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  1. Monty on the Run from Martians [remix] Yes, cheesy title: couldn't think of a more appropriate title without either going into Panic at the Disco length titles or multiple copyrights. Anyhow, this is my first "remix", taking an 8-bit track and modifying it with Audacity, and I like the result. I'd still need some feedback though: particularly comparing the butchered bass-line of the remix to the grittiness of the original (which doesn't translate well with the edits made) and seeing which is the lesser of two evils. EDIT: hosting through mediafire now.
  2. I consider this more or less finished but am concerned about the production. So anything about style/structure/etc isn't really my concern, rather let me know what I should tighten/loosen in production and how it sounds on your soundsystems.
  3. this is a VERY rough outline of my aria di mezzo carattere remix. basically it's a .mid rip. it's just to see what instruments i wanted to use & how fast I want the tempo. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM ONLY PLEASE ^0^ ROUGH DRAFT:
  4. this is a VERY rough outline of my chrono cross remix. basically it's a .mid rip. it's just to see what instruments i wanted to use & how fast I want the tempo. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM ONLY PLEASE ^0^ ROUGH DRAFT:
  5. So, a little while ago, I posted one of my beats in the Workshop Feedback: Originals/Other forum hoping someone could suggest a VG song I could mix it with, but for the longest, I just couldn't find anything that would work. I happened to come across a very, very old WIP that I did of this same source a few years ago that was basically a midi rip. I reworked that WIP adding my beat to it, and making some major changes to mix things up and add more of a personal touch to it. Check it out! Original: WIP:
  6. Download link: It has been a long time since I sended any remixes to OCRemix.. FLStudio 8 used I know that there must be something in this to be made better but I need opinions first
  7. Game: Donkey Kong Country Original Track: Life in the Mines ReMix: This is actually my second ReMix of this song (first was in this: mini-medley, which I'll be coming back to later). It was made entirely in Reason 4 and it's part of a collaborative remix project on a DKC fansite. Arrangement-wise, it's pretty much finished (just gotta change the drums and work on some transitions), but I think the production might be a bit off. So, please give feedback/criticism/advice if you can. By the way, there's also a few cameos/references in there. They are, in order of appearance: 0:20 - Green Brinstar (Super Metroid) 1:01(piano) - Cave Dweller Concert (Donkey Kong Country) [the bit at 2:08] 2:29 - Mining Melancholy/Kanon's Klaim (Donkey Kong Country 2) Also 4:55 sounds like On to Grasstown (Cave Story), but that was an accident.
  8. Greetings~ I recently created this it's nowhere near final, at least I don't think so. This is my a slower remix of Sonic Heroes' Casino park, which is a little more upbeat and chaotic. The link for the original song is here: EDITv3: Okay here it is: Comments...I need them to be very constructive. If you gotta be harsh, be harsh by all means. If you would like to re-touch on what I stated above, do so, because then I know what I need to prioritize. Thanks for taking your time to listen and criticize. Here's hopes to an awesome remix for everyone! <3
  9. Hey everyone. I have a remix that I'm working on. The version I'm posting here is more or less complete. I've only had one remix posted to OCR and it was critically panned, so I really want to make this one all it can be. Here's the concept: The Yoshi's Story theme, in the style of "Someone Keeps Moving My Chair" by They Might Be Giants. (hear the TMBG song .)Here's what I've got so far: Click here to listen to Yoshi's_Story_Someone_Keeps_Moving_My_Yoshi.mp3 (updated 11-24-2010) Update: I originally posted here looking mainly for comments on the production/mastering. I think I've got that more or less where I want it. So please offer any feedback you have. Thanks. I'll take all the feedback you've got. If you don't think it's worth submitting to OCR, I want to hear that too. Thanks, everyone!
