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  1. So the dates and location for MAGWest 2018 have been announced and for the sophomore installment of the western branch of MAG, it'll be happening August 10-12, 2018 at the Santa Clara Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara, California just as with last year. Thought I'd start a thread off much sooner than last year's to get a good idea of who's gonna be there again, who's showing up for the first time, and I'm really not gonna actually sort by those criteria so if you're gonna be there or are thinkin' about it let me know.
  2. Hello ocremix! As you may already know, a big thing called MAGFest is happening soon, and Dwelling of Duels will once again be a part of it: http://super.magfest.org/guest2018/dwelling-of-duels/ This time around, the theme is Multiplayer - you can cover anything from games featuring multiplayer gameplay, whether it is local or online, co-op or versus, turn-based or realtime. Also, entries have to be a collaboration of two or more artists. The deadline for entries is January 2nd, 1PM EST. Send your entries to dodsongs@gmail.com. And did I mention that there are some prizes for the winners? That's right, the winners get some Impact Soundworks goodies. So what are you waiting for, pick a song and start working on your entry! If you happen to be at MAGFest, be sure to check out the listening party! You can dance, headbang, sleep or just hang out with cool people. I guarantee it's gonna be fun. For those not familiar with DoD: Dwelling of Duels is a monthly (or sometimes bi-monthly) video game music remixing competition started back in 2003. The focus is on live instruments: each entry needs to have a main instrument played live. A theme is picked for each duel and all the entries have to follow the theme. At the end of the month, listeners vote for the songs and a winner is decided. To this day, there have been: - 3010 entries, from - 1152 games, by - 761 artists, in - 166 duels, having - 179+ hours of music! http://dwellingofduels.net/
  3. Hello! As you may or may not know, MAGFest is happening soon, and just like every year for the past decade, we'll be having a special month over at Dwelling of Duels, with a live listening party at MAGFest! Exact details about the listening party to follow. The tradition is to pick a unique and interesting theme for the MAGFest duel, and this time it's... 80s vs 90s Month That's right, we're pitting two awesome decades against each other! Which had the better video games? Which had the better music? Which had the better video game music? All of these questions will be answered this month. Artists can chose either the 80s or the 90s, and remix songs from a game (or multiple games) released in that decade. Featuring games from both decades in a single entry is not allowed. Other than that, all standard rules apply: http://dwellingofduels.net/rules/ Now, what makes this duel special, other than the live listening party, you ask? Well, we're happy to announce a partnership with Impact Soundworks! Top 3 artists (or groups/bands) will each get one library out of the following: Super Audio Cart, Shreddage Bass 2, Shreddage Guitar or Shreddage Drums. Fun fact: Shreddage Bass 2 was recorded by the ocremix artist, bass virtuoso and the person with the most DoD gold medals, Tony Dickinson a.k.a. Prince uf Darkness! But wait, there's more: entrants will be able to get a 10% discount on all Impact Soundworks libraries! So, get your instruments ready, start making some music, and enter the duel! Deadline for submissions is January 3rd, 2017 at 1PM EST. Send your entries to dodsongs@gmail.com. If you come to MAGFest, be sure to drop by the listening party (80s or 90s fashion not required). We promise it's gonna be fun, as you can see in this video: For those not familiar with DoD: Dwelling of Duels is a monthly (or sometimes bi-monthly) video game music remixing competition started back in 2003. The focus is on live instruments: each entry needs to have a main instrument played live. A theme is picked for each duel and all the entries have to follow the theme. At the end of the month, listeners vote for the songs and a winner is decided. To this day, there have been: - 2778 entries, from - 1070 games, by - 714 artists, in - 154 duels, having - 167+ hours of music! http://dwellingofduels.net/
