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Found 3 results

  1. Yo, dudes. I'm looking for a free online platform where you can upload and stream (in the best case an unlimited amount of) high quality audio (and maybe video) files with at least 192, 256 or 320 kbit/s audio quality. I'm just a little frustrated that popular platforms like Soundcloud only support up to 128 kbit/s audio quality for streaming. ... 'cause I'm working on a music project with lots of good-sounding cymbals (good-sounding at least in the uncompressed project file) and you really hear the difference after soundcloud has transcoded the lovely hi-fi quality to their kinda degraded 128 kbit/s audio stuff right in the stream. Does somebody know some secretly overlooked platforms for high quality audio uploads out there? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since audio streaming platforms like Clyp fell apart 'cause of a new unlucky financial course (so, with a former free account you won't be be able to upload any further musical content - they still might keep the old content from free accounts, but I deleted my account because with the new rules it wasn't of further use for me since it's also a less known platform)... ... I decided to concentrate much more on Youtube as a free and well-known (and for free conditions pretty good) video and audio streaming platform and Soundcloud as a free (and for free conditions at least fairly good) audio streaming platform. ... In the meantime, I've found another really good video and audio streaming platform where free accounts are possible and very useful. It's a Japanese platform called Nico Nico Douga (or simply called Niconico after 2012). It might not have the big and useful interaction and commenting features (allows only pretty short comments) like Youtube has to offer. But you can still navigate through an English interface for your account and the main features of the platform in English language. And - this is important - you might be able to upload and stream files in a much bigger quality than Youtube allows (possibly files with around 192 kbit/s, 320 kbit/s or maybe even lossless audio files) with a free account. The funny and for Japanese developments pretty iconic thing is that your account develops like a RPG character - with specific points and level ups, depending on your feedback of the community and things like that. I still haven't made it past LV 2 there - but I won't give up so easily. ^__^ Definitely a platform with very great potencial - so, feel free to check it out: https://www.nicovideo.jp/ ------------------------------- So, just to make a little list with free and useful video + audio streaming platforms or just audio streaming platforms for every content creator or content savourer out there: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Youtube https://www.youtube.com/ 2) Niconico https://www.nicovideo.jp/ 3) Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/ If you know other free, really good and innovative platforms like these ones (which might remain free, really good and innovative in the future as well), feel free to share your knowledge with the rest of this community and I might add further ones. ))
  2. I've been working on remixing the entire soundtrack of a particular game for a very long time now, and it's finally nearing completion. Each song transitions into the next, and I've got them all mixed into one long audio file in order for them to play that way. However, now I'm having a bit of trouble cutting them up perfectly so that the songs can be separated and still segue 100% smoothly into one another. Does anybody know if there's a program or something that I could use to easily cut the tracks up, or do I just have to bring them into an audio software and define the start/end points as painstakingly carefully as possible so that it lines up?
  3. Might already be a thread about this but I have to ask. What is your stance on the loudness war? Sure, most of us out there don't mix our tracks to clipping/overcompression levels, but I bet most of us get the track sounding as good as possible - while being as loud as possible. There is a volume knob. Why not use that? Is it to fit in with other track volumes? It is just because its "common practice"? In some cases, are we slaves to what are considered good production practices? Does that cloud our judgement? What do you guys do?
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