  10. I really don't even know where I'm going with this, but yeah. Strings need to be cleaned up.
  11. Hey guys, I had a Ragnarok Online remix I had posted not to long ago but lost the motivation for it so I'll work on it later. I definitely want to finish this song though since I've always liked the song when I played the Crystal version. But I would greatly appreciate feedback and what could use some work. Source Remix First Update Final Update Edit: It came to me a while back. But when I fired up my Pokemon Crystal game, I forgot that there was dialogue when you stay on the radio mode in your pokegear and Reed and he gives his intro to the lucky number show and tells you the number. I would like to add that element into the remix I'm workin on. What I need is someone with a decent mic with a dry recording of that dialogue and I need it to be charismatic like how Reed appears to be when he's sayin all of that. If anyones interested please give me a pm and I'll give you further details...
  12. Well, this was turned down on the Judges Board, but they want me to resubmit with some changes. So now I'm in the process of going back over this to fix it up and hopefully get it to pass in Round 2. This is update #1 of the Resubbed version. So far, it's just the beginning half of the remix. There wasn't much that they wanted me to change, instrumentation-wise, but this remix is probably over a year old by now and I've acquired better sound libraries, so I'm trying to use those in this. So far, it feels a little rocky to me. I'm not sure that I want to re-add the delay setting I had on the Piano and I'm really trying to get away from the stock drum-loop I used, hence why that was changed to FPC drums. Either way, the Piano feels the same, as in mechanical (or at least to me anyways), but I'm not quite sure how to remove that from the equation. The Pad in the background is still the same, though it bores me, so I'm looking to replace it with something that fills the space better. Um, I removed the synth bass and added in a more realish souning bass (Scarbee, if anyone knows it)...and that's really about all I've done with it. Between the issues I've stated, I'm also trying to figure out a better way to transition to the latter part of the remix, probably add in a different drum sequence there as well so it doesn't get boring, like in the first version. But yeah, give this a listen (older versions are below) and let me know what you think so far. I'll probably have another update tomorrow at some point. (Link to Judge stuff HERE) -----------------------OLDER VERSIONS---------------------------- Click here to download RE2 SafeMix.mp3 Yeah, I'm bad with naming remixes. But whatevs, I'm a little stuck on where I should take this. I kinda want to get more electronic or trance-y with this, but the current feel I have for it feels...well, pretty good. Maybe I ought to branch off and do some original composition, then have a big lead up to a tranced version of the theme? I just don't know right now... --------------- Semi-finished remix. Let me know what you guys think and enjoy! ----------- Update#1: Changed a few things. I haven't added any original sections just yet, or messed around with the background stuff (Sorry Spoon), though I did add a couple of Pippi's ideas with the percussion at the intro 'n such. I also left out a few things towards the end, such as the Triplet Synth that played. I still don't know that I like that enough to keep it in. I'm feelin' like somethin' stronger should be in-place of it, so we'll see how that one turns out. So basically, still just a shell until I add in some original sections and a big, strong finish. ----------- Update#2: Well, I didn't get to do what I really wanted with this. Couldn't really come up with any original sections to add in or anything. So, the best bet for me was to keep it simple and chill. As is, I think it works for what I originally wanted, minus a big trance-y section. Let me know what you guys think! ----------- Update#3: Not a very big update, but I added in some sweet string swells for the second part of the track. When I was rendering this, I forgot to unmute a NES synth I had playing. Also, I realize the low-end of the song gets a little distorted towards the end, but I've already fixed that. I would've rendered the better version, but it takes forever on this computer. Another note, I realize the swells are a little overpowering, but not to fear, I already fixed that as well. Also, I really would like to add a stutter effect to the strings. Nothing that would overtake the strings, just as a little something for when they're building and dying. Sort of like just playing between which times they happen. I use FL, but I'm not exactly sure on how to pull that off. If any one knows how or can direct to me to something that can help me, please let me know.
