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C&C: Red Alert 3


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There just seems to be a different quality about the Red Alert games than any of the other C&C games. I mean, tesla coils, dude.

I hope they get rid of the prism technology on the allied side. It cheaply nullified use of tesla for the Soviets (in fact, it was better). Allied already has chronosphere.

I also wish they made each country even more unique. Maybe different artwork for core buildings.

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Not exactly mind-boggling visuals, but they are going for a decidedly comical style so you can't exactly stuff it full of speculars and HDR. The info I got was poorly translated from a Russian magazine, so I can't make any real sense out of the plot summary. What I can make sense of however, is that there will be a third faction and it's none other than the Empire of Japan. Live action FMVs will still be there.

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This is awesome. I love the Red Alert series. I guess no more Yuri :( but a good thing considering he had many advantages in Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge.

I was definitely expecting some HDR. :( Do you mean "comical" as in "humorous," or as in "like a comic book"?

I would think it's the latter being Red Alert (Remember FMVs with Einstein?). I actually like the visuals. I played some of C&C3 and although it looked great there was too much to look at in my opinion. I think this "cartoony" style suits Red Alert.

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I've probably played the Red Alert series as much as Gecko, grew up on playing my cousins and friends over dialup in RA1, played the hell out of the ladder in RA2.

And I played the RA3 beta with the new patch released a few days ago.

I am very disappointed.

It doesn't feel like a Red Alert game at all. It feels like that generic void of a EA RTS game, the feeling that Generals gave you initially.

The artwork looks good in the concept art, and maybe its just because its still in beta, but all the infantry look like they are wearing football uniforms painted in their team's color. All the tanks look the same - a black base and a majority of the tank painted in your teams color. You can stand 5 feet away from your computer monitor and look at your base and it will all look like blobs of paint depending on which color you choose. In RA2, at least there were other colors on the buildings and your team color only accented everything, it wasn't the dominant color on every building and unit like it is in RA3.

The gameplay isn't horrible (except the new ore collecting system, which is totally wrong and isn't what Red Alert is about at all) but I am still very disappointed with this game. I feel like if this was the finished product the franchise is all but dead.

The good news is that its still beta, but the bad news is that it was supposed to release in two months meaning that this is probably what it will look like, which is sad.

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