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Found 48 results

  1. Pokemon GO - Title Screen Theme - Pixelizer Chiptune REMIX - SEGA Mega Drive Sounds Original Track :
  2. I arranged this for 5 trumpets. Recorded with a very cute pocket trumpet. I will consider this a wip, because I'd like to get some friends to record it live.
  3. Hey guys, just finished another Pokemon arrangement, this time of the Gym leader/Elite 4 battle music. I hope you enjoy and any critique is always hugely helpful!
  4. Here's a mix of the Route 113 theme I did a while ago. I juxtaposed some very nice, airy, ambient sounds with some thumping, swung and unswung drums in 6/8 time. Route 113 is one of my favorite themes from R/S/E, so I've wanted to remix this one for a while. Let me know what you think!
  5. This is a little rock remix of the opening theme from the Pokemon anime series. It's my first remix of an anime soundtrack after making a few remixes for several videogames. I'm not the typical die-hard fan of Pokemon - but I loved the anime when I was a child. Pretty fluffy and hearty stuff with a nice touch of adventure. Some time ago I've listened to the opening theme of the anime once again which has a really decent melody I still like - and I thought that this could be a nice track for improving my virtual guitar skills. So, I put some effort into the articulation of every single guitar note. Sometimes I tought for hours about where the different articulations or playing techniques (like long played notes, hammer-ons, tappings, slides or some FX guitar sounds) might fit best within a short guitar sequence. But I got into it after some time and I think this helped me improving my music production skills a little bit - especially for creating much more realistic guitar sounds. Thanks to my really awesome virtual guitar amplifier Vandal I could give the guitar sound its totally unique style and make a decent final touch with a little bit hall reverb and a little bit more pinging stereo delay - really good combination for reverberant but also strong, assertive guitar sounds. I've also enjoyed working a bit more with velocity dynamics to bring some more life and vibrance into the track - but it's still pretty tough for me to find the right balance between the velocities of the different tracks within a song. Already a velocity value change of just 10 out of 127 can make a perceivable difference between hearing single notes in the whole mix and not noticing or at least not feeling them anymore. But I will work on this in the future. Just as usual I've mastered this remix at EBU R 128 loudness standards and used absolutely no compressors or limiters for keeping the full, natural sounding dynamic range and best possible hi-fi sound quality. So, check this stuff... Original Intro Theme: >>> ---------------------------------------- Newest version of my remix: 1.0 >>> >>>
  6. A remix I did of the Game Corner/Lucky Number Show theme from Pokemon Gold after going to Black Oak Casino (located in the California mountains) for the first time. The original song is really energetic and fun - hyperactive almost... I decided to bring the energy down and make it more chill... Smooth jazzy if you will. Anyway, enjoy! The original: Pokemon Gold & Silver - Game Corner The remix: Game Corner (Black Oak Jazz Remix)
  7. Hey all, just signed up for the site. I've been on the hunt for VGM forums to share my work on, as well as meet other artists within the community. I uploaded my latest cover today, and would love it if you'd give it a listen. It's a metal version of Pokemon's Lavender Town, played on a 7 string guitar and 6 string bass to get that lower, heavier element to it. Hope you all like it
  8. More info on my participation to the game development:
  9. Hey everyone, so pretty recently I made this 7/4 remix of Dialga/Palkia's battle thing from Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. I used to work in odd time signatures all the time, but with not very good sets of instruments. I kind of stopped doing odd times for a while, but really was inspired with this one so I took a swing at it in 7/4. Let me know what you all think!
  10. Hi everyone ! Here's my acoustic rendition of Pallet Town From Pokémon R/B/Y. Hope you'll like it =)
  11. Wanted to share! Pokemon fans! Check out the club remix to the "Battle Theme" from Pokemon Red/Blue. Enjoy! Free Download! If you like the music, subscribe to my YouTube, I have more remixes there! Original: My Version:
  12. I was meaning to post this here earlier but didn't get round to it. Anyway, here's my arrangement of the snowy Route 216 from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. I hope you enjoy and any critique is always incredibly helpful
  13. First off, I'll preface by saying that while personally I don't think it's QUITE the best track in the game (I reserve that spot for "Revelation Mountain"), I still think this is such a great track. I think someone should do a symphonic rock or jazz combo ReMix with some rad solos---maybe guitar, maybe violin, maybe both. Any badass guitarists or jazz groups out there willing to take on the challenge? Feel free to mix in "Dialga's Fight to the Finish!" if you want; that can fit as well, as this sounds really similar. BONUS: If you want me to collab, I'd be glad to, but I'm more willing to collab with someone else on this than to start this particular ReMix first.