  13. Bringing this back from the dead for an updated version. After I submitted the original a while back I made some progress on the song before leaving it untouched for months. This version is a half a year old but before I go back into it I would like some feedback as to whether I should continue on with this one or just start all over. Thanks! Everything below this is from the original post on November 24, 2009. ----------------------------------------------------- Just looking to get a little feedback on my version of Not Tomorrow 1 from Silent Hill. Here is the link. Thanks!
  14. Music source: Remix link: I've been working on this remix for a while now. I would like get some feedback on the arrangement. Right now the instruments are all midi, but that will change in the future.
  15. Hi! I'm working on a remix to an old song. I'm about three hours in and I'd like to know what you think of it. I try my best to mix lots of genres and make it sound like something people aren't accustomed to hearing. If you have any suggestions or critiques, please let me know! Also, it doesn't have a name yet. If you have suggestions for that I'll gladly accept them as well Thanks! Kruai Edit: Whoops, noticed the random cutoff at the end. Pretend there's a fade there >.>
  16. I bumped this thread rather than make a new once since I am working on the same song. Main source Mini-sources Update as of Dec.11/2011 -I junked the synths and the cabasa and replaced them with orchestral instrument samples. -I used drums that sounded a bit more epic. -Rather than layering bells, I have like two different types of bells in total. -Made some minor changes to the arrangement. Still some mixing issues I need to work on (I did this on headphones), but this one sounds closer to how I had originally envisioned it. Has a bit more "power" to it you could say. Feedback is appreciated. Update as of Sept.9 My submission got rejected. The issues were -It was too sparse (some of it due to instrument levels and writing) -The beat lacked power. -Lack of bass to fill the low-end. -It was too simple (not a lot going on a most times). -Rigid drum sequencing. So on this 9th WIP is an attempt to fix those issues. I also trimmed off a minute to reduce the fat and remastered it. Feedback is welcome.
  17. Ok i slapped this one together in couple of days before school started. I know this is far beyond being complete but i just wanted to get some feedback on how to improve my song or what can be added to make it better bc im fairly new to remixing and using Fruity Loops. I know i need to add the rest of the song and fix it up (like adding FX and stuff) but this is how far i got with my busy schedule... I know you may be thinking why do Corridor of Time. It was kinda stuck in my head and it is a pretty simple song to translate from music sheet to the piano roll lol. I appreciate your time in listening to my music and providing help in making it better . Update: 10/18/10 Update: 10/21/10 Update: 1/19/11
  18. <- linksies This is my first attempt at an OCRemix in over a year, and I really have absolutely nothing to say elsewise. It's a mix of On to Grasstown from Cave Story, and it's a bit rough now, but I want feedback anyway. Fire away.
  19. So I was finishing up that oldie for Manoria Cathedral and had a nice ambient pattern sitting somewhere on Pattern 69 *heh* for a long time. I decided to play with it using very similar samples to the original project file so here's what came up. I also loooove sine waves. It's quite similar in sound, but I think it has a different feel. drums cut in a little suddenly for me, and it's a repetitive on the harmonic side of things right now - any ideas for progressions? surprises? For some reason I really want to put barely audible delayed whispering into this @.@ Anyway thinking out loud now, hopefully you dig! I'll try to include the melody more in future updates LINK: Glaciers Never Sleep (Phendrana Drifts ReMix)
  20. Here's an arrangement of the ' ' from Rockman & Forte (also known as Megaman & Bass).It's an orchestral piece with some electronica elements, meant to be an overture, a prelude to a new journey. Latest update: New Beginning New Path v9 Suggestions and constructive criticism are most welcome. -------------------------------- Thanks to everyone who provided feedback and showed support so far. I've come a long way and learned a lot in the process. There's still work to be done before I can sub this arrangement, but I just wanted to say: you guys rock!