  4. JANUARY 3, 2017 - NOW UPDATED FOR MAGFEST XV / 2017 Since 2012, I've been updating this guide for the Gaylord Hotel and National Harbor area for MAGFest attendees. We're back for 2017! Just dress warmly this time, because it's gonna be freezing this weekend and ice levels suck. As always, if anyone has suggestions on stuff to add, just post and I'll amend. If anyone wants to make plans, then I'm game (I'll be on Discord). ________________________________________________________________ GENERAL INFO: ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ GENERAL AREA The Gaylord Resort is gorgeous. The Atrium, Hotel, and Convention Center are all connected, and most overflow hotels are <2 blocks away. In The Atrium there are several shops and restaurants, though most are high-end or have bad food, so you're usually better off walking a few blocks for food/supplies. The area was planned, so most things are 2-5 blocks away and there are maps everywhere. There are plenty of shops/restaurants (details below), and while most are expensive, there are some affordable options. I'll give suggestions for different budgets/tastes below. (Also in 2016 the MGM Grand was built in the area. Fortunately that's like a mile up from the Gaylord so you shouldn't run into any congestion from there.) HOTELS For the Gaylord Hotel, budget an hour to check in (they're fast but can still get swamped), and an hour to check out and get out of the parking garage (seriously it can be a mess). Main up-side for the Gaylord is that you're right at the con and don't have to don a coat to head back to your room. Main down-side is that it's more expensive and doesn't have any free amenities. For the overflow hotels: checking in and out is faster, but it can still take half an hour or so to get out of the garages. Main up-side for the overflows is that they're often cheaper and many (like Residence Inn) even have free breakfast! Main down-side is that you can't just pop back to your room as easily from the con. PARKING/TRANSPORT For those driving in who have a hotel, use their parking -- that will normally be your cheapest option. For those driving in each day, the public garages are all $16/day. (Be careful! They charge a flat rate if you come in after 8pm regardless of how long you're there, whether it's 5 minutes or 5 hours.) Don't bother with street parking as meters are only good for 2 hours and have 24-hour enforcement. For those not driving, there're really three options: (1) take a cab, Uber, or Lyft from whatever station/airport you're coming in from, (2) take the airport shuttle from DCA to the Gaylord for $19, or (3) take the Metro Green Line to Branch Ave (link) and then the NH1 bus to National Harbor (schedule) -- unfortunately the buses stop running before 11PM, and Metro trains stop running by 12AM (even on weekends). EATING I have specific restaurant lists below, but here's a brief rundown: For breakfast, there aren't a lot of good inexpensive options. Check if your hotel offers free breakfast though (Residence Inn and some of the other hotels do, but Gaylord does not); otherwise, you're better off buying some cereal, granola bars, fruit, etc.. For lunch/dinner, most restaurants are crowded at peak hours (Nando's, Elevation Burger, and Rosa Mexicano especially). Try off-peak hours and check which restaurants are open late. For the budget-conscious, there are some inexpensive options I've highlighted. Better still is also to bring in your own food (like breakfast) or buy at some of the stores around (like Potomac Gourmet or CVS). Drink lots of water. Even if it's cold, you need water. POKEMON HUNTING It's pretty good hunting here. There're 34 Pokestops, 2 gyms, and plenty of Pokemon besides the usual Pidgey/Rattata trash. You can catch a bagload pretty easily walking through the streets, in the Gaylord, or along the waterfront. Unless you're Team Instinct, then you can get rekt. *** ________________________________________________________________ RESTAURANTS: ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ There're plenty of restaurants in the area. I've checked out nearly all of the ones over the years that might be more appealing to MAGFest-goers. THE SHORT LISTS: Recommended (starting with the best): - Nando's Peri-Peri - Elevation Burger - Fiorella - Granite City Food & Brewery - Rosa Mexicano - Succotash On the cheap (starting with the cheapest): - Subway - Potbelly Sandwich Works - Chipotle - Nando's Peri-Peri - Potomac Gourmet Market (for ready-made soups/sandwiches) Breakfast options (starting with the morningest): - Harbor Coffee - Potomac Gourmet Market (for ready-made soups/sandwiches) - Subway Dessert options (starting with the sweetest): - SPAGnVOLA Chocolatier - Pinkberry - Ben & Jerry's THE CHANGE LOG: Here are some of the places that have disappeared in the last 2 years: - Harrington's Pub & Kitchen - Baja Fresh - Freshii - Nature's Table Here are some of the places that are new in the last 2 years: - Chipotle (replaced empty lot) - Franks & Shakes (replaced Nature's Table) - The Irish Whisper (replaced half of Harrington's) - Brother Jimmy's BBQ (replaced the other half of Harrington's) - Granite City Food & Brewery (replaced construction) - Succotash (replaced Baja Fresh and Freshii) - Redstone American Grill (replaced empty lot) THE LONG LIST: I've divided this into 3 sections: (1) breakfast/lunch/dinner places, (2) coffee/snack/dessert places, and (3) places to cross off the list. They're roughly in order of best-to-middling, though I try to balance quality with cost. Also, where I can, I've marked the