  14. Pokemon fans! Wanted to share! I did an EDM remix to the Pokemon Red/Blue intro theme, check it out! Please also let me know what you think P.S. (a lil self promo hehe) If you like the music, subscribe on my YouTube for more! I will be doing more remixes! Like my Facebook artist page for more remixes:
  15. Hey, guys! Been a while since I posted here. I just finished an atmospheric medley of several Pokemon Mystery Dungeon tracks that I started two months ago. Total project time is about 31 hours. Feel free to make any comments you wish! ReMix: Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon - 'CONNECTED!' Sources: Revelation Mountain, Tree of Life (Roots), Dialga's Fight to the Finish! (PMD2) The ReMix title is based on the many alliances you make in the game, and the "CONNECTED!" message that pops up in the middle of the screen. Source Breakdown: 0:15.00 - 0:30.00 = Revelation Mountain (0:00.00 - 0:07.56) 0:30.00 - 0:59.05 = Revelation Mountain (0:07.56 - 0:37.62) 1:00.00 - 1:15.00 = Revelation Mountain (0:00.00 - 0:07.56) 1:15.00 - 1:26.23 = Tree of Life (Roots) (0:11.49 - 0:19.85) atop Revelation Mountain (0:00.00 - 0:07.56) 1:30.00 - 1:57.82 = Revelation Mountain (1:49.29 - 2:03.26, 0:31.00 - 0:35.39) 2:00.94 - 2:02.83, 2:04.69 - 2:06.55, 2:08.12 - 2:10.95 = Revelation Mountain (0:07.56 - 0:37.62) [big polyrhythmic transition/shift!] 2:15.00 - 2:36.57 = Revelation Mountain (0:48.64 - 1:14.67) [mainly chord progression, plus the lead and the accompanying arpeggios] 2:37.50 - 2:51.88 = Tree of Life (Roots) (0:33.81 - 1:29.96) 2:51.88 - 3:07.50 = Final Fight (PMD2) (1:34.06 - 1:50.27) atop Tree of Life (Roots) (0:33.81 - 1:29.96) 3:07.50 - 3:37.50 = Revelation Mountain (1:48.36 - 2:03.26) 3:37.50 - 4:00.20 = Revelation Mountain (0:07.56 - 0:15.08) ["fade-out" via reverb automation] 15.00 + 29.05 + 15.00 + 11.23 + 27.82 + 1.89 + 1.86 + 2.87 + 21.57 + 14.38 + 15.62 + 30.00 + 22.70 = 208.99/246.00 = ~84.96% ----- I'm also providing the first WIP version if you want to see how it developed! (edited to remove other WIPs, so I can save Box bandwidth) V1:
  16. So, if you watched the November 12th, 2015 Nintendo Direct, they dropped some serious bombs for 2016. Stuff like Cloud from FF7 in Smash Bros, and, oh, something about MOTHERFUCKING POKEMON RED AND BLUE AND YELLOW ON 3DS!! Not remakes, but the actual old Game Boy games, on the Virtual Console. It will be out world-wide for February 27, 2016, which is the 20th anniversary of the release date for the firs Pokémon game back in 1996! The VC versions will keep the game identical to the originals, but will use the 3DS wireless system to allow for battling and trading. That means you should still be able to get 99 Rare Candies and then go catch Missingno.
  17. Hey guy's! I am new to the site and I would love to have some feedback on my arrangements Here's the most recent track I have uploaded, I hope you enjoy, thanks!
  18. This is an arrangement I did a couple of months ago of the Silph Co theme from Pokemon Red and Blue. This is one of my favourite themes from the games and I had wanted to do it for ages
  19. This is my unique DnB remix of "Newbark Town" (Pokemon Gold and Silver) mixed with my own music. It's also my first DnB tune/remix (it's probably and despite it not being OCRemix quality, I think it sounds cool. The name comes from a Pokemon fanfic. I used a mixture of Musescore, FL Studio, and Audacity. I know I have a unique and strange style but ... Tell me what you guys think. Please give constructive criticism (don't be too harsh) and polite advice on how I can improve. Also this is a work in Progress but I'm probably not going back to this piece.
  20. Here's something new and exciting. "Formed in 2015, V-Jams is a collective of musicians that share a unified vision in the creation of diverse taste tingling grooves using Video Game songs as a medium. The group is comprised of multifaceted musicians ranging from classical to jazz backgrounds and everything in between. Brace yourselves for a shockwave of enticing jams to please listeners with varied musical inclinations. "Featured artists Aeoxis (Tovaun Anthony) Guitar, Production, Website Development Luciopro (Robert Baldomero Warner) MC Detective Tuesday (Anton Corazza) MC, Alto/Tenor/Soprano saxophone, Co-Production Travis Morgan (Aka Travis) Co-production Rekcahdam (Roger Hicks) Drums, Co-Production James Alexandre Hadley (Aka Lethal Weapon 5) Guitar, Album Cover Art, Logo Art Tracklist 1. I Saw The Demons Junk (Doom) 2. Ballad Of A Winded Fish (Link's Awakening) 3. Stormy Day In Clock Town (Ocarina of Time & Majora's Mask) 4. Killer NSYNC (Killer Instinct) 5. National Pork (Pokémon Gold and Silver) 6. Living On The Deck (Metal Slug 2) 7. Aquatic Ruined Zone (Sonic 2) 8. Happy Endings "The concept behind the album was to rearrange songs in completely different genres from the original source material. From Sonic to Zelda to Doom. From Samba to Go-Go to Jazz! We went cray cray!!! GAMES GAMES GAMES!!! All instruments were played live." Hope y'all enjoy this!home/mainPage
  21. Hello, OCRemix Community! I have recently made a remix of Celestic Town from Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum as tribute to their amazing music! Original Celestic Town / Eterna City song (Youtube): "A Champion's Home Sweet Home" Celestic Town Remix (Tindeck): Thanks for listening! Feedback would be appreciated as well!
  22. Plain and simple: tell me everything I need to make this OCRemix worthy, and I will do it and submit. I've been holding off attempting to submit stuff on here for 3 years, and I feel like I now have great potential to get my stuff on me. Inb4 change the guitar lead
  23. Hey OCR! It's been a while since I last posted here. So thought I'd share one of my VGM remixes and see what everyone thinks: This is a remix of the trainer battle music from Pokemon Red and Blue that I made using a combination of sampled drums and the excellent Plogue's Chipsounds VST. Feedback is much appreciated! - Mykah