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Import Enabling Software


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I've been meaning to get my hands on some Japan-only PS2 games, but as all of us know, you have to have a Japanese PS2. However, there are certain ways of making your system region-code free.

I am not sure if this fits into the "legal" thing of these boards, but since i've found "Free Loader", software enabling you to play import GC games, i don't think this is considered illegal. If i am wrong, delete this and forget all about it.

So, does anybody know an easy way to do it?

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The thing about it is the software that lets you play games from other regions also bypasses the security of the PS2 in allowing you to play backups. Hence, a majority of people who do use such methods are generally known to pirate things rather than playing their 'backups' and import games. That's why I'm split on mod-chips in general too.

I love importing Japan-only games too, but they sure are damn expensive. :shock:

I wish the PS2 would simply allow us to play any game from any region like the PSP.

Edit: Well, just in case, I sent you a PM of a keyword of what you'll need to find to play import games. There's always other methods like playing games from the HDD, which I extremely love...

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