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Found 11 results

  1. Hi :)! I finished new cover. It's Underwater theme from Super Mario Bros. I went for the clean guitar and i think it turned out quite okay. Feedback is appreciated! Here is the Cover: Here is the Original:
  2. Another day, another WIP, another song (to become) ^^ This is a heavily arranged version of the Staff Roll BGM from "Wild Guns". I'm not gonna lie -- this is clearly inspired by W.A.S.P. and their original masterpiece "Wild Child" as well as its Battle Beast version. There's also a bit of Toshiharu Yamanishi and Hyakutarou Tsukumo influence in there too for all you "Thunder Force" fans Currently in the recording/polishing state but I guess I might also take in consideration some feedback already before it's too late to change anything. Original: Remix: Enjoy and comment
  3. Here is the tune: http://vocaroo.com/i/s0HBVVMkO8NM It's the Classic Super Mario Theme remixed. I just can't find the full version nor the name of who remixed it. Any help?
  4. Hey everyone, So, the idea for this track was birthed out of the most recent MnP Competition. I've been playing around with this for close to two weeks. After getting the song into a more stable place I feel comfortable getting this evaluated and seeing how close or far away I am from the threshold of OCR's standards for submission. I feel this is an improvement from my last remix and would like to try and submit this song to the site, if it's not too far off from the standards. This is like some weird combo between synth wave and standard electronic fare. The idea was to mimic the concept in my head of being on an alien train going between different stations, in this case Brinstar and Torvus. While I know what the concept is, that does not ring true for everyone else and may just come across as disjointed or incohesive, so I want to make sure this isn't going to be a problem for the judges. I'm also worried the lead may be too powerful. Tested my song on a couple different speakers and it sounded a little iffy on one but fine on the other. Even if you are not an evaluator I welcome any and all feedback, or just general comments. Thanks!
  5. So I decided that since I like OC ReMix so much, and since I've always been into music, that I'd start doing remixes. Here's my take on Super Metroid's Mysterious Statue Chamber and Tension tracks (mashed together), which both are basically the same song with a few noted differences. I thought it would be neat to mix the two seeing that they were so similar. These tracks are used for the music before boss fights, mainly Kraid and the morph ball bomb chozo statue. Source tracks: The mix itself might be somewhat loud, but everything should be properly mixed. There is a lot of low-end bass, but nothing that should break anyone's speakers. Once I was finished and made sure nothing clipped the master channel, I bounced it to .wav and converted to .mp3 with Nero Recode. Made in Ableton Live 9 with various Kontakt instruments. Dropbox link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/65459588/Remixes/Harmonic%20Dread.mp3 The mp3 might say it is around 5 minutes, but it is only about 3. Not sure why. any advice would be great before I submit this, it feels 95% complete to me but there might be something I'm missing.
  6. First off, I'll preface by saying that while personally I don't think it's QUITE the best track in the game (I reserve that spot for "Revelation Mountain"), I still think this is such a great track. I think someone should do a symphonic rock or jazz combo ReMix with some rad solos---maybe guitar, maybe violin, maybe both. Any badass guitarists or jazz groups out there willing to take on the challenge? Feel free to mix in "Dialga's Fight to the Finish!" if you want; that can fit as well, as this sounds really similar. BONUS: If you want me to collab, I'd be glad to, but I'm more willing to collab with someone else on this than to start this particular ReMix first.
  7. Hey, guys! Been a while since I posted here. I just finished an atmospheric medley of several Pokemon Mystery Dungeon tracks that I started two months ago. Total project time is about 31 hours. Feel free to make any comments you wish! ReMix: Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon - 'CONNECTED!' Sources: Revelation Mountain, Tree of Life (Roots), Dialga's Fight to the Finish! (PMD2) The ReMix title is based on the many alliances you make in the game, and the "CONNECTED!" message that pops up in the middle of the screen. Source Breakdown: 0:15.00 - 0:30.00 = Revelation Mountain (0:00.00 - 0:07.56) 0:30.00 - 0:59.05 = Revelation Mountain (0:07.56 - 0:37.62) 1:00.00 - 1:15.00 = Revelation Mountain (0:00.00 - 0:07.56) 1:15.00 - 1:26.23 = Tree of Life (Roots) (0:11.49 - 0:19.85) atop Revelation Mountain (0:00.00 - 0:07.56) 1:30.00 - 1:57.82 = Revelation Mountain (1:49.29 - 2:03.26, 0:31.00 - 0:35.39) 2:00.94 - 2:02.83, 2:04.69 - 2:06.55, 2:08.12 - 2:10.95 = Revelation Mountain (0:07.56 - 0:37.62) [big polyrhythmic transition/shift!] 2:15.00 - 2:36.57 = Revelation Mountain (0:48.64 - 1:14.67) [mainly chord progression, plus the lead and the accompanying arpeggios] 2:37.50 - 2:51.88 = Tree of Life (Roots) (0:33.81 - 1:29.96) 2:51.88 - 3:07.50 = Final Fight (PMD2) (1:34.06 - 1:50.27) atop Tree of Life (Roots) (0:33.81 - 1:29.96) 3:07.50 - 3:37.50 = Revelation Mountain (1:48.36 - 2:03.26) 3:37.50 - 4:00.20 = Revelation Mountain (0:07.56 - 0:15.08) ["fade-out" via reverb automation] 15.00 + 29.05 + 15.00 + 11.23 + 27.82 + 1.89 + 1.86 + 2.87 + 21.57 + 14.38 + 15.62 + 30.00 + 22.70 = 208.99/246.00 = ~84.96% ----- I'm also providing the first WIP version if you want to see how it developed! (edited to remove other WIPs, so I can save Box bandwidth) V1: https://app.box.com/s/k6jh00xqal6kh766bnfrbkodsavhrfyq
  8. Link to Remix: Description: I wanted to make some DnB and i ended with this, what do you think about it?
  9. Hi people! I have finished my newest Street Fighter arrangement. This is actually my first cover that includes two themes in one. Here is the cover: And here are the original ones: Super Street Fighter IV - Theme of Akuma Super Street Fighter IV - Theme of Gouken It was very fun to arrange this because i love the intensity in both themes. Akumas theme is a bit more furious, while Goukens theme is more peaceful. So i wanted to bring those elements in my cover too. DAW: Mixcraft 7 Electric Guitar: Ibanez RG370 lefthanded. Bass: Mixcraft 7 Drums: EZDrummer What do you think about it? Is there something that is too loud, or too low? Every feedback is important to me .
  10. This updated version of this remix is no longer available.
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