  21. Hello, over the months I've began remixing the OST of Megaman & Bass. This old school gem has next to no remixes available at the time. So I brought it upon my self to do this task. I have 2 tracks done as of now, I am working on a third as well. Anyway I made this topic for critique and comments. Here are the first two songs. Groundman's Chill Drill- Coldman's Frosty Rave, ft. Jewelman-
  22. I made this over the afternoon today Just felt like making something easy i dunno it is a little loud i guess opinions, critiques? please post Oh yeah here is the original theme
  23. Hello my name is Michael but I'm known as Geeky Stoner on the Internet.I'm new to the OCremix community but I've been coming to the site for while now. Fist off Ive only been messing around with the fruity loops demo for a couple months now so i don't fully grasp the program yet.I hope the mix doesn't come off too repetitive I tried some effects and filters and a little rearranging to break up the monotony but over all it doesn't stray too far from the source material.So gimme some input please on what you think of this remix and whether its up to OCremix standards. Edit took this version down Panders critique is really spot on how this version sounded.
  24. edit: i'm not going to finish this project. just contact me if you want the files that i've finished (six in total). i want to remix an entire ost, by myself. i need a big project for this summer/fall/winter/year. after a few days of voting, tetrisphere wins it by one vote. FINISHED TRACKS (or ALMOST FINISHED TRACKS) - these are songs that are either done or need less than an hour of work to finish them. usually volumes are all that are left. 1. Prophetic Title - done ("title in blue") - electronica. 8. Hallucid - done ("hallucitrancenations") - trance. 10. Phony - done - light progressive rock. 12. Learn - done ("chronic phonix") - electronica. 14. Extol - basically done. needs a name and maybe another minute or so in the final product - electronica. 15. Magic Fluter - done. needs a name. - funk. 17. Zooming Car - basically done (traffic jam) - rock. WIPS - these are songs where i've got the arrangement pretty much down, either in my head or on paper, and need to post the info for it. 3. Martist - midi. 16. Spooky Baby - wip? 20. Dog Robot - wip with Metaphist. electronica. 22. Skank Bowl Fight - wip with DragonAvenger. light jokerock. 25. Sappy - wip. vocal stupidity. 23. Birthday Bumps. saxophones. 18. Cheddar Funk. jazz band. TRACKS THAT I'M NOT DOING - i'm cutting tracks that have no melody and are just beats + random synths. i'm being liberal as to what is a melody, but still there are songs that have to go. 5. Faze - cut. no melody. 9. Perpetuate303 - same as jungle. no melody. cut. 11. T. Grey - cut. no melody. 13. Zyp Zyp - unless ross comes around, cut. no melody. 19. Jungle - same as perpetuate303. no melody. cut. TRACKLIST LEFT - haven't touched these. deal. 2. Azule Lux - might be cut because it's so minimalistic. 4. Compliant Confuse - see above. 6. Flim Flam - see above. 7. ManicDrumMix 21. Snappy - still can't find this track. is it actually sappy? no one knows. 24. Snowy Mushrooms - wtf pcp trip i'll update this post with information about what styles i'm using, maybe a few demos or wips along the way. i'm still looking for some possible mirrors, as well as someone who'll put together a basic webpage for links and the like. not anything really complicated - i just need a site for the links and an intro page about the project, and maybe a thanks page for the people who will be and have already helped me out. pm me for details, i've got some info already as to what i'd want specifically. progress: 5/15/07 - 12. Learn is finished (chronic phonix). 5/16/07 - 1. Prophetic Title is finished (title in blue). 5/20/07 - 15/25. Sappy and Magic Fluter have a wip. 6/1/07 - 15/25. Sappy and Magic Fluter are recorded, and are in the final stages. 6/21/07 - 14. Extol has a wip. 6/25/07 - 14. Extol is pretty much finished. 6/25/07 - 17. Zooming Car has a wip. 7/9/07 - 17. Zooming Car is done (car jam) - needs a better name.. 7/10/07 - 8. Hallucid (hallucitrancenation) is done. 7/23/07 - 10. Phony is done. 9/28/07 - lots of wips. just read the damned post. 10/4/07 - 15. Magic Fluter (needs a name) is done. 12/2/07 - update. just read the post now.