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Found 4 results

  1. Hello friends! I am a music producer for various genres of music. I prefer to be in the chillhop area. But for my next projects I want to mix different genres together. I'm thinking of: 8-bit sounds in a Lofi coat with beautiful vocal recordings. Are there any vocalists here who are interested in a collaboration? PS You can listen to some of my previous productions on YouTube: Lo-Fi: https://youtube.com/channel/UCmh4S1OAqG_uROZnkt2PloA Hip Hop and Trap: https://youtube.com/channel/UCveGdA77Rl-lPqA4wUZADlQ
  2. Hey everyone! My vision for this album is similar to the 25th anniversary one that never made it to fruition: at least one track representing each mainline title in the Fire Emblem series. Ideally we could finish it before the end of 2024 and release it as a full, official OCR album in April 2025, to coincide with the 35th anniversary of the original Japanese release of Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light. I don't want to put any genre restrictions on people, although I do recommend people listen to a few of the official albums (Premium Arrange, Premium Arrange II and Cipher Caravan are all fantastic) if they're worried about sounding like something that's already been done before. Currently looking for: Remixers and performers a co-director, ideally someone who's helped organize a previous OCR album Artists Sound engineer/mixing and mastering someone to code the website If there's a specific song you want to call dibs on now, go for it! While the goal is to have every mainline game represented at least once, spinoff titles like Heroes and Tokyo Mirage Sessions are totally fair game as well. ~~TRACK LISTING~~ FE1 / Shadow Dragon Together We Ride (Drakeld, WIP delayed) Fire Emblem Theme (Jean of mArc, no WIP) Gaiden / Shadows of Valentia With Mila's Divine Protection (CNDR, 2nd WIP) Mystery of the Emblem / New Mystery: Unclaimed Genealogy of the Holy War Disturbance in Agustria (Minako Sato, WIP) Thracia 776: Unclaimed Binding Blade Roy's Departure (Treyt, WIP) Blazing Sword Distant Roads (KaiS, no WIP) Sacred Stones: Unclaimed Path of Radiance Beautiful Princess Elincia (CNDR, WIP) Power-Hungry Fool (claimed by jentherose, currently out with a rotator cuff injury) Radiant Dawn: Unclaimed Awakening Don't Speak Her Name (Chris Kohler, WIP) Fates Lost In Thoughts All Alone (Lucas Guimaraes, WIP) Three Houses Shambhala Area 17 Redux (Vylent, WIP) The Apex of the World (Samuel Lidstrom, WIP) Heroes Howling Gears/Nidavellir Shout (Vodou Queen, WIP) Engage: Unclaimed If anyone has questions, hit me up here or on the Discord: https://discord.gg/YcSzs5Y7. (please only join if you're interested in participating) Looking forward to what y'all come up with!
  3. I'm working with a team on a A closer-to-the-source-material Castlevania anime adaptation. Project info: “In an era long past, as monarchies weakened, local feudal lords grew in power. The first knights simply protected their lords’ domains. However, with the reforms of the late 11th century, knights became the protectors of the peace. They valued courage and honor, fighting heretics and heathens in God’s name. In this age, one company of knights was said to be invincible due to two men: Leon Belmont, a courageous man who feared nothing and whose combat abilities were second to none, and Mathias Cronqvist, a genius tactician, whose learning made him an exception in a largely illiterate society. They trusted each other completely, and they were bound by an old friendship.” ~Lament of Innocence Prologue i talk strictly from the pov of i-love-this-franchise and i can expand so much on this material if i could do a show. here are some things that will make our series different from the one on netflix: it’s a character drama like symphony of the night. no swearing, sex or nudity. it will have a tasteful amount of blood, as opposed to the gorefest of the netflix show. alcohol will be present but people won’t be black out drunk. our series will not scapegoat the catholic church. the backgrounds and art style will take its inspiration from symphony of the night and the gothic and baroque Eras(Grandeur, realism, emphasizing beauty, majesty, and grace, and for the objects and buildings, using graceful arcs and curves whenever possible. gothic would be for example, stained glass windows. the music will be very medieval and baroque style. I’m working on the show right now with the composer/arranger and the script writer. the series will go through the whole timeline until 6 months after 1999(including events never told before like the Demon Castle War) team biographies here: https://castlevania747013383.wordpress.com/home/ Disclaimer: Konami has not given us the go-ahead yet. we’ll pitch the idea to them once the first six episodes(season 1)are done. project reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/castlevania/comments/qruaxy/a_closertothesourcematerial_castlevania_anime/ and twitter: https://twitter.com/cr_baroque
  4. We have an urgent request for a track to be converted to MIDI format for an artist. The track is Gilder's Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i38c83_TDZo Arcadia Legends is the project, an official OCRemix album. We are in fact almost done and aiming for a 2018 submission to OCR! You will be credited in some form on the album website, thank you!
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