cost (from $=$10/person to $$$$=$40/person) and my own subjective assessment (from 1/4 to 4/4). (1) For breakfast/lunch/dinner: Nando's Peri-Peri ($, 5/4) PROS: Everything! Inexpensive ($8-$12, no tipping needed). Food is delicious. Chicken is legendary. Vegetarian options are good. Even when it's crowded, you get a seat quicker than most other places. CONS: It gets crowded and noisy at night, sometimes. Yet they still manage to be faster at seating you than other places. (Most people who know me know I'm a huge Nando's fan and advocate. I usually go to a Nando's once a week on average. It's just that good.) Fiorella Pizzeria E Caffe ($$, 3/4) PROS: Moderately priced and decent Italian/Pizza place (even for someone like me who isn't big on Italian food). They're also good with seating large groups (when they have room, so calling ahead wouldn't hurt). CONS: Desserts are a little subpar, really that's about it. (Good option if you're in the mood for Italian, and don't mind walking down to the harbor area.) Elevation Burger ($, 3/4) PROS: Cheap and good burgers ($5-$10), and the vegetarian & vegan burgers are both good. CONS: Gets extremely crowded at peak hours. Also, the burgers alone are small -- get a side dish, a milkshake, or something on the side. There's also not much sitting room inside. (Good option for lunch if it's not too crowded. Take my advice and get fries or a shake with your order though.) Granite City Food & Brewery ($$, 3/4) PROS: Relatively inexpensive ($15-20), good food, and plenty of seating for larger groups. This is also open pretty late ('til 11pm Thursday, 'til 12am Friday-Saturday). CONS: Not much, actually. Crowds are typically not that bad either. (Typical American fare. Main thing that sets it apart also is how late it's open and that it has plenty of seating room.) Potomac Gourmet ($, 2/4) PROS: This is a grocery store, but they have some to-go soup and pre-packaged sandwiches, generally for under $7 for a quick lunch. Fresh fruits/veg, also. CONS: It's just a grocery store, not a restaurant, but it's a good option for a quick meal. (This is the best place if you're in a hurry. If you're getting groceries here it's not cheap, but the ready-made lunch options are actually less expensive than most other places here.) Succotash ($$$, 4/4) PROS: Great southern restaurant (Louisiana-to-South Carolina area) and very generous portions, especially with the side dishes. CONS: Rather expensive ($20-30). The main reason it's this high on the list is because the portions are generous enough to make this a decent value. (I rate this highly because of my fondness for Southern food, and the portion size. The fries, succotash, and anything fried is good, but skip the watermelon and peanuts.) Rosa Mexicano ($$$, 4/4) PROS: Fantastic food (and get the guacamole if you're going to come here). You will be very full after eating here, so you may as well go in the early afternoon, eat a full three course meal, and skip dinner -- it's worth it. CONS: It's not cheap. It can also get crowded, especially at night, and it may take up to 2 hours to get a table without a reservation. (This place is my favorite for high-quality Mexican food. Also the portions are generous; after eating lunch here I end up skipping dinner... However, the price and long wait rule it out for most people.) Crab Cake Cafe ($$, 2/4) PROS: Well, it has Maryland Crab Cakes. Those are always good. CONS: If I wanted to spend $14 on a sandwich, I'd just go to one of the other sit-down restaurants. (The prices aren't listed in the window, but the vegetarian sandwich is $11 and the crab cakes are all $13-14.) (Only good if you really want some crab cakes. Otherwise, no reason to go.) Thai Pavilion ($$, 2/4) PROS: It's the only Thai restaurant in the area, and it (now) has a decent vegetarian menu. Price is rather decent also. CONS: Honestly it's a little below-average for a Thai restaurant. (Good if you're craving Thai food, but otherwise I'd pass.) Potbelly Sandwich Works ($) PROS: Inexpensive but filling sandwiches. And I've always liked their milkshakes. They're also usually good about handling the lunch rush. CONS: The line will go out the door at lunch, and there won't be any place inside to sit unless you're lucky. Though, they get through the line at a pretty fast pace. Subway ($) PROS: ...it's Subway. CONS: ...it's Subway. Chipotle ($) [NEW!] PROS: ...it's Chipotle. CONS: ...it's Chipotle. McDonald's ($) PROS: ...it's McDonald's. CONS: ...it's McDonald's, and all the way out in the gas station a half mile from the convention. Franks & Shakes ($) [NEW!] (Haven't been here.) Practically fast food, and to be honest there're better options around for fast food (Chipotle, Subway) and shakes (Potbelly, Elevation Burger). The Irish Whisper ($$) [NEW!] (Haven't been here.) This place appears to have replaced Harrington's (which was another Irish pub). However it's predominantly drinks and pub fare. Brother Jimmy's BBQ ($$) [NEW!] (Haven't