this, YouTube's algorithm seems to only be interested in medieval covers now on that channel! Honestly, the medieval thing has been a weird surprise and was never my main interest; just a quirky side hobby - I am much more interested in orchestral and soundtrack-style music, so I have today started fresh as James Laurence here & on Youtube. Really excited to also share original c
  4. This is my second remix from the soundtrack to Spider-Man and the X-Men: Arcade's Revenge, and while every piece of music composed for that game is absolutely brilliant, there is no question that Gambit's stage theme is the most popular of all the tracks. My approach to this remix can be summed up with a single word: "big." I wanted the sound to be big, and the arrangement to feel big, so the drums and synths are fat, the guitars distorted, and the organ blazing. This is the second iteration of my remix, as I was ultimately unsatisfied with my first take. The changes were minimal, but importan
  5. Remastered an old WIP of mine. I might submit it. Dunno. https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/986244 Source:
  6. Hi! I'm a self taught audio engineer and composer! A friend of mine told me about these boards and I wanted to say hi! share some stuff I've done and see how you all think it could sound better! I love criticism the more detailed the better, what did I mess up what did I actually do right and so on. I use FL Studios Producer Edition and free public VSTs.
  7. He everyone! New arrangement here, "Sussession of Witches" from Final Fantasy VIII. I wanted to work on suspense and buildup in this arrangement, and quite liked how it panned out! DISCLAIMER - Original music is by Nobuo Uematsu.
  8. Hello, It's the 30th Anniversary of StarTropics!!! (Released in 1990) I thought this would be fun to remix the soundtrack and put something out there for fans of the game during this big year. Some of the remixes sound similar to the originals and others sound pretty out there. This was made with Super Nintendo soundfonts and Super Audio Cart as well some reverb, delay and other dynamics for listening purposes. I was inspired to make this after enthusiastic support from the StarTropics speedrunning community. Took me 4 months to make and hope you enjoy some of these remixes! Youtube
  9. Sorry for posting two tracks at once. I was hoping to get feedback on something I feel is more akin to the type of music I like to write as well. Still, I think for OC Remix this isn't liberal enough, but I think when I was looking at doing this, I didn't want to stray too far from the original, but add to it. Still, maybe there is something worth exploring that I haven't opened my mind to. With that being said, I think I'm ready for some honest feedback instead of being stuck in my head lol. Thank you for your time and I appreciate any help. As a side note, I'm also somewhat of a newbie
  10. Hi Everyone. This is my second post in this particular forum. Owing to the sheer size of this piece and the number of soundtracks and tunes used in it, I very much doubt this piece will ever be considered for use in OCR by the Judges if submitted, but I wanted to post it here and tell you a little about it. This work is a Symphonic Poem for a full Orchestra, entitled "The Creation of Hyrule". It is based upon the music and Soundtracks of several games in the Legend of Zelda Series, and was inspired, in part, by the music of the Symphony of the Goddesses Concert. In May 2013,
  11. Hey guys, Here's a new arrangement, a full Orchestral arrangement of the slow, meditative, Theme of Love from Final Fantasy IV. I always felt this piece could do with a nice polished sheen to it like Hollywood film music, so I tried that in this arrangement. Disclaimer: Original music is by Nobuo Uematsu, visuals are in-game cutscenes.
  12. A little something I did recently, please enjoy! Feel free to provide feedback.
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