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Broken forums?


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Fishy and I found out how to get rid of it.

<Blaster1980> I had that problem but marking all of my pm's as read took care of it

* dhsu has quit IRC (Ping timeout)

<Fishy> that sounds like a plan

<DjSammyG> Yeah, he4y! Me too

* ChanServ sets mode: +l 92

<Fishy> wheres the mark all as read thing

<DjSammyG> oh there we go

<Blaster1980> in the lower right corner there's a drop down menu for selected objects

<Fishy> just found it

<Fishy> nice

<Arek> i see mark as read

<Arek> but not mark all :<

<Fishy> just select all at the top

<Fishy> seems to work

<Arek> got it

<Arek> its thinking...

<Fishy> a winnar is us

<Arek> woo sweet

<Arek> and it deleted it too

<Arek> good

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