been here.) Uh... guys, I may be southern but I also don't eat pork, so I have no idea how to evaluate good BBQ. Someone check this out and let me know. Although the reviews aren't very promising. Bobby McKey's ($$$) (Haven't been here.) Open late and sandwiches look moderately priced, but everything else looks pricey. Cadillac Ranch ($$$) (Haven't been here.) Open late and sandwiches look moderately priced, but everything else looks pricey and the Yelp reviews aren't great. They do have a mechanical bull, though. Public House ($$$) (Haven't been here.) Sandwiches are moderately priced, entrees are expensive though. It gets very crowded on weekends. Yelp reviews aren't great, but it could be worth a try? (2) For coffee/dessert SPAGnVOLA Chocolatier (¢¢, 5/4) As a chocolate lover, SPAGnVOLA is one of my favorite chocolatiers, second only to Lindt. The hot chocolate, gelato, and pretty much everything else here is delicious (mind you, some of the treats like bonbons/truffles are pricey, but the coffee, gelato, and hot chocolate are all reasonable). Harbor Coffee (¢, 3/4) Good coffee, and the same price as any other place. It's about 2-3 blocks from the hotel, as opposed to in the hotel -- that's the only down-side. The Coffee Bean (in the hotel) (¢, 2/4) It's passable for a quick coffee fix since it's in the hotel, but that's it. Harbor Coffee is a better option if you're willing to walk. Pinkberry (¢, 3/4) Delicious frozen yogurt with toppings. They also claim to be open late (allegedly until 12am on Saturdays). The Peeps Store (¢, n/a) It's Peeps. Where else are you gonna find an entire store devoted to these marshmallow chicks? They have other merchandise too. Ben & Jerry's (¢, 2/4) ...It's Ice Cream. It's not Nice Cream, but it's still ok. (3) Probably should avoid Redstone ($$$, 2/4) Some of the food options (anything with buffalo sauce or roasted) is actually decent, and it has a great view of the harbor plus good service. Unfortunately, it's way too expensive given that the quality of the food is not that high, and you can get much better food for less at places like Granite City, Succotash, or Fiorella. National Pastime Sports Bar & Grill (in the hotel) ($$, 0/4) The only reason to go is to watch the playoff games. However the food is overpriced and really, really not that good. McCormick & Schmick's ($$$$, 4/4) The food is actually very good, but it's very expensive. I don't think many folks came here to drop that kind of cash. McLoone's Pier House ($$$$, 4/4) Like McCormick, the food here is also very good, yet very expensive. Grace's Mandarin ($$$$, -1/4) The food is overpriced and comes in small portions, the decorations are gaudy, and the waitresses dress like a cross between P. F. Chang's and Hooters. Old Hickory Steakhouse (in the hotel) Moon Bay Coastal Cuisine (in the hotel) Pienza Italian Market (in the hotel) Bond 45 Sauciety (Haven't been to any of these places) I can't speak to the quality of any of these places -- some of them even look quite good -- but the prices are very high and I don't think anyone came to drop that kind of money here. ________________________________________________________________ CHALLENGE MODES: ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Below is a specific strategy guide for some players who are looking for a challenge, whether out of necessity or... well, usually necessity. VEGETARIAN MODE: Fortunately the DC area is pretty friendly to vegetarians, so you have plenty of good options among most of the places I listed above. I'll list out the best places for vegetarians and strats at each. Nando's Peri-Peri: Many vegetarian options -- the halloumi cheese wrap, roasted vegetable wrap, veggie burger, and all of the sides, are good. You're not missing out by just going vegetarian here. Elevation Burger: Their vegetarian and vegan burgers are pretty good, and if you're fine with dairy then you can still get their shakes. Rosa Mexicano: They have a specific vegetarian menu. When you sit down, ask for that -- it'll give you more options than you may see on the normal menu. Succotash: There are fewer vegetarian options here, but still enough, and they clearly label which items are vegetarian or vegan on the lunch and dinner menus. Remember their side dish portions are pretty huge. Fiorella: There are several vegetarian options as long as you're fine with cheese. Chipotle: Still has your beans/rice/cheese options as always. Subway: Well, if you're running out of options, you can always get the veggie sandwich at Subway. I'm always suspicious of their veggie patties though. VEGAN MODE: The DC area is also relatively friendly to vegans, though understandably your options will be more limited than vegetarians. But! You'll still have plenty of options here. Nando's Peri-Peri: The only good vegan options are the roasted vegetable wrap (ask for it without cheese) and butternut squash salad, plus most of the sides. Mind you, those are all still really good, so you're not