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  1. Here is my entry from OHC331. Silent Shatter
  2. hey, guys! Platonist / Jonas here! It's been a while since I posted anything on this forum, so instead of posting a single track or whatever I'll just share this playlist of original loopable (if downloaded) chiptunes on my soundcloud. Some of these tunes might be featured on a future release, but there is no guarantee for that, so there we have it. posting this mainly because people seem unaware that I'm still active. web: mobile: cheers, platonist
  3. This was my entry for PRC288. It is a remix of two sources from FF8: Waltz for the Moon and Lunatic Pandora. Gravitational Pull of Absurdity
  4. Hey, YoungProdigy here. Just wrote "Swingopolis". Swingopolis is a track with a distinct 90's feel to it. It reminds me of something you would hear in an early 90's Sonic game. You can listen to it here:
  5. This is part of an envisioned album I have in mind. Each track tries to tell its own story, interlocking with the other tracks. This being the "theme" of the main char, with a prominent lietmotif. That's a bit secondary to the track itself. It's not finished, as can be evidenced by the fade-out ending (it might stay; I haven't come up with a decent ending idea yet). I am always trying to improve, so here's what I'm asking: 1) how do the drums sound? Do they sound like they are well-integrated into the mix, or do they stick out too much? How can this be done? 2) Does the track sound "empty"? IE, not enough sound filling out the piece? I am always curious trying to figure out what is a good number of instruments to have in a piece. Most of my tracks tend to have between 8 and 16 instruments, though some solo music I've written obviously pare things down. 3) My music often ends up being too soft and quiet. I decided to preempt this by increasing the dB level of the track in FL Studio mixer up to 115%, and the master volume up to about the same as well. Does this work? If not, do you have any tips for getting good volume levels? I suspect it has something to do with how my headphones play back music (I need to buy myself a good pair soon). I welcome any and all feedback. Thanks!
  6. New song I'm working on, tentatively titled "The Final Temple". Looking for any kind of helpful criticism. Thanks in advance for listening! Made using Superior Drummer 2.0, East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold, East West Quantum Leap Symphonic Choirs Gold, and Shreddage 2, and EZMix 2 for the guitar tone.
  7. Hello, I did a hard rock borderline metal remix of the JENOVA battle theme from FF7. Please let me know what you think. Thank you.
  8. Source: Remix: Almost done. Been at this one for a month or two now and a pretty proud of the results so far, but have to take a short break. Problems: -Beginning may too empty, I'll have to work on that little by little. Just been too busy on other parts of song. - Melody/lead in the 'battle mode' section at 2:33. Some notes aren't right, and I'm still working on the first half of it which isn't in right now. -The groovy bass thing that starts around 1:55 and continues just doesn't sound right, and I'm stumped about it. Any ideas or help/criticism welcome, I'll be back to work on this pretty soon.
  9. I finally found the time to do another acoustic cover, so here it is. I decided to go with a lower key then the original, partially for convenience and partially for personal preference. Still working on my recording quality, but I think this is a step above some of my earlier recordings.
  10. Well, I liked the guitar idea but it doesn't seem I'm picking up the guitar in a while, so I started with the EQ (and stereo!) fixes, plus a couple of other tweaks.. I think this is better: Final Candidate 3 ---- Newer: Final Candidate 2 Tiny update, such as doubling one lead with the organ. Mod review time! ---- New: Final Candidate 1 ----- Here's a kind of a shoegazing/post-rock take on from Cave Story (with references to at 2:11-2:26 & at 2:26-2:42). This debuted on the People's Remix Compo round 250 and I've since worked on the leads, bringing them up in the mix & layering them with some Commodore 64 sounds.
  11. Bramble Blast - WIP 2 Sources: / Update 2/16/2015 As a few of you may know, I've been actively working on this project tirelessly for the last month, putting in a bit of work just about every day, sometimes for hours at a time. What I've got is nowhere near complete, by any means, but it is a SIGNIFICANT step up from where I was at this time last year and, at the very least, listenable enough to share. What's changed: + Added ~3 minutes of arrangement, including... - Expanded intro - Much slower build - Extended piano breakdown/solo section - New source for final "chorus" - Hot Head Bop + New instruments (piano, shakuhachi, sine lead, boy's choir, orchestral percussion) + Cleaned up production quite a bit/preliminary mastering + A bazillion tiny tweaks. What's left to go: + Drums will completely be replaced + Do something cooler in addition/in place of the first synth solo (particularly 1:01) + Expand ambiance/pad writing throughout the track, particularly in the piano breakdown + Flesh out final Hot Head Bop section (right now is just a concept/placeholder) + Figure out what to do from 3:45 - 4:24 + More interesting transitions/sfx work + Live instruments (brainstorming for vocalist and violin/viola players - any interest?) + Additional harmonies/flourishes/transitions throughout the track Please feel free to share any thoughts - keeping in mind that there's still a long way to go before I'm really satisfied with this. Hope you all enjoy, I've been working extremely hard to move this one along ==================================== 12/08/2013 WIP 1: Don't think I ever posted this one here. I'm interested in potentially picking up production on this one again. I'm very interested in any feedback on the sound choices (particularly that chiptune synth, not sure if it fits) and the drums (too hollow? Is the dBlue Glitch abuse too egregious?) Thanks for listening!
