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  1. Chrono Trigger 'Ruined World (Eternal Derelict)' This is, in my opinion. one of CotMM's best tracks. Definitely sounds like it's from the soundtrack of a CT movie. Sets up some GREAT ambiance, then builds a slow-moving (in a good way) melody on top of it. Then just as it starts to get boring, CotMM changes it up, first shifting out the melody and adding in some de-tuned bells, then bringing in a new melody (this one from The Day the World Revived). I would LOVE to know what CotMM had in mind with this, as it sounds like there was definitely a concept behind it that goes beyond the music. Highly recommended.
  2. Wild Arms 'Adlehyde Castle Flow' Smooth and blissful. A nice mix. A great game. Very enjoyable.
  3. EarthBound 'Sound Stone (C Major)' Spekkosaurus with a piano exclusive rendition of EarthBound. Quite realistic sounding, but the bad thing about this is the nasty high-end crackle which appears after the choir sound enters. It sort of ruins it in some way. Still, I really like the effort and bravery that went into this, but it's just a little long and some parts didn't keep my interest for long enough (especially when the bass plays on it's own).
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