missing out by joining us for a Nando's run. Elevation Burger: Their vegan burger is good. However, make sure you are specific that you don't want any cheese on it (I've actually had this problem at other Elevation Burgers). Rosa Mexicano: Similar as the vegetarian mode, ask for a vegetarian menu when you sit down -- you'll have way more options. Many (though not all) of the items on there can also be made without cheese upon request. Succotash: There aren't many vegan main dishes, but most of the side dishes (which have generous portions) are vegan. The menu clearly specifies what is vegetarian or vegan, too. Fiorella: There are fewer options here -- mostly just pasta and sauce, or some custom orders without cheese, but I haven't tried either so I can't vouch for quality there. Chipotle: ...when in doubt, there's Chipotle. Subway: ...and when all else fails, there's still Subway. CHEAPSKATE MODE: So you want to get through spending as little on food as possible? Well, that involves a little bit of a different strategy. The short version is that you should make a grocery run before you get to MAGFest, and just store what you need in the mini-fridge for breakfast and lunch, and eat out for dinner. Prioritize fruits, ditch the junk food, and drink plenty of water. So here are some specifics: Breakfast: If you're in an overflow hotel, see if they have free breakfast and eat your fill their -- maybe even enough to pass on lunch (your choice). Otherwise, pack some cereal, milk, and disposable bowls/spoons; OR some granola bars (...not the kind that are no better than candy); OR some fruit like bananas and apples. Don't skip breakfast -- you just end up hungrier and more tired. Lunch: A bit more of a challenge, but you can tide yourself over with other things you've packed or stocked up on beforehand. Fruit (apples, bananas, oranges, etc.), peanut butter crackers, granola bars, yogurt, etc., can help you last until dinner. And drink lots of water. Dinner: Unless you plan on bringing like a portable hotplate (...honestly this is a bad idea unless you have a lot of room, like in the suites, and even then really know what you're doing), allow yourself to eat out for dinner. The best low-cost options are Nando's, Potbelly, Subway, Chipotle, and Potomac Gourmet. Other: Drink lots of water. Yes I know I keep repeating this, but it keeps you from getting too hungry, and makes it less likely you'll get sick. Also, if you run low on anything, CVS and Potomac Gourmet should have what you need to restock. HEALTHY MODE: ...um... ...I'm not good at this one... OA would give better advice here. ________________________________________________________________ OTHER PLACES: ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ Not many folks going to MAG are planning on shopping, but there are a few things around that you might want to be aware of. CVS There's a CVS right across from Nando's Peri-Peri, if you need to grab anything you couldn't pack on your way in. Urgent Care There's an urgent care clinic just up from CVS (from the hotel, turn right around the corner of the CVS). Just keep this in mind in case you catch MAGFlu and need to check in. Potomac Gourmet This is a small upscale grocery store. Fruits/veg, packaged food, soup and sandwiches, that kind of thing, you can stock up on here. The price is slightly above-average, but not bad unless you plan on doing a month's worth of shopping here. I prefer just having the soups/sandwiches if I need a quick lunch from here (you can get an ok lunch for under $7 from here). Stonewall Kitchen This is not a place for buying food. It's just a cookware place (like Dean & Deluca or Sur La Table). Bubble Bounce This is not a restaurant. It is an indoor playground where you can drop off your kids. For some reason the National Harbor guide lists it under their restaurants on some maps. Don't be fooled unless you want an uncomfortable conversation. Capital Teas And this is a tea store I really don't like. The tea is of really poor quality yet they charge a ton for it. The Awakening Baja Fresh, Freshii, and Nature's Table are gone, but this thing is still here...
  5. Who is going to MAGLabs next month? http://magfest.org/maglabs It is the newly-named MAGFest Classic at the old location! Besides the elevators, the hotel was super sweet, and the smaller crowd it holds is a lot better for general chilling. Nothing can take the place of the legit main MAGFest, but the theme this year is sort of like Portal, and features a lot of experimentation. OverClocked ReMix is going to be there as well, experimenting with some new and cool panel ideas. Also, OverClocked community people performing there: DJ FLEXSTYLE OVERCLOCKED UNIVERSITY STARGATE Confirmed OverClocked community attendees: Arrow Bahamut DarkeSword Detective Tuesday djpretzel DragonAvenger Flexstyle Geoffrey Taucer Level 99 Neblix OA theshaggyfreak Tom the Drummer If you are coming to but aren't on the list, let me know so I can add you!
  6. I have a personal goal to play a live show at MAGfest. I live in Japan so this is not going to be easy. But before that, I just want to know what people go to MAGfest concerts to hear? There are already millions of game music cover bands playing there, right? Do people just want more covers of the classics? Do they want bands covering less popular games? Do they want original music? I have lots of ideas for cool concerts I'd like to throw and now I finally want to create a set and go there and do it?
  7. Hello OCR. As far as I can tell, this is the best place place to post this but feel free to move it, or whatever. This is my set from this past MAGFest, my first set at a major festival. I'm a new act. OCR: thoughts? What do you all like about this? What don't you like? Is this too weird sounding? Not weird enough? Would you go out of your way to see this? Should I keep trying to do this? If you were there would you keep listening or not? In sum: would you buy this for a dollar? Known issues: video is out of sync for some tracks (I'll fix my own copy later, is MF's official stream. It's better in the second half) and the visuals were a big component of this but they are unfortunately really hard to see. : / I'm in Chapel Hill NC. If you are (in) a band, where are you, and do you want to play a show with me? Cheers, Trev
  8. Star Wars, Episode VII: The DoD Awakening #1 Claude D. - Star Wars - Boozin' in Mos Eisley - good +0.05 #2 Ivan Hakštok - Star Wars - Sidious - good -0.39 #3 Shipluss - Star Wars: Battlefront 2 - Life in Space - good -0.45 #4 streifig - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - Her Battle Meditation - above average +0.43 #5 Boroda-kun - Star Wars - Death Star Drakkar - above average +0.35 #6 Sagnewshreds - Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back - You Must Become a Shredi Master - above average +0.18 #7 Hat - Star Wars - The Band - above average -0.01 #8 Daniel Alm - Star Wars [JVC] - That Wookiee Boy Ain't Right - above average -0.48 #9 The Valley Kings - Star Wars [JVC] - Your Princess is in Another System - average +0.48 #10 pingosimon - Star Wars - Imperial March - average +0.27 Voters: 17 New Year is here and finally you can see the epic conclusion to this December saga. Congrats to Claude D(arth)., Ob-Ivan Hakštok and Imperial Starshipluss! And to everyone who entered, the force is strong with all of you. Thanks to everyone who listened and voted! Check out the updated songs: At the Month Page: http://dwellingofduels.net/duel.php?dir=15-12-StarWars&month=Star%20Wars&img=15-12-StarWars As a .zip pack: http://dwellingofduels.net/dodarchive/15-12-StarWars/15-12-StarWars.zip On YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8gbAdBgHQUYzvzknEAPOtBzWlLQGPbVS Okay, enough with Star Wars puns, next month is... Collaboration Month! It's a free month with one condition: NO SOLO ENTRIES! You have to collaborate with someone. Or bring your band. No entry should feature a single person, because this is Collaboration Month, period. In the spirit of the theme, the banner was made by a group of Anonymous DoD Artists. The listening party is gonna be held live at MAGFest 2016! Get to Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in Maryland on February 18-21 and join us at the celebration of all things VGM. Gonna be fun. The songs are due: February, 16th, 11:59 AM EST Send your entries to dodsongs@gmail.com
  9. Hey there OCR buddies! I just realized that MAG is starting tomorrow and nobody has posted about this. This Saturday is going to be amazing for anyone who loves live VG music. So the folks over at The Shizz got the amazing opportunity to have a space to run their own show thanks to the MAG staff being so kick ass and valuing the community aspect of MAGFest. We decided to book a bunch of really rad video game remix/cover bands to make this weekend as amazing as possible for all fans of live music. We managed to book some bands who we think are essential to having a good time at MAGFest including mainstays like Super Guitar Bros, X Hunters and Marshall Art as well as newcomers like Vic VIper and The Mountain Chiefs. Carbohydrom's new band is even playing Also TWO Bit Brigade sets in the same day? What more could anyone ask for!? I am extremely excited for this, and hope to see a ton of you raging with us. Here's the official flier/lineup:
  10. September 11-13, 2015 Hilton Alexandria Mark Center, Arlington, VA http://classic.magfest.org Let's talk video game music! OC ReMix: Honoring (and Boom-Tss'ing) Video Game Music Since 1999! PANEL TIME TBD Panelists: djpretzel Arrow DarkeSword José the Bronx Rican
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