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Sega Saturn Overview Remix Project?


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There are only 7 remixes on this interesting system.

197 on the play station

47 in the Nintendo sixty four not including the projects.

I know the only reason i am on this forum is to be a bitch and make requests or be all pisssy. But seriously we have nintendogs and play station fan boys running the show. If you are offended, be offended, if your not, something is wrong with you. The poor sega saturn boys are all left out. I am getting fruity tulips program, but its going to be awhile before i even think about submitting unless its overlooked remixes. This is just an idea to the somewhat bias Oc remix community.

Try making a project with various sega saturn games like:


Bug /:

Burning Rangers

Clockwork Knights

Daytona USA

Galaxy Fight


The house of the Dead

Mr. Bones

Nights into Dreams

Panzer Dragoon

Radiant SilverGun

Sega Rally Championship

Sonic R

Virtua Fighter

Virtua Racing


OR do your standalones, whatever peace.

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