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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Everybody! So I finally was able to upgrade to a more decent laptop and I'm moving from garageband to Logic Pro X (choose logic because of similarities with garageband) My question here is, where to start regarding music samples and libraries??? Logic pro has some sounds that come with it, but they don't sound awesome except for the drum sets (in my opinion) I did some research on google and on the forum, and I'm overwhelmed with all the results and sounds, samples and stuff available, from free to expensive ones, I don't know what to do. Of course I'm looking for the free stuff because I don't have the money to spend and because I'm just starting to seriously try to produce my music. I would like to ask for help, if someone could point me to the best free sounds or samples available. What do YOU use? My music doesn't have a genre in specific, I have influences from classical, latin, electronic, rock, pop, and more, so I'm looking for sounds from all "popular" instruments like brass, woodwinds, strings, bass, guitars, and of course synth and electronic sounds too. If there's a thread or discussion with this information that I didn't see, please point me to it. All help is appreciated, thank you for your time and I hope to share my remixes soon. (also need to learn some equalization and masterization, so info on those topics is welcome too)
  2. So, I work at a library and we're going to create a video game collection that patrons can check out. Being primarily a pc gamer, I'm not as knowledgeable on console games as I used to be. Basically, any suggestions? Probably keep it PS4/XBox One but the previous generations aren't out completely. We'll probably wait until the Nintendo Switch to get Nintendo Games, but 3DS is good. Since they'll be checked out and returned, it can't be something that multiple people can't use. I'm not sure what the online console world is like anymore. Would Battlefront or Titanfall work for this? Also, keep in mind, that we'll be sticking with E-T ratings and kids and teens will be the ones that see the collection the most. Thanks!
  3. Hello Remixers, I am wondering if I should seek to invest in a good string library, and if so, what are some recommendations? I already have Komplete 9 Ultimate which comes with Action Strings, Session Strings Pro, and Kontakt Strings. I don't know if it is just my skills falling short of making them sound good, or if I could use better source material. I use both FL Studio and Sibelius 7.5 as DAWs. I've done a lot of research, but I don't want to spend the money if it's just my skills that need the upgrade. I've been playing violin for almost 20 yrs and have played in several orchestras. I know what "good" sounds like, but I am new to the remixing scene. Thanks! Rodok SDG
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