  12. So as you may know, I am starting a small Fire Emblem remix album, and because I am not posted on OCR, I am trying my hand. Here is my WIP for a Heavy Dance/Dubstep remix of one of my favorite tracks from one of my favorite games. Keep in mind I am not finished arranging, I am looking for comments and critique on the style as it stands now. Don't hesitate to tear me apart . Source: WIP 1: here Those striking sounds are sampled from the game btw. EDIT for change in host.
  13. For about the last year and a half I've been getting more into sound design and composing/producing EDM tracks. As a classically trained musician, it has been a daunting task (mixing, mastering, and seriously, that's a lot of sub-genres:, but after watching tutorials by Zircon and SeamlessR, among others, I've done a couple of tracks already. But for this track in particular, I'm really trying to go outside my comfort zone. Let me know what you think and what I need to improve on. Thanks!
  14. Hey all, Here's my take on Zanarkand. Thoughts appreciated.
  15. Just a little something I started yesterday (Posting now because it's easier getting feedback while working on the song). I really love this soundtrack, and really hope I'm showing that love through this song well. Source: Remix: Old: Retry: It's very conservative so far, but I'll do some arranging as I go.
  16. Whoa okay, more metal. Like with other stuff, I tried to take the melody of the song and kind of do my own spin on it. I think the Bolero of Fire is much stronger on it's own compared to the other stuff I did but I still just kind of took the melody and some of the vibe. I get that it's super different and not JUST a cover so that might throw some people off but sorry D:. For what it's worth, I do love the song as it is but I think tossing things around a bit is a lot of fun! Let me know what you think!
  17. Hey, YoungProdigy here. I recently wrote "Southern Journey"; a Spanish flamenco inspired film piece. It's a work-in-progress. You can listen to it here: As always; critique is welcome.
  18. As usual constructive critique is appreciancient. Sorvi. ihaventslept edit: original
  19. Hi hii! So uhmmm thi~is is my new version of Counterfish! Where's the old one, you ask? Well don't ask. It was earnumbingly terrible with clipping audio over drums that somehow managed to be lifeless yet unrelenting at the same time. I'd say I'm at my limit, but tha~at's not entirely true; I feel I've actually gone past my limit just by listening to the fa~antastic WIPs on this forum (and any judge rejections that I could sneak a listen to) a~and listening to the advice as though it was directed at me. No~ow it's time to have it directed at me, preferably by someone not related to me >_> Plus I'm stuck; I didn't plan this, I kinda let it go (other than the change between Solo Sortie and Counterattack). Lo~ong story short, I have no ending QQ. Also, I was waiting for it to render and decided to play some Super R-Type and I realized that my interpretation was way off. System: Super Nyantendo Game: Super R-Type Source links: WIP link: COUNTERFISH! Tha~anks in advance! Be seeing you!
  20. Hi all! Haven't been around here in ages, but I'm happy to be making game remixes a gain! I wanted to tackle a new genre, so I started jamming out to the Justice for All ending thing, possibly my favorite song in the game, and came up with this: I want to get into making hip hop beats, but I have NO idea what I'm doing, looking forward to any feedback! I was thinking of swinging the 16ths for one thing. Thank in advance.
  21. **EDIT 1/18/2015** posted an updated WIP link updated WIP link: old WIP link:!.mp3 Source: Sakura's theme from Street Fighter Alpha 2 (on YouTube) About Me: I'll introduce myself since I'm new. I'm Docjekyll (aka Chris Johnson, @jhnsnc). I've been lurking on OC Remix since about 2004, but I just recently decided I would try to post something. Music is just a hobby for me, but one I rather enjoy. I rarely share any of my music with anyone besides my wife and a friend or two. About this remix: I've had this song idea sitting around as a rough sketch on my hard drive for about 9 years. I'm pretty sure that it's not up to the OC Remix quality standards, but I promised myself I would at least get some feedback after turning this old idea into a full song. As someone with relatively demanding musical taste and relatively low skill, I've gotten pretty much incapable of constructive, objective feedback for myself.
  22. Hey, YoungProdigy here. I recently composed an RPG-style forest theme. I would describe as something you would here in a JRPG. You can listen to it here: This isn't the final version; just a rough draft. Critique would be very welcome.
  23. I tried my hands at an far east/asian remix of FF8s Battle theme "Don't Be Afraid". I'm open to critique!
  24. Megaman 4 - Cossack Stage 3 Remix WIP 'Flight of Rock' I've been doing this for a while...and by that I mean I started making this remix a year ago. Then it gathered some dust on the hard drive and quite recently I started working on it again. I thought I'd ask some final input before posting this to OC. Bring it!
  25. I submitted this to DoD and got 26th place... what could I do to it to make it 1st place? It's on my youtube because it is "done" but I'm thinking of doing an albumish thing so I have some time to improve it before I release that... Remix: Original: