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Found 2 results

  1. Surprised there wasn't already a thread for this, but happy 30th birthday, Metroid!! This series means so much to me, and Metroid Prime in particular is one of my favorite games ever. Anyone doing anything to celebrate today? I'm working my way through AM2R, the fan remake of Metroid 2 with my roommate - the full version FINALLY released today after years of hard work and the game is seriously amazing, highly recommended! Any favorite games from the series, or even more specifically, moments from games? I probably have too many to list, but a couple for me are: First stepping foot in the Chozo Ruins in Metroid Prime and having the camera pan around to show the abandoned temple structures Pretty much anything to do with avoiding the SA-X when it's revealed how powerful it is and knowing you're no match If anyone's got any fan works, I'd love to see/hear them! I've been hard at work myself over the past 6 months or so, putting together a few original tracks to try to capture what the series means to me (made a separate thread for it, if anyone's interested). If you've made anything to celebrate Metroid recently (or maybe not so recently!), post it up!
  2. SEQUENCE BREAKER Happy 30th birthday, Metroid!! I've been working for the last half year on a few original tracks to pay homage to one of my favorite series in the most unique way I can. The tracks heavily emulate the sound choices of Metroid Prime, my favorite game in the series, to give the listener something familiar but also something new. Thanks for listening From the album notes: " "Sequence Breaker" is my personal love letter to the Metroid series, encapsulating the wonderment inspired by the striking beauty of the games' environments and introspective storytelling. The soundscapes in each track were chosen - and often created from scratch - to heavily emulate the music from Metroid Prime, my favorite game in the series, while keeping each piece unique to me as a composer. Every melody, chord progression, and percussive hit was crafted with a deep love, and I truly hope you enjoy this impassioned tribute to an amazing series as much as I enjoyed creating it! Each original composition was inspired by specific pieces, moments, environments, or characters in the Metroid series. Some are fairly overt, others less so. Since creating a consistent and enveloping atmosphere is so crucial to the series' emotional conveyance, each track was designed with the same sense of sentient world-building. My goal was to enable the listener to create their own narrative as the album progresses, walking through familiar worlds or exploring new ones in their mind's eye. Above all else, this release is a gift to Metroid fans everywhere, including myself. Please enjoy the first installment of what will assuredly be an ongoing project, with many more releases in the future